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Let’s Talk Cupcakes!

I adore cupcakes!!

Nothing makes me quite so happy as a delicious (and beautiful!) cupcake.

I was thrilled but a little nervous at the prospect of producing cupcakes for our Colorado Bloggers' Spring Soiree.  In the past, I have been a little cupcake cursed--especially with the decorating.  Luckily Courtney of Sweet C's Designs loaned me her frosting gun which worked wonders!  I'm definitely purchasing my own frosting gun now.

I wanted these lovelies to be delicious AND cute.  I needed some great recipes that I could bake up perfectly the first time--no oopsey daisies!!  So today I want to share my new favorite cupcake recipes with you.  I tried out 5 new cupcake recipes plus frosting recipes--from scratch. All 5 cupcake flavors turned out amazing!  (Yes, I am still feasting on a few leftovers stowed away in my pantry!)

I had so much fun baking them that I have been scheming up brand new cupcake recipes to try.  Perhaps I have been watching too many episodes of Cupcake Wars?!

My poor Kitchen Aid!  Just as soon as I had one batch of cupcakes in the oven, I washed everything, and started over!  Our kitchen was transformed into a bakery.  It took a lot of self control to avoid nibbling on them before I got to the decorating!

First up.. the "Mile High" Oreo cupcake.  These happy little guys went FAST!  In fact, I witnessed a run on the very last one.  You really can't go wrong with Oreos right? They're Little Man's favorites, too!

The batter of these Oreo cupcakes was almost like a chocolate mousse.  I could have stopped right there and devoured the batter in spoonfuls!  The cake was rich, but the frosting was light because it was whipped cream.  Yum!!  I consulted the genius of Annie's Eats.  Definitely check out her recipe... so delish!

And decorating them was easy.  I just stuck an Oreo on top!

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Spring Soiree Recap {CO Bloggers Meet-up!}

I realize that I am a little late in posting my recap of our fabulous Colorado Bloggers' Spring Soiree last Saturday. Better late than never, I hope!

I have been itching to share all of the fun details with you.  I am still on a "blogging high."  There is nothing like talking "blogging" with people who understand.  This is definitely my favorite part of blogging--sharing and connecting with other people.

Yes, when I started blogging, I genuinely believed I was the only creative blogger in Colorado!  So imagine my excitement when we had a line (yes, a line!!) form precisely at 1:00.

Shhhh don't tell, but we weren't even quite ready when guests started to arrive with their printed tickets!  (Look at us-- so official!)  Sweet C's Designs created these fun favor bags that we stuffed with paint that Plaid donated for the event.

Kojo Designs (Kirstin) and I joined forces to make some really yummy treats!  I thought we would have oodles left over--but there was not even 1 cupcake left standing.  For the 2 days before the Spring Soiree, I turned my kitchen into a bakery.  More on the cupcake details later.  They were fun (and yummy!).  And don't you love those toppers?  Kirstin made those--and named all of the cupcakes after Colorado places... "Mile High Oreo", "Red Rocks Red Velvet", etc.  Super cute!  By the way, she also designed all of the cute graphics!  She's a rockstar!

After introductions, we had some crafting fun!  Pick Your Plum donated all of the crafting supplies.  They are incredible!  Ladies had the chance to make a moustache necklace, modpodged shamrocks, and painted earrings.

We had some really incredible items donated for giveaways!  I kept punching in numbers on for giveaway winners.  (By the way, who knew that frequently repeats winning numbers!!  Thankfully we had a patient group!)  Better Together (Angela) introduced items and I yelled out those lucky numbers.

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I’m Not Lucky, I’m Blessed {Printable}

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner! We didn't do much "green" decorating at all this year, but I'm hoping to still bust out a few fun St. Patrick's Day activities this weekend to celebrate with Little Man.  (I'll share a few of my ideas at the end of this post.)

This week, I came up with a quick printable to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year.

Honestly, I don't totally believe in luck.  Okay, maybe if it's something silly like finding a penny on the sidewalk or something.  But I am more inclined to feel blessed for something as silly as finding a good parking space!  And lately, I have felt very blessed!  Hopefully I'll be able to explain exactly why very, very soon!

Yes, this little guy is one of my greatest blessings.  I have always felt like my Little Man was a blessing meant just for me.  As you know, his Daddy travels every week for work.  That was one of my main reasons for starting a blog--so I could connect with people when I felt so lonely at times as a new Mom and sometimes a "single" parent.

This sweet Little Man has always been my little buddy.  I don't know how to explain it, but he just looks out for me.  Yesterday, he carried my basket at the grocery store because he insisted on being a gentleman.  He put away all his toys and set the table for dinner without even being asked.  I almost cried.  I just love this boy!

So I created this 5x7 printable in Photoshop and printed and framed it!

I used the cookie cutter tool in Photoshop to create a little shamrock out of one of my favorite pictures of Little Man.

All done!  Now I just need to make one with my sweet hubby, too!

If you would like to download this blank template, just use a shamrock cookie cutter or another shamrock pattern to trace around a picture!  Cut it out and paste it on.  You can download this blank 5x7 file here.

Here are a few more fun activities that we'll be doing this weekend:

I'm going to try out making scented shamrocks just like these ones at

I can't wait to turn our toilet water green, and those footprints will be a fun extra touch!  See the tutorial for perfect footprints at A Differentiated Kindergaten.

We'll print and play this Lucky Bingo found at The Crafting Chicks.

Just like last year, we'll probably have a family "Green Dinner" and get dressed up in funny green clothes! My Mom has quite the collection of fun green clothes!

I'll come up with some cute lunch--perhaps like this one with the footprints at Lisa Storms.

And of course we'll do our Treasure Hunt just one more time!

Wishing you lots of blessings and lots of luck!!

Have a fantastic weekend!

Adie’s Lovlies Giveaway {Two $20 gift certificates} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.

Congratulations to Denise (#87) and Christine (#63)!

Happy Thursday!  Let's celebrate with a giveaway!

Today I am teaming up with Morgan, an extremely talented crafter and an incredibly sweet lady!  She actually owns not one, but TWO, successful etsy shops.  Are you ready for some eye candy??

Adie's Lovelies is the "big sister" of Mogan's 2 shops.  Here you can find handmade jewelry and accessories for older girls, teens and women!  Here are some of my favorite items in the shop:

This flower necklace is gorgeous.  Don't you love those aqua flowers?!

Orange is in!!  That's just one reason to love this fabric-covered button charm necklace! I want this one for me.

This hand-stamped "Free Spirit" necklace is just lovely!

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Wednesday’s Wowzers {11}

Let's have a party!

Thanks for joining me today for Wednesday's Wowzers!  Last week's party was our biggest and best yet.  So thank you for being here!  Thank you for your linking and clicking and commenting!

Today's edition of Wednesday's Wowzers is brought to you today by The Plaid Barn.  The Plaid Barn is a fabulous daily deals site where you can score great deals on craft supplies, DIY kits, and more!

The most viewed link from last week's party was {drumroll please!}:

You've Been Egged Printables @ Creative Preschool Resources

What a fun idea!  You definitely need to check this out.

Here are some of my other favorite features of the week:

Lovelies for Kids

1 - Toddler Button Box @ It's a Long Story

2 - Fruit Loop Rainbow @ Mommyapolis

3 - Elmer and the Rainbow Activity @ Little Wonders' Days

4 - Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Activity @ That's What {Che} Said

5 - DIY Cardboard Pirate Ship @ Green Acres Hobby Farm

St. Patrick's Day Lovelies

6 - I'm Lucky To Have You @ The Dating Divas

7 - St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt @ Better Together

8 - Ultimate Thin Mint Brownies @ The Traveling Spoon

9 - St. Patrick's Day Candygrams @ Every Creative Endeavor

10 - Lucky Moustache Straws @ Madtown Macs

Creative Lovelies

11 - Hobo bag @ About Blogging Time!

12 - Baby ruffle skirt and headband @Design, Dining, and Diapers

13 - Grape vine egg topiary @ A Glimpse Inside

14 - Spray paint your shoes @ Christina's Adventures

15 - Fabulous chair re-do @ Tattered and Inked

16 - Toy Room Reveal @ NatSprat

Now let's get this party started!!

Stop by someone's blog today and tell them hello!  Let's spread the love...

Grab a button so you can play along.

Oopsey Daisy
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Happy linking!

16 Sweet & Tasty Easter Treats

Hello friends!

I feel like springtime has finally arrived!  Yesterday was a huge day for us.  We actually wore shorts for the very first time this year and soaked in a lovely 72 degrees!  With the warmth and extra hours of daylight in the evenings, it really feels like spring in Colorado!

Today I thought I would share 15 sweet and tasty Easter treats.

1 - Mint milano sheep cookies from Little Page Turners

2 - Funny Bunny Cookies @ Munchkin Munchies

3 - Peeps Rice Krispies Treats @ Love From the Oven

4 - Chocolate-dipped marshmallow eggs @ Oopsey Daisy

5 - Easter treat holders @ Bo Bunny

6 - Easter cake pops @ Bakerella

7 - Chocolate Easter bunny pops @ Ladies' Home Journal

8 - Easter candy bark @ World Eats

 9 - Cinnamon bunny rolls @ Brandy's Crafts

10 - Carrot cake-cake balls @ Chicy Creations

11 - Thin Mint bunny truffles @ Munchkin Munchies

12 - Cake in Easter eggs @ delicious days

13 - Cake with Peeps Bunting @ No Biggie

14 - Birds Nest Cookies @ Art of Dessert

15 - Jelly bean cake @ Oopsey Daisy

16 - Easter Bunny cookies @ Oh So Small etsy shop

So which one is your favorite?  Or do you have another one you want to share?

Come back and link up your great ideas tonight at 5:00 p.m.!

Shamrock Magnets

Hello friends!

First off, I just have to say that the Denver Bloggers Spring Soiree was incredible.  When I started blogging, I literally believed that I was the only craft blogger in Colorado.  Then little by litte, my Colorado crafting circle grew.  A small group of us met up at our new Ikea store last fall.  Now we have a Facebook page, To think that 115 people would come to Ashley's fantastic crafting meetup made me so happy! 🙂 There's nothing like talking blogging with people who "get" it.   And to craft with people who genuinely love to create!  I think my poor husband is tired of hearing about it, but I really had a great time on Saturday.

I wil share more details just as soon as we get the photos!

Today I wanted to share one of the fun projects we made at the Spring Soiree:  These shamrock magnets!  I actually made mine yesterday!  I was so busy chit-chatting with new friends that I didn't make a single thing while I was there!  Luckily there were a few craft supplies left over!  So I snagged some and did my crafting at home.

I started out by creating a magnet board.  I took the glass out of and 8x10 frame and painted it with Martha Stewart magnetic paint.  I let each coat dry an hour and then gave it another coat!  I seriously love the new Martha Stewart paints.  I had to try it out on glass, and I was amazed that it really worked!  I recommend lots of coats!  This paint is definitely thick!  But it's meant to be painted over, so I was super messy!

We had many incredible sponsors for our Spring Soiree.  Pick Your Plum seriously hooked us up with all of the crafting supplies that we used for our crafting stations.  I snagged 6 of these wooden shamrocks.  Aren't they sweet?

I selected 3 kinds of scrapbook paper. I was loving the polkadots!

I traced each of the shamrocks and cut them out of the scrapbook paper.

I modpodged the paper on.  I couldn't resist distressing the edges too, and then gave them another coat of Mod Podge on top.  Then I hot-glued some magnets on to the back.  FYI... you will need very strong circle magnets to adhere to the magnet paint--especially through the scrapbook paper.

I added some scrapbook paper on top of the magnet board and slipped the whole thing into a frame!

All done!

I haven't done a whole lot for St. Patrick's Day, but these really make me happy!

I hope you're having a fabulous start to your week!!

Sunday’s Snippets: Nerf gun, Tricycle, and Cereal!

Thanks for tuning in for Sunday's Snippets!  For me, Sundays are all about faith and family.  So on Sundays, I take a break from the usual blogging routine to share some fun moments from our week.  That usually involves some fun moments with Little Man!

First of all, I can't wait to share so many fun details with you about our amazing Spring Soiree Denver Bloggers' Meet-up!  To think that we have rounded up so many creative minds here in lil' old Colorado is so inspiring to me!  I will share pictures and details soon. But for now, I am on a creativity high!

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for spring!!  Little Man and I have been cooped up inside for way too long.  So some days we have to get a little creative with our indoor fun.

Little Man has been loving his Nerf Gun.  See how he can barely even hold it?  Yeahhhh.  So his Daddy pumps the gun and he pulls the trigger.  And what do they shoot at?  At the television, of course!  They shoot every last dart (Little Man calls them "hot dogs") and then Little Man hunts them all down and reloads them.

I think I would go absolutely insane if he didn't retrieve all the "hot dogs" himself.  Luckily he has a touch of OCD like me.  🙂

Whenever it's almost-pleasant outside, we have to rush outside to soak in just a little bit of warmth.  We are slowly but surely making progress on pedaling on the tricycle.  At least on the downhill slopes!

One of my biggest triumphs this week:  Little Man can now eat cold cereal all by himself!!  The fact that I don't have to make fresh pancakes or muffins for breakfast makes this mama very happy!

Our cereal of choice--at least for now--is Captain Crunch.  Yes, we'll work on something more healthy soon.  For now, I thank those sugary berries.

Life is never dull with this little guy!!

What have you been up to this week?  Anything fun?

Shamrock Pops with Printable Flags

We made it to Friday!  Where has the week gone?!

I have been super busy with preparations for the Colorado Blogger Spring Soiree!  I can't wait to have an official blogging meet-up here in lil' old Colorado.  Who would have thought?!  I'm giddy at the idea of it and can't wait to meet up with some of you tomorrow!!

I am finally getting my St. Patrick's Day act together.  Recently I raided my pantry and used up some leftover Valentine's Day candy to create these festive shamrock pops!  These were so.easy!

I am all about rainbows right now.  I am craving some bright colors and some springtime!  See those rainbow flags?   Yes, you can print those.  But first... let's make some shamrock pops!

So I raided my pantry and found these heart candies from Valentine's Day.  I had these left over from Little Man's ABC valentines.  (Although this would be even easier if you had a heart mold!  Because I realize that dipping chocolates in chocolate might be just a little bit silly!  So yes, use the mold.  Or a heart ice cube tray!)

My idea was combining 3 chocolate hearts to create a shamrock.

Here is what I did:

I melted some green candies.  I made sure it wasn't TOO hot so it wouldn't melt the chocolate!

I stabbed a small hole in the center heart.  Don't do what I did and just jam it inside the heart.  Use a fork.  It works better!

Then dip your 3 hearts in the chocolate.

Combine together and let dry on wax paper.  These held together surprisingly well!

Now decorate!  I covered up my messy dipping with some fun sprinkles !  Little Man even helped decorate a few.

These will be fun to give away to friends!

And don't forget these rainbow flags!

If you would like to print your own "Lucky Me" rainbow flags (you could even wrap these around a straw if you would like!), just click here to download the PDF.

We're feeling pretty lucky lately.  Good things are happening for us right now.

Have a fantastic weekend my friends!!

Birdsong Bows E-Book Giveaway – CLOSED

Congratulations to Shirley Lupton,#16, the giveaway winner!

I hope y'all like free stuff because I have TWO giveaways to share with you this week!

Be sure to also check out the $50 Wal-Mart gift card giveaway going on now.

Deanna, the owner of Birdsong Bows is a work-at-home mom of 2 little girls.  She began making boutique hair bows to accessorize her daughter's school uniforms!  Now Deanna sells her accessory tutorials and patterns so you can create artistic, beautiful items of your very own.

As a professional writer, Deanna knows her stuff!  Her pattern drawings are computer-drawn and all layout work is completed in professional design programs.

Here are some of my favorite products in the Birdsong Bows shop:

The Camellia flower headband, the Cora felt rose headband, the Hannah flower headband

So many gorgeous flowers and headbands in this shop!!

Funky loopy hair bow, Easter twisted hair bow

These funky loopy bows are the rage right now!

You can also purchase an e-book for sewing bow ties for your little guy!

You can also find a PDF pattern for creating a fabric tote basket. This would make a cute sewing tote or little girl's toy carrier?

You can connect with Deanna and ask questions on her Facebook Page or read her free mini tutorials on her blog.  Today Deanna is offering an Oopsey Daisy reader FIVE e-books of their choice!

Here is how you can win five e-books of your choice from Birdsong Bows:

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1.  Check out Birdsong Bows' etsy shop.  What is your favorite pattern, e-book, or item?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

2.  Subscribe to Oopsey Daisy's through feedburner or leave a comment telling me how you follow along!

3.  Who do you want to make bows, flowers, or tutus for?  Or are you making a bow tie for a little guy?  Tell me about him/her in a comment.

This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, March 14 at midnight.  Winners are e-mailed directly, tweeted, and added to the original post. Whew.

Good luck my friends!!

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