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Wednesday’s Wowzers {6}

It's party time!!

And the snow is falling again today!  I had hoped that today would be my time to catch up on errands.  There are at least  5 stores calling my name.  But the roads are slick even in four-wheel drive, so we hunkered down and worked on the inside of the house today instead.  I am going just a wee bit stir crazy after days of snow and sickies.  Does anyone want to loan me a sleigh?  🙂

Today's party is brought to you by one of my new sponsors, On the Avenue.  Mandy from On the Avenue sells adorable wood products.  I am a huge fan of her shop!

Now let me show you some lovely projects from last week's linky party!  Again, I ADORE the fun stuff you've linked so I linked a whopping 16 projects!  So keep up the great work!  I love getting to know you better through your blogs.  So fun!  Now on to the features!  Check it out...

The most viewed link was Lil' Luna's DIY Valentine candy labels:

Super super cute--and a fun way to share valentines next week!

Here are a few of my other favorites:

Valentine food lovelies

1 - Chocolate covered fluffer-nutter hearts @ Home Grown Beanes

2 - French dessert crepes @ Family Ever After

3 - Pretty in Pink Valentines Cookies @ The Traveling Spoon

Wreath lovelies

4 - Vintage birthday wreath @ Miss Lovie

5 - Sabrina Pennant Wreath@ Pocket Full of Pink

6 - Valentine's Day Wreath @ Newlyweds on a Budget

Sewing lovelies

7 - Tablet cozy @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff

8 - Sweater camera strap cover @ That's What {Che} Said

9 - Argyle hoodie @ Melly Sews

Yummy lovelies

12 - Baked potato soup @ White Lights Wednesday

11- White hot chocolate @ The Seven Year Cottage

13 - Pasta carbonara @ Mdouble Mcrafts

Love Day lovelies

13 - Button art @ Mama's Crafty Place

14 - Waterless Valentines Globes @ Craft Interrupted

15 - Valentine mantel @ Today's Fabulous Finds

Now let's get this party started!!

Just a reminder that this is a party!  Be sure to stop by someone's blog and tell them hello.  Let's encourage each other!

Grab a button so you can play along.

Oopsey Daisy
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Happy linking!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitations

I seem to work on just about everything last minute.  I don't know if I necessarily work well under pressure or I just can't get my act together!  But the invitations have been sent, so this Mickey Mouse birthday party is really going to happen!

I loved creating these Mickey Mouse party invitations!  When it comes to invites, I'm usually a Photoshop gal.  So it was fun to to do some paper crafting this time instead!

Do you want to create your own Mickey Mouse pocket invitation?

Come check it out...

I started out by creating a Mickey head and a pocket sized to fit in Photoshop.  Then I cut them out on my Cricut.  I also cut out "A" monograms.

Each invitation needed:

-- A Mickey head (black)

-- Pocket (red)

-- 2 buttons

-- 2 monograms (to layer on top of each other)

-- Circle invitation to place inside pouch

-- A picture for the back!

First, I carefully sewed the pocket to the Mickey head, making sure they were lined up perfectly.

Next, I ran the monograms through my Cuttlebug machine to give them some texture.  I pasted these on the front of the Mickey head.

Little Man loved helping with this part!  He loves using my craft machines!

I traced a cup to create a circle on my photo, cut it out, and pasted this on the back.

All done!  What do you think??

You know me--I have to personalize everything with a photo! 🙂

This is the circle invitation I slipped inside the pouch.

Did you know there is a "Mickey Mouse" and "Minnie Mouse" font?!  I used the Minnie Mouse font so it would scream Mickey Mouse!

Invitations mailed.... check!

Now I just need to do everything else! 🙂


In my search on Pinterest, I found many lovely Mickey Mouse invitations!  I used a combination of the ideas I found here at Pieper's Timeless Memories etsy shop and here at Embellishing Life. Thanks for the great ideas, ladies!

Come back tonight around 5:00 PM to link up your fabulous ideas!

DIY Chicken Wire Frame {Birthday Style}

We are in full party-planning mode here at our house!

If you can believe it, I am crazy enough to plan a friend party and a family party in addition to Little Man's regular birthday and Valentine's Day all in the same week!  I must be nuts!  But it will make for an entire week's worth of celebration to brighten up our winter days.

Little Man has requested a Mickey Mouse birthday party.  But here is my struggle: I love love love Mickey Mouse.  But trying to re-invent a Mickey Mouse birthday party has been tricky for me.  We are attempting to add an original twist to some classic Mickey ideas!

The first project on my list was creating a way to display some photos of Little Man over the last year or so.  So we set out to create our very own DIY chicken wire frame!

I'm proud to say that we whipped this up from scratch!  And this will be so simple to customize for different occasions to display different photos, momentos, or even Christmas cards!

We had so much fun making this!  Come check it out...

I started with 3 pieces of wood about 1x4.  This was the cheap wood at Home Depot.  We were going for rustic!

  We cut 4 pieces of wood according to the measurements above, each at 45 degree angles.  I almost wish I had made this even bigger, but we definitely maximized our 3 planks of wood!

Hubby sawed while Little Man covered his ears!  He has always hated the sound of the saw!

[Read more...]

Sunday’s Snippets: Weekend Blizzard!

I hope this finds you enjoying a warm and cozy weekend!

For me, Sundays are all about family and faith.  (And today, it might just involve the Super Bowl!) Usually we talk crafts on the blog.  But on Sundays, I take a break from that too.  Instead, I share bits and pieces of everyday life.  I hope you'll sit back and relax and read along!  Thanks for being here today.

Perhaps you heard on the news that Denver was pounded with snow this weekend!  We woke up Friday to snow, snow, and more snow!  It only tapered off yseterday afternoon.  We accumulated about 2 feet of snow total.  But the bad news--Mr. oopsey daisy was stranded out of town longer than expected.  This required me doing a lot of singlehanded snow shoveling. (And all those lost calories required plenty of hot cocoa!)

Luckily the hubby fought hard for a flight, and his little Honda chugged home from the airport through the snow--and got stuck right in front of our house!  But he made it, and we were thrilled!  There was still time for Little Man to have some fun in the snow yesterday with his Daddy.

They created an entire snow cave in the mound of snow that the snow plow used to push the snow in the corner of our cul-de-sac.

Little Man has always loved his gloves.  There is something so fun about putting on gloves!  We decided to try sledding down our mound, too.

So much fun!

And even Daddy had to try it out.  I'm kind of shocked that he could fit into that sled!

What are you up to this weekend?  Anything fun?

Hop on over tomorrow.... I'll be sharing some fun details of our Mickey Mouse party planning so far.

Printable Scratch-off Card {Easy Peasy Valentine}

We made it, folks!  It's finally Friday.  And that makes me one happy girl!

Today we are snuggled inside watching the snow fall outside.

Today's easy peasy valentine could be adapted as a Valentine's Day card for anyone you love.  This would be fun to make for your hubby, your kids, your parents, or even a friend!  I created this card for my hubby, intending to give this to him on February 5.  This way, he can scratch off 1 heart every day until Valentine's Day!  (Of course you could start this at any time!)

Everyone loves to scratch off a card.  Lottery tickets.  Prizes.  Is it the element of surprise that we love?!  Anyway, I knew my husband would love the idea!

To create your own scratch-off card, you will need:

-- Clear contact paper

-- Silver metallic paint

-- Dish soap

-- Your design {I'll share my printable if you would like to use that!}

--Scrapbook paper or cardstock to mount the card

First, I created this template in Photoshop.  If you would like to download your own, just click here.  Using Photoshop, use the text tool to write the reasons why you love that special someone inside the hearts.  (You could also write the reasons by hand.)

Print out your design on cardstock. I cut mine down to 5x7.

[Read more...]

15 Winners! {P.F. Chang’s Red Envelope Giveaway}

I am having technical difficulties tonight, so my planned post will have to arrive a wee bit later than I had hoped. However, I wanted to announce the 15 winners of the P.F. Chang's Red Envelope Giveaway.

P.F. Chang's offered 15 fantastic red envelope prizes to help celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Each winner nominated a "dragon" in their lives--a person exhibiting confidence, honesty, etc.  I so enjoyed reading your nominations!  Without further ado....

The winner of the grand prize is Laura Lewis, comment #19.

Congratulations, Laura!  You won some incredible (and yummy!) prizes.

The winners of the $10 P.F. Chang's Bistro Gift Cards are:

Catherine, comment #123

Trisha H., comment #165

Jeanteil, comment #1

Ashley M., comment #251

Chelette, comment #32

Michelle Watabe, comment #79

Sandra Moak, comment #14


The winners of the P.F. Chang's Home Menu Full Value Coupons are:

Libby, comment #19

Niki, comment #139

Tricia W., comment #258

Karen, comment #213

Becka, comment #71

Ann, comment #240

Amy, comment #55

Congratulations, ladies!  What a fun way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  I will be e-mailing each of you with some more details!

Now stay tuned for an easy peasy valentine tomorrow!

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