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Celebrating President’s Day!

Happy 3-day weekend!

Well, it may be a 3-day weekend, but we are back to our usual routine today.  We are in party recovery mode here at our house!   But today I wanted to share a few fun ideas for President's Day!

Abraham Lincoln has always been one of my Dad's heroes.  Ever since my parents were first married, my Mom threw an epic celebration for one of my Dad's heros, Abraham Lincoln. My Mom is one incredible party planner, and she has created a fun night to remember for going-on 34 years now!  As a little girl, this became one of my favorite family evenings each year--and it still is!

My Mother hosts guests, and we all eat a huge Southern feast!  We eat everything from fried chicken to okra; black-eyed peas and pecan pie!  YUM!  Then the games begin!  Here are a few of my favorite activities:

Penny estimation jar.

Typically my Mom counts out how old Lincoln would be this year, and this is the magic number of pennies in the jar!

Coin toss.

 We use a calendar chart of the month of February.  The date the penny lands on is how many points we earn!  But double points are awarded for Lincoln or Washington's birthdays.

Lincoln log building contest.

This has always been my personal favorite!

Lincoln log ice cream cake.

In addition to the pecan pie, my Mom always makes this yummy "Lincoln log" ice cream cake for dessert.  This is the talk of the party!

This has been such a fun way to honor a great president and have a lot of fun, too!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  

Sunday’s Snippets: Valentine’s Day

I hope you are enjoying a fabulous weekend!  If you are new to Oopsey Daisy, welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about faith and family!  On Sundays, I take a break from my usual creative routine to share little snippets of everyday life.

This week has been a time of celebration at our home!  Besides all of the birthday celebrating with our big 3-year-old, we also enjoyed a lovely Valentine's Day at home, too!  Mr. oopsey daisy and I actually went out on our official Valentine's Day date last weekend.  Although he traveled the day before and the day after, somehow mr. oopsey daisy managed to be home with us on Love Day.  I loved my day at home with my boys!!

Just look at how spoiled I am...

We heart attacked each other's doors.

Little Man handed out these ABC valentines to his family and friends.

We had a fabulous night of fondue as a family.

I was treated to sleeping in PLUS breakfast in bed (It doesn't get much better than heart-shaped French toast!),

And TWO handsome boys surprised me with a bouquet of gorgeous roses!

Little Man was thrilled to open up his valentines after breakfast!  After weeks and weeks of waiting, he finally found the Mickey Mouse socks he helped me pick out at the dollar section of Target!  Although he may have loved the Valentine's Day mailboxes more than anything else.

After being spoiled for breakfast, I didn't have to make lunch either!  We went out for lunch at Red Robin.  Yum!  Nothing beats those fries with ranch dressing!

Watching Little Man feed his Daddy fondue made my entire night!

Whether it was romantic or relaxing, I hope you enjoyed a fabulous Valentine's Day, too!

I hope you'll tune in this week... I have lots of fun things to share with you!

Snow Ice Cream

It's finally here!  Today is birthday party day at our house!  The big Micky Mouse birthday bash is happening today!  Well, at least birthday party #1 (with friends).  Birthday party #2 (with family) will be tomorrow.  Whew!  I have no doubts that I will be taking a nap at some point today.  But I absolutely can't wait to share all of the party details with you!

In the mean time, I thought I would share just one quick moment from our W is for Winter Mommy School unit.  I haven't been the best about taking pictures of our activities and art projects this time around.  Maybe I'm still burnt out from taking a bazillion pictures through the holidays!  But I had to grab the camera when Little Man experienced snow ice cream for the very first time.

I'm sure you've made this before.  I remember enjoying this fun treat growing up, too!

Snow ice cream is so easy and fun to make!

Here is the recipe we use:

8 c. clean snow

1-1.5 c. milk

1/2 c. sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

Here in Colorado, we have had quite a bit of snow during the last few weeks!  So we just waited for fresh snowfall, and knew we could make our own yummy treat!  Little Man loved helping to measure and mix it up!  And it had a yummy sorbet-like texture.

Do you make snow ice cream?

Stay warm this weekend!

On the Avenue Giveaway – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the giveaway winner, #87, Kim!

Happy Thursday!

I hope your week is going well!  I love sharing handmade businesses with you each week.

 I am positive that you will adore the shop I'm introducing to you today!

On the Avenue is an adorable blog where you can purchase handcrafted items through phone, e-mail, or internet order.  I love that On the Avenue is a husband-and-wife team who handcraft everything you see on their blog from small accessories to furniture pieces.

Let me just give you a small taste of the wonderful items you can find at On the Avenue:

I adore this four-drawer shelf.  Isn't it gorgeous?!  It is currently on sale, too!  Happy day.

And can you believe that On the Avenue makes custom beds?  Wowzers!

Don't you love these custom frames?!  Gorgeous!

This entry and display is lovely, too!  I just love their style!

If you're interested in ordering anything, you can e-mail Mandy and Eric at or call them at 435-755-8471.  Or buy online!  They are fantastic to work with!  They are generously offering one Oopsey Daisy reader $30 toward anything in the On the Avenue shop!

Here is how you can win $30 to On the Avenue:

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.


1.  Stop by On the Avenue and select a favorite item!  Come back here and let me know what it is in a comment!

Extra entries:

2.  Share this giveaway!  Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

Win $30 to On the Avenue's handcrafted shop at @OopseyDaisy917 #giveaway


This giveaway will remain open until Wednesday, February 22 at midnight.

As always, giveaway winners are announced via Facebook and Twitter and then e-mailed directly.

Good luck!

Wednesday’s Wowzers {7}

I hope you are enjoying your Love Day today!!  Thanks for taking a quick break from chocolate-covered strawberries, chick flicks, valentines, and more to link up today!  We are getting ready for some delicious fondue and a movie!  I am so excited for a Valentine's Day party today!

Today's party is brought to you by one of my newest sponsors, Birdsong Bows. You absolutely MUST check out this fun shop if you're interested in creating you own bows and accessories!  Birdsong Bows offers fabulous PDF patterns.  Love, love, love!

This last week's party was our best yet!  There are so many incredible ideas out there, and I enjoy checking out your blogs!  I am thrilled to show off some fun features:

The most viewed link was:

Breakfast Burrito Bonanza from Mom on Time Out.  I can understand why!  I am hungry staring at this picture! We love breakfast burritos at our house!

Here are some other favorites:

Sweet valentines

1 - Goldfish Valentine @ The NY Melrose Family

2 - Cute as a Button Valentine @ 30 Days

3 - Dinosaur Printable Valentine @ Another Day in Paradise

Mouth-watering recipes

4 - Strawberries & Cream Bruschetta @ Crumbs and Chaos

5 - Chocolate Bliss Cake @ Chocolate, Chocolate, and More

6 - Red Velvet Cookies @ Sugar Bean Bakers

7 - Giant Cookie Pie @ The Traveling Spoon

8 - Brownie Bites @ A Pumpkin and a Princess

 9 -Chicken pot pie pocket @ The Pinterest Project

Valentine's Day Outfits

10 - Rufflicious Valentine @ Polkadots on Parade

11 - Valentine's Day Outfit @ Sweet Daisy Designs

12 - Valentine's Day Skirt @ vixenMade

More awesome ideas!

13 - Valentine Tic-tac-toe @ GingerSnap Crafts

14 - Travel book storage @ Just Sew Sassy

15 - Sweet Valentine Breakfast @ Two Shades of Pink

16 - No Sew Covered Fabric Bins @ Sweet C's Designs

Now let's get this party started!!

Just a reminder that this is a party!  Be sure to stop by someone's blog and tell them hello.  Let's encourage each other!

Grab a button so you can play along.

Oopsey Daisy
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Baptism Subway Art {Printable}

Hello friends!  I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend!

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  In my Church I serve in the Primary presidency teaching children 18 months to 12 years old.  We have a very large Primary--over 140 children in our congregation!  So I stay very busy with my Primary duties, and I love it!

As we looked ahead to the upcoming year, we wanted to prepare a gift for the children who would be baptized in the upcoming year.  Children are baptized just after their eighth birthday.  I had seen some baptism subway art on Pinterest and loved the idea, so I set out to create my own!

Pin It

I wanted to customize this for each child, so I included the child's name and the date he/she was baptized.   This way, each child can display their subway art and remember this important day!

Are you ready to download your own?  I have created a customizable version to insert a name and date (if you have Photoshop) or a generic version (without a name and date) for you to download your own.

This version requires Photoshop to customize the name and date.  All images are 5x7.

Customizable boy version

Customizable girl version


* Using the links above, download the .psd files and import them into Photoshop.

* You will find that the file has 2 text layers:  "Name here" and "Date here."

* Using the text tool, type name using Lobster font on the name line (top).

* Using the text tool, type date using the Engravers font on the date line (bottom).

* Depending on the length of the text, you may need to resize the text to fit.

* Save and upload to Costco as a 5x7 to print.

This version does not require Photoshop, but it has no name or date.  All images are 5x7.

Generic boy version

Generic girl version


* Using the links above, download the .png files.

* Save and upload to Costco as 5x7 print.


Here is how the boy version looks--I love the blues and grays!

The girl version with pinks and grays.

So what are you up to this week?

I still have plenty of preparations for our Mickey Mouse birthday party coming up this week plus Valentine's Day!  There will be lots of fun going on in our house!

Sunday’s Snippets: Happy Birthday Little Man!

Welcome to Sunday's Snippets!  This is my chance to take a day off to enjoy family and show off what we have been up to!

Today my Little Man turns 3 years old.  Yes, THREE!  It's hard to believe that my Little Man is another year old. Time needs to just slow down! He has grown up so much this last year.  He has grown from a baby wearing diapers and sleeping in a crib to a big kid wearing undies and sleeping in a big boy bed!  I am so proud of my sweet Little Man.  Here is a peek into the last 12 months with my little boy:

We have always loved this picture from the morning of Little Man's second birthday!

In March- wanting to be just like his Daddy!

April was full of Easter fun and a warm getaway to Arizona!

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Choffy Review

Have you heard of Choffy?

Choffy's independent distributor, my friend Sarah McKenna, is one of my newest sponsors.  Get ready because she will be giving away some Choffy later this month!

Choffy is brewed chocolate.  It's 100% premium cacao beans roasted and ground for a rich, full-flavored drink that delights your senses while it nourishes your body.  Think of it as bliss in a cup!  I had the opportunity to try out Choffy for the very first time this week.  What a cozy, delicious way to survive these dreary winter days!

You brew Choffy just like coffee. I am not a coffee drinker, so this was my first chance brewing a warm drink!  You can make Choffy just like you would coffee--in a coffee pot or a French press.  Or (like me!), just warm up some water in your microwave!  Thank goodness for the directions!  I dumped my sample pack into the cup, added 12 oz. of boiling water, and let it sit for 5 minutes.

The first time I mixed up my drink, the water wasn't nearly warm enough, and my Choffy didn't melt quite as nicely as the second time.  And because Choffy is brewed for natural, unsweetened cacao beans, I added plenty of sugar and cream to sweeten mine up!

Guess what?  I was skeptical, but it was quite tasty!   And without the guilt.  What could be better than healthy chocolate?! I found myself energized for the rest of the day, but without the caffeine crash I might get from a Coke.

What I liked about Choffy:

* It's healthy!   There are more antioxidants in an 8oz. cup of Choffy than in two servings of blueberries!  There are only 20 calories and 3 carbs per serving.  I love that I can drink chocolate that's good for me!

* Choffy contains a gentle, long-lasting stimulant called Theobromine.  I love that Choffy offers a healthy energy lift.

* I like the way it warms me up on a cold day.  It's a nice alternative to hot cocoa!

What I didn't like about Choffy:

* I love milk chocolate a bit more than dark chocolate.  So for my sweet tooth, I could still go a touch sweeter.  So you may catch me pouring a few extra spoonfuls of sugar in!

Thanks, Sarah, for letting me experience Choffy!

If you would like to order some Choffy, contact Sarah at

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

29 Clever Valentines

Well, it's finally arrived:  The weekend before Valentine's Day!  Perhaps you--like me--are busy settling on plans, menus, gifts, and little momentos.  We have a bonafide Valentine's Day date that I am very excited for!  Bring on the chocolates and flowers!  🙂


Each Friday, I have been preparing for Valentine's Day by sharing an easy peasy Valentine.  But today, I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas from around the web.  If you need a last-minute valentine, you will definitely want to consult these fabulous ideas:

Pin It

1.  Blow Me a Kiss @ At Second Street

2.  Superstar Valentines @ The Crafting Chicks

3. I Like How You Roll @ 30Days

4.  Valentine Scrabble-gram @ Oh Happy Day

5.  We're "grate" together @ Delightfully Noted

6.  Lego valentines @ Zakka Life

7.  Googly eye valentines @ armommy

8.  Smartie pants valentine @ Tip Junkie

9.  Foxy valentine @ Paper Source

10. Plane awesome valentine @ A Little Tipsy

11.  I "chews" you gumball valentine @ Instructables

12.  We make a great pair @ Saltwater Kids

13.  Magnifying glass valentine @ dandee

14.  Army guy valentine @ Jacolyn Murphy

15. You're out of this world @ Zakka Life

16.  Fishbowl valentine @ faboolous

17.  Spread the love @ Maize Hutton

18.  Love bug valentines @ dandee

19.  Wild For You @ designmom

20.  Bubbling with excitement @ Simply Modern Mom

21.  Printable hogs and kisses @ Silly Pearl

22.  Printable arrow valentines @ Sweet Muffin Suite

23.  Doughnut valentines @ Positively Splendid

24.  Crayon valentine @ Whipperberry

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$75 Glasses Giveaway {} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to our winner, Makala Clark!

Hey friends!  It's giveaway day!

And if you are in the market for a brand new pair of glasses or sunglasses and want to save some money, you'll love this! is an online retailer for discount glasses.  You can find everything here!  They sell prescription eye glasses and sunglasses for incredible prices!  You can customize brand name plastic glasses or metal glasses in lots of colors.  Right now, you can order your own glasses at 10% off using promo code OOPSEY.

As you may know, I have had to wear glasses a lot more often lately.  My eyes suddenly rejected contacts last summer, and I only had an old pair of glasses.  So I was thrilled when 39DollarGlasses offered me a complimentary pair of eyeglasses.  However, ordering online was a little tricky for me.  Tracking down my current prescription and translating it for the website was nerve-racking for me.  Luckily the site offered easy tools for measurement.

One of my favorite features of the website was this "SmartFit" face shape tool.  This way I could imagine how my face shape would look in each pair of glasses!  I wish I could do the same thing for hair cuts!

I finally decided on these lovely pair of glasses in black.  I loved that I could read the reviews on the glasses before ordering, and the site offered a print-out of the actual size so I could get an idea.  It can be a little frazzling to order something as important as prescription eyeglasses without seeing them first!

The thing I loved the most... the cost!  I customized my frames with scratch-resistant coating, and my cost was still only $68.95!  I saved $256.05, and I loved seeing that price tag!  Again, this is where I have to show off to Mr. oopsey daisy!

In just a week my lovely new specs arrived!

Hubby hasn't been around to take pictures of me in them, but I am loving them!

What I liked about 39DollarGlasses:

* I loved all of the information on the website.

* I found the face shape tool very useful!

* The case and cleaning cloth were beautiful.

* Saving money is always a good thing!

* Most glasses are shipped from China, but these glasses are American-made!

What I didn't like about 39DollarGlasses:

* On the website, I found several links that repeatedly showed up as "bad gateways." Ugh.

* My lenses are much thicker than any lenses I have ever had on any glasses.  Interesting.

* I am always more comfortable with a custom fitting at an eye doctor.  I was on pins and needles waiting for these glasses to arrive!

One Oopsey Daisy reader will win a coupon code for $75 toward a new pair of sunglasses or glasses.  This is how you can win:

U.S. and Canada residents only, please!

1.  "Like" on Facebook and let me know in a comment.  You receive a $15 coupon just for liking them on Facebook!  Please note that this company prefers that you don't leave any comments on their page in response to the giveaway.

2.  Let me know how you're following my blog!  Google Friend Connect is disappearing, so if you are were following me there, I don't want to lose you!  Instead, you can subscribe via e-mail, google reader, RSS feed, Google Plus, or Facebook. Leave a comment letting me know how you follow!

3.  Spread the word!  Feel free to copy and paste this tweet:

I'm hoping to win $75 toward brand new glasses/sunglasses from @39DollarGlasses at @OopseyDaisy917! #giveaway

This giveaway will end next Wednesday, February 15 at midnight.

Giveaway winner will be announced via Facebook and Twitter and e-mailed directly.

Good luck friends!

Please read my disclosure statement.

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