Fall Tree Snack

I'm going to be short and sweet today!  I just wanted to share one of the snacks we created during our "L is for leaves" Mommy School unit.  This is our fall tree snack:
Pretzel rod - Tree trunk
Pretzel sticks - Tree branches
M&M's - Leaves
Graham cracker - Base
*Held together by peanut butter*
I did attempt to secure M&M's to my tiny tree branches, but without much luck!  So this is a tree at the end of fall, with all of its "leaves" on the ground!  Little Man loved it!  I am happy to say that he ate more of the pretzels and cracker than the M&M's!  (So I don't feel quite as guilty for offering sugarlicious snacks!)
Enjoy your day!

Oreo Pumpkins

When I saw this post at Cookies and Cups, I knew I had to give it a try!  She made apples out of Oreos, and I decided to try my luck with pumpkins.

These are so incredibly easy and fun to make!  And your kids will love them!
Here is what you need:
* Orange candy melts
* Oreos
* Dipping stick (popsicle stick or candy stick)
* Pretzel sticks, cut in half
* Ribbon
Melt the orange candy melts according to the package directions.  Using a dipping stick, dip an Oreo into the orange candy melt.  (I wasn't very good at this, and I ended up just spreading the candy melt all over the Oreos!)  Let set on wax paper.  Stick a half pretzel stick into the top to create the pumpkin's stem. Tie green ribbon around the stem to form the leaves.  Enjoy!

How fun would it be to decorate these to create jack-o-lanterns?!  I think we'll wait until Little Man is just a bit older for that!  Enjoy!

Race Car Snack

This week, I started "Mommy School" with Little Man.  I am having so much fun combining my 2 favorite roles--Mom and teacher!  Our theme this week is cars and trucks.  I will share some more details of our learning activities this weekend, but I wanted to share our yummy race car snack!
This race car is simply a pretzel rod, covered in frosting, decorated with M&M's (Little Man's favorite!), with marshmallow wheels.  I toyed with mini marshmallows for the wheels, but the big wheels were just so much cooler!  
One more day until the weekend!  🙂

Red, white, and blue strawberries

I think that my favorite crafts are the ones I can eat.  Fun to make.  Fun to enjoy.  My only regret is that they just don't last very long.  I am constantly mourning that my hubby does not eat sweets.  But good for me, he does eat strawberries!  And yes, that includes chocolate-covered strawberries!  I was inspired by a picture of some similar strawberries on Bakerella, (although now I can't seem to find the link anywhere!), and I knew I had to try this out.

Sweet story:  My hubby drove to a couple of different grocery stores searching for the perfect batch of strawberries for me.  What a sweetie!  Using this recipe from Betty Crocker, I mixed up the white chocolate.  It was surprisingly simple!!  I dipped the strawberries in about three quarters of the way, then dabbed the very ends into a bowl of blue sprinkles.  I laid them out to dry on wax paper.   This was the result:

Just one word:  DELICIOUS!  These would be so much fun to make with your kiddos, and a scrumptious treat for a 4th of July picnic!  Little Man's favorite food is, without a doubt, strawberries.  Tonight I surprised him with these beauties, and he couldn't get enough of them!!  He may possibly even like the chocolate more than the strawberries!

By the way, we dipped pretzels to use up the leftover white chocolate, and that was delectable as well!

I hope you enjoy these!!  

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 SYS Thurs

Earth Day Recap

This is what we made to celebrate Earth Day:

Any guesses what it is?  Maybe this will help:

My hubby, son, and I created the earth last night, with its 7 continents out of 7 different kinds of fruits!!  We made an Australian meringue dessert called a pavlova that was simply to die for.  It just melts in your mouth!  We topped it with whipped cream and some of our favorite fruits!

The only problem was that my little guy couldn't wait for the pavlova to bake... he is such a fruit lover!  He had to sample all of the fruits, but he totally cleaned house on the strawberries and kiwi.  Plenty of vitamin C intake today!  Don't you love that excited look on his face...

I think we just started a new tradition.... because I know I'll be wanting to make this again next Earth Day!!

PS I DO have a free download coming... it will probably make a late appearance though. 🙂

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