Daisy Decals Giveaway – CLOSED

Congratulations to Lisa and Erika!

I can't wait to introduce you to a new favorite etsy shop!

Daisy Decals is a mother-and-daughter team.  This stay-at-home Mom and struggling college student love all things creative--especially with a retro flair.  They love designing decals together and bringing vintage images to new media.  They love creating vinyl that bring back old memories or strike up an interest in the past.


This week I had the opportunity to try 2 of my very own decals.  I love receiving packages in the mail.  So I was thrilled to find these lovelies in my mailbox.  The directions were very thorough, and they were so easy to apply!  I had worried that considering the detailed images, they would be more difficult to apply.  But it was simple!  I love this retro typewriter decal, and it's found a new home on my Macbook Pro.


I also received this retro camera iPad decal.  Super cute right?!

Here are just a few more designs available in the Daisy Decals shop:

I seriously love.them.all!

By the way, I am in trouble with Little Man.  He took a peek while I was selecting my own decals.  He really wanted the Volkswagon Bus, and was sadly disappointed when I selected some different options instead.

I had the most difficult time selecting just two decals because they are all fabulous!  And there are so many beautiful colors of vinyl to choose from.  Although these decals are shown on computer devices (and all Mac products, too!), there are countless ways to use them.  You could use these decals on message boards, notebooks, cars, etc.!  So even if you don't have a laptop or iPad, the possibilities are endless.

Today the lovely ladies at Daisy Decals are offering TWO Oopsey Daisy readers TWO decals of their choice.  Fabulous right?!

Here is how you can win 2 decals of your choice:

{There will be 2 winners here!}

1.  Check out Daisy Decals' etsy shop.  What is your favorite item?  Come back and leave a comment here.

2.  Where do you want to apply your decal {remember that it doesn't have to be on a laptop or iPad}?  Leave your ideas in a comment here.

This giveaway will remain open until Tuesday, May 16 at midnight.

Both giveaway winners will be announced via Twitter, e-mail, and updated on the original post.

That's it! Have a happy day!

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  1. LOVE the retro TV! So cute! (but I have to agree with Little Man – the VW is pretty awesome too!) Have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. recently posted..Mama’s Prayer {Free Printable}My Profile

  2. Oh – I would totally put it on the back of my iPad!
    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love. recently posted..Mama’s Prayer {Free Printable}My Profile

  3. I love the VW bug! So cute and retro!

  4. I would put it in my classroom window!

  5. I like the Lil’ Pardner decal!

  6. I’d love to put it on my sons computer!

  7. On the IPAD would be cool but I was thinking they would work on a mirror too.
    Sara recently posted..Turquoise Lovin’ #37My Profile

  8. I love the retro travel trailer! I’d put it on a window of my camper!

  9. MMMM SO FUN… ok favorite item… THE TV! THE OLD FASHIONED TV
    Lisalulu recently posted..Wednesday WisdomMy Profile

  10. Heather German says

    My Favorite is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I am a HUGE Audrey Hepburn fan!

  11. Heather German says

    I think I would either put it on my Cameo or on my ipad.

  12. yeah on my ipad would be super darling (& a little expected) but I think I’d LOVE to pop the retro travel trailer in the window of our RV! Help me pretend it is a cute little vintage retro trailer!!
    northern cottage recently posted..Northern Cottage + Better Homes & Gardens–an exciting new partnership!!My Profile

  13. Sindy Shepard says

    I love the reto typewriter and also the camera decal! I would put them on my iPad .

  14. I love the vintage girl one!
    Tonia Jeffery recently posted..Roses and Lace Owl Play Mat- Lots of Texture – Whoo Wants to Play by LittleEllaLuMy Profile

  15. I would probably put it on my bathroom mirror.
    Tonia Jeffery recently posted..Roses and Lace Owl Play Mat- Lots of Texture – Whoo Wants to Play by LittleEllaLuMy Profile

  16. They are all great! But I’m eyeing the viewmaster.

  17. I like the little cowboy one!
    Briana recently posted..Paper Clip Book MarksMy Profile

  18. My ipad would get the decal!
    Briana recently posted..Paper Clip Book MarksMy Profile

  19. Oh I would love the camera decal to put on a container that holds all the camera gear. So cute!

  20. Love the retro TV! Great giveaway!
    sara @ applestone drive recently posted..Chase the Star {Guest Post}My Profile

  21. I think I would put it on my ipod or phone!
    sara @ applestone drive recently posted..Chase the Star {Guest Post}My Profile

  22. I have two immediate favorites! As a huge Beatles fan, I love the Yellow Submarine and then I also love the vintage Viewmaster. Thanks!

  23. LOVE THESE!!!! I want to put a Daisy Decal on my MacBook Pro, too! love the placement of the television decal!!! Too cute!

  24. I would put it on my laptop or do a series of vintage items/toys on my son’s walls for unique decorating. Thanks!

  25. Seriously…How can I choose just ONE favorite? I LOVE the Retro Viewfinder, Cassette Tape, Poloroid. oh and of course the Typewriter!!! I’m sorry, I simply can’t just choose one favorite! Thank you so much for introducing me to Daisy Decals!

  26. I love the VW decal. I would put it somewhere in my son’s room. Cute.
    jennifer recently posted..Pinterest-Inspired DIY Sandbox LidMy Profile

  27. These decals are awesome; my laptop, iPad, and car are begging for them 🙂

  28. I really love the Lil partner one since my little son currently insists on wearing his cowboy boots and cowboy hat everywhere!

  29. I would put it on my iPad

  30. Li’l Pardner absolutely melted my heart! He would look fantastic on my kids’ wooden rocking horse. My grandpa hand crafted it for me in the 1980’s and Sheriff would look super with an antique looking decal!

  31. Oh dear Alison, I must admit I have 2 favorite daisy decals already, and specially both bring me memories:
    # 1 the Retro Typewrite because it reminds me of my days back in the high school when we used typewritters, it was my favourite class and I could not wait for the class day to come, I loved the typing excercises, those where the teacher used to cover the keyboard letters, and then dictate a paragraph and you had to type it knowing the letters by heart. I had the highest marks of the classroom, and eversince I have always been pretty fast with the keyboard, and I would have not done it if wasn’t for that class. Looking at this retro typewritter I think of mine, and wonder where would it be now?.. I wish we had kept it, but my granma gave it away to somebody years ago.

    # 2 VW Bus because It is an icon of the 60’s and all the hippies movements, and eventhough I am not that OLD!! hehehe, and I was not around yet in that decade, the Volswagen bus is one of my favourite things from those days, and it makes me feel fresh, all peace and love, and listening to the beatles, the birds, and other bands from those days, no hurries, no rush, no stress from modern days, instead relaxation and just hanging around.

    In resume, both decals are wonderful, very nice drawing and very beautiful. I would definitely use them in my white laptop, and would feel glad to show it around. Both decals I would say, represent a bit of who I am, a retro girl! hehe

    Thank you for giving us the space to express ourselves,

    Best regards,


  32. I like the retro polaroid camera decal!

  33. These might be fun on a mirror!

  34. The ones you show on your Blog aren’t showing in their Etsy shop, so I assume they aren’t available right now? Anyway, they are all so stinkin’ cute it is hard to choose, but I really like the retro polaroid camera for iPad. It reminds me of my youth (yes I am old enough to have had a Polaroid!) and since I am a MAC girl all the way, this would go on my iPad. I love the playfulness of the old (the Polaroid) against the new (the iPad), very cute!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  35. Anne Marie says

    I would love the typewriter decal as I am a former typing teacher. I do not see this decal in the shop so my second choice would be the old fashioned TV because I am old fashioned!!

  36. Anne Marie says

    I would put this decal on my car window.

  37. Love the camera!

  38. I’ve been wanting a Mac forever. Maybe a decal will finally push me to buy one! Ha!:)

  39. ruth tacoma says

    I love both the retro camera decal & the polaroid one (which is suppose is also ‘retro’ now). 🙂

  40. ruth tacoma says

    I would actually put my decal on the wall next to my fave family photos (I love the camera one, so it would look really cool there).

  41. I love the retro travel trailer and Polaroid camera decals for the iPad. We recently got an iPad and it could use a little personalization. 🙂

  42. Ricki Duke says

    Love the decals! I would have to choose the travel trailer to put on the window of our RV as we travel along. and TV decal on mirror inside the RV to remind us how things have really changed in the years!

  43. charissa says

    retro polaroid decal

  44. charissa says

    i would put it on my iPad

  45. I like the lil pardner decal

  46. Dominique Booth says

    I LOVE the Yellow Submarine! The Beatles are my favorite and I can’t always get my fix with hubby around and the retro travel trailer. We have taken road trips as husband and wife for years and when we added our lil boy, we wanted to experience the world. We drive everywhere! I would put the Sub on my crafts peg board so I always have The Beatles in reach and the travel trailer has to go on the back windshield of our small car. We have been thinking about buying a RV so this lil decal with suit me just fine!

  47. Jennifer Cave says

    My favorite is the retro beach cruiser decal.

  48. I love the Retro Cassette Tape. So fun! hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  49. I would put it on our family ipad. hickenfam at hotmail dot com

  50. I love the Retro Radio, and the Polaroid camera!

  51. I would put these on my laptop!

  52. I love the robot!

  53. I would put it n my iPad


  55. I would post it on my computer!!!

  56. My favorite item is definitely the vintage girl. Or the fashion girl. Love them!

  57. I would put in on my laptop, add some class to it 🙂

  58. Love. the. camera! So cute!!! I would put it either on my car window or computer. AND I need to get one for by fellow photo lovers!!

  59. Should be MY not by fellow photo lovers. I would also think about the camera on a mirror … kinda fun to remind us to smile when we look at ourselves! 🙂

  60. The retro trailer is so cute!

  61. I’d maybe put it on one of my school folders.
    Lyndee recently posted..Pampered Chef New Product GiveawayMy Profile

  62. Elizabeth says

    I love the Mr. Potato Head. I would give it to my daughter.

  63. Elizabeth says

    I would give it to my daughter. She might put it on a mirror or wall.

  64. Ok – I loved a few things. The 50’s Sunglasses, the old school telephone, the Viewfinder, but my favorite was the retro Microphone – way too cool. I think I would either save it for the perfect craft project – especially if I needed the perfect vintage decal accent, or I liked the idea someone put on here about their bathroom mirror. So maybe I’d make a nice mirror for the wall, and add one of those on it or around it – again as an accent. Great store though!
    Joliene D. recently posted..Christmas MagicMy Profile

  65. I love the retro polaroid. I would put it on the back of my car.

  66. I LOVE the retro camera decal! love, Love, LOVE!!
    Jennifer S. recently posted..Pin-ed it, Made it #17!My Profile

  67. I’d probably use the decal on either an art project or my lap top… hard to choose!!
    Jennifer S. recently posted..Pin-ed it, Made it #17!My Profile

  68. Val Duffy says

    Too cute ! Love the Audrey Hepburn!

  69. Val Duffy says

    And I’d stick it on my bathroom mirror for some inspiration 🙂

  70. I love the Fashion Girl Macbook Decal and the VW Bus Macbook Decal!

  71. I would put it on my laptop or iPad

  72. I really like the retro Polaroid camera decal

  73. I would use it either on my ipad or macmini
    jessica w. recently posted..How to Resize an Existing Pillow CoverMy Profile

  74. I love the retro T.V. set also! and the cat eye glasses

  75. I LOVE the red Viewfinder decal! Just last night I sat on the floor with my 3-year old little girl & looked at pictures of Dora, Diego, Wall-E, & Cars through the Viewfinder I had when I was a little girl!

    I’d stick it on my work laptop. As a School Psychologist, what a great conversation piece with the kids, for my office!

  76. Probably put it on my laptop first, then get more after i find new places for them!

  77. These are super cute!!!! I really love the retro polaroid && the yellow submarine… I would either put it on my laptop or the back or my car! I’ve been looking for some cute decorations to spice up my items!

  78. I love the robot one, recently robots have become an obsession. Not sure where i would put it, would say laptop, but that is in desperate need of replacement and wouldnt want to waste it on something hopefully being replaced soon!

  79. Muireann says

    I love the retro TV decal. Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. Muireann says

    I’d love to put a TV decal on a frame in the living room, as everyone thinks we’re crazy for not having a real TV!

  81. Ashley W. says

    I would love the retro camera for my Imac!!

  82. What a great giveaway. Sometimes i wonder if should spend less time pursuing them. It’s kinda addictive!
    Cindy recently posted..Cinema Tickets FreeMy Profile

  83. so hard to choose, i think it has to be the VW


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