Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

It has literally taken me all week to download and edit the crazy amount of photos I took at Little Man's birthday parties last weekend.  I'm beginning to think I have a real photo problem.  Photographers Anonymous, perhaps? Anyway, there were so many fun things I wanted to share about this party, so this post is a long time in coming!

We had SO much fun with this Mickey Mouse theme!  Are you ready to {finally!} see the details??

Who hasn't had a Mickey Mouse birthday party?!  This was my dilemma in planning this party.  I wanted to steer clear of the commercial Mickey party gear and somehow reinvent this classic party.  It took some work and planning, but I think I was more excited on party day than Little Man!

Isn't he the cutest little Mouseketeer you've ever seen?!

Little Man's favorite part were his Mickey gloves!  I sewed them out of white felt and simply used a sharpie to draw on the lines.  Little Man wore these for 3 days straight!  He loved them!

Mickey Mouse invite with stitched pocket!  You can see the full tutorial for our Mickey Mouse invitations here.

Our party was all about red, black, and white with polk-a-dots!  We decorated our "un-mantle" with a quick pennant banner, some wooden letters, my mason jar apothecary jars, my wooden frames from Cut it Out, and of course Mickey!

This is my favorite part!

I created a Mickey Mouse backdrop for our food table using a vinyl tablecloth.  I love the paper lanterns with the buntings and the Mickey shape!  Can I tell you my secret to cheap party decor??  Wrapping paper!  I love using wrapping paper as my go-to source for decor.  There are 3 types of wrapping paper in this photo!  I use it for everything!

Our party table!

Just like last year, I created a birthday subway art centered around the birthday theme.  Did you know that there are real Disney fonts?  This Walt Disney font and these Mickey Mouse fonts were the stars of this subway art!

Edited to add:  Yes, I do sell a digital version of this Mickey Mouse subway art.  I can customize it for your child's birthday.  Please e-mail me for details!

On every.single.picture of Little Man in the house, we added little Mickey Mouse ears!  I keep finding random pictures around the house with Mickey Mouse ears!

This sign was propped up outside our front door.  I created this image in Photoshop and just modpodged the photo to a wooden plaque.

Remember this chicken wire frame?  I displayed pictures of Little Man from the last year and used the buntings to tie in the colors of the party with polk-a-dot ribbons.

I asked all of our adult guests (at our family party) to write a note to Little Man on the Mickey-shaped notebook paper.  I plan to slip this into his scrapbook!  The notes they wrote are really sweet!

As much as I LOVE pretty parties, my favorite thing about throwing a party is planning (and playing!) the games!  So we wanted this to be kid friendly!  We had a ton of fun!

As the kids arrived, we decorated Mickey Mouse sugar cookies!  I found a Mickey sprinkles kit at Wal-Mart and they matched perfectly.  Things got a little messy, but we threw the cookies in ziplock baggies and put them in their favor bags to take home.


This Cake Walk was our icebreaker game!  I had taped pictures of Mickey Mouse and friends in a circle on the floor.  The kids walked around on them (listening to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse music of course!).  When the music stopped, we drew a calling card and the winner received a sticker!  This game turned from a Cake Walk to a "Do the hot dog dance!" The kids were so cute!

We went T.P. bowling!

When I asked Little Man about his favorite part of his party, he insisted that it was the treasure hunt for Pluto's Bones!  I spray painted some dog bones red and black.  We divided the kids into a red or black team, and we sent them on a simple treasure hunt to find all of Pluto's bones.  They loved searching for bones, and they continued hunting for bones the rest of the day!

Pin the ears on Little Man!

Played just like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, I cut out the Mickey ears on my Cricut.  We blindfolded each of the kids, and they tried to pin the ears on this 16x20 poster of Little Man!

We used the red and white candy from the mason jar apothecary jars to play Mickey Mouse Bingo!

Following the directions from At Second Street, I created this cute Mickey Mouse pinata from an old diaper box!  So smart, right?!

The only problem was that I must have made this pinata a bit too strong!  All of the kids had 2 turns hitting the pinata, and eventually we let them stomp, kick, and pull the candy out!  They loved scrambling for the candy!

Inspired by the catchy Hot Dog Dance, we decided to have a hot dog party!  We found this old-fashioned hot dog roller machine online at Wal-Mart, and it worked perfectly!  I decorated the table with some items from Little Man's Mickey bathroom!  (You might spot the Mickey toothbrush and soap holders on the table!)

We kept lunch pretty simple!  We served hot dogs and few small treats.  We popped some popcorn and I dipped some pretzel rods in chocolate.  (We called these magic wands!)

We let the kids pick out a hot dog and put it on the rollers (with supervision, of course!).  They loved watching their hot dogs cook!

I ordered these fun polkadot straws from Hey YoYo on etsy. The kids LOVED them! (And honestly, so did I!)

I made these yummy chocolate cupcakes from Sweet Treats and More,  and they were SO tasty!  And you can't go wrong with Oreos!  They were a hit!  (I first saw these here at the Cupcake Blog.)

I always try to set up a little area for a mini photo shoot to remember our guests!

We had one little one who just didn't want to wear the Mickey hat!

My sweet husband cut out all of the Mickey ears out of foam board and we just hot-glued them to party hats!  Almost all of the kids loved wearing them!

The party planners.

Don't tell Mr. oopsey daisy I posted this one.  Deal?

We sent home these brown paper bags with each child.  I filled up the bags with some Mickey Mouse favors plus the cookies and pinata candy!

What a fun party!  And this Little Man enjoyed every minute, so it was all worth it!

And guess what?!  We also hosted a family dinner party!  See how we did it here--we created an entire hot dog bar!


Edited to add:  Many readers have commented and e-mailed asking if I sell any of the party supplies for this party.  At the current time, I am selling the Mickey Mouse subway art just using a Paypal invoice.  Please e-mail for details if interested.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Such cute ideas! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. This is a truly awesome party! You outdid yourself! Love all the crafty decor and everything really!!

  3. Adorable party. I love all the little touches you did. those mouse ear hats are so cute.

  4. You did such a great job Alison! I love your attention to detail and the use of wrapping paper is genius. It’s amazing how the party is clearly Mickey Mouse but without using all of the licensed Mickey Mouse gear. Kudos to you!

  5. Wow! You really know how to throw a party! 🙂 Adorable!

  6. That is seriously fabulous!! Great job mama!!

  7. Awesome job, Alison! Everything looks fabulous, I love it all! Definitely inspiring.. pinned it!!

  8. This is SO cute! I love how it turned out! You are such a fun mom!!

  9. WOW! We are planning a minnie mouse party for our soon to be 4 year old!! I was looking for some game ideas! THANK YOU!

  10. Oh my gosh Alison, SOOO cute! Makes me sad that my boys are too old for a Mickey Mouse party. Maybe I’ll have to throw Rachel a Minnie Mouse party in a few years. 🙂

  11. Awesome party Alison! You put a lot of effort in and it looks like it turned out great! 🙂 Little man is super lucky.

  12. Alison… this is absolutely adorable!! You did a fabulous job and it looks like it was enjoyed by all! The background for the food table is awesome! I know Little Man will remember this party for years to come! May be hard to top! 😉

  13. ADORABLE! Seriously. You are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!! Love love love LOOOOOOVE it all. 🙂 I just love Mickey Mouse and the old classic mickey like you did. Happiness all the way!

  14. Absolutely darling!

  15. I’m a big fan of your blog and this party is adorable! I especially LOVE all your creative game ideas! I bet you’re already thinking about next year now… 🙂

  16. I love these Ideas! My daughter is having a Minnie Mouse party in May! I think I may have to pin a few Ideas! 🙂

  17. This is so ridiculously cute!!!

  18. Do you have any of these goodies available to buy??? I’m doing a Mickey party for my little girl at the end of April and all of this is exactly what I wanna do! If you want to sell any of these goodies or anything, I’d totally buy them! I especially love the subway art and the Mickey backdrop!!!

  19. So cute Alison :))
    Love the backdrop for the wall you made!!The special details mean so much.
    My boy is 21 now!
    Wow where did the time go…? I did a big bash like this for my son with decorating and props but it was a Big Bird & Cookie Monster theme… oh wayyyy back when…19 years ago…

    Thanks for sharing and spurring on a flood of special memories of my boy this afternoon:))
    Enjoy these precious years!!

    Kay Ellen

  20. WOW!! This is incredible! I’d love to feature this party. If you are interested- email me please at atozebranancy@gmail.com. Gorgeous party!!

  21. So so cute!! Adorable details! I LOVE the hot dog roller…where did you get that?! LOL

  22. That was so absolutely adorable. A perfect party. You put so much love and work into the party, your little one surely felt very special, indeed. Happy Birthday!

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  24. You are such an awesome mom. What a great party. It looks like he was well celebrated!

  25. Your didi a phenomenal job on the MM party!!! Love the simple (but Mickey all the way!) Oreo cupcakes~so cute! EVERYTHING looks so perfectly Mickey! Your little man is a doll!

  26. I am DYING over this party!!! I am doing one for my 1 year old in June, and this puts mine to shame. 🙂
    I would LOVE, LOVE to purchase that subway art. PLEASE!!! Would you be willing to sell me a file? Thanks!!!


  27. What a fun party! We have our Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party going on now and would love for you to share this! http://kitchenfunwithmy3sons.blogspot.com/2012/02/kitchen-fun-and-crafty-friday-link_23.html

  28. WOW Alison! Slam dunk! Home run! That party is incredible! You did a phenomenal job.

  29. Shirley Lupton says

    Whew! You really did a great job. You missed your calling as a party planner. You have ideas that so many others wish they had. Thanks for the post, I just wish I had little ones and I would use these ideas.

  30. WOW!!! There are so many amazing details in this party. I’m going to use some of them as inspiration for a baby shower were throwing with a Mickey theme. You are very talented indeed! I found this through the link party at Tatertots & Jello!! ~ Megan (your newest follower)

  31. Alison, I saw your party featured on Kara’s Party Ideas. Congrats!! It’s a SUPER cute party!

  32. so very cute!!! my daughter loves minnie mouse, but I’m toying between that, LaLaLoopsey and a cupcake themed party…hmmm, great ideas!

  33. Such a cute party! Always love seeing your creative ideas.

    I featured your TP Bowling Game on my blog, feel free to come check it out:

  34. Getting ready for my sons Mickey Mouse party and I cant believe I didnt stumble on your blog earlier…. OMG I love love love your ideas. This party is sooooo cute! Thanks for sharing gives me inspiration for finishing up the details of my little mans party.

  35. Alison you did a great job! Grant was talking about how much fun he had for days after the party 🙂

  36. Amazing! I love the photo shoot! Too cute! 🙂

  37. I think you should credit your inspiration as a courtesy for your fellow crafters and party mamas… Or you are the kind that goes on to pinterest and catch my party, copy ideas and credited as your own? It’s the polite thing to do

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Hi Angie. I always try to be polite to my fellow bloggers, and I definitely tried to credit every blog or shop whose ideas or products I implemented.

  38. This party is amazing! You should totally submit it to Kara’s Party Ideas!! You did such a great job with all the detail and bringing in so many things from the show “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” You are every kids dream mom!!

  39. I love the photo booth and especially those adorable Mickey gloves! 🙂 Stopping over from Positively Splendid’s Saturday Seven Party!

  40. I love this! SEW much! You are so talented and have given me a ton of great ideas for my three-year-old’s party – he loves Mickey so much! Love your blog – it’s so fun! Feel free to visit me over at LoveItSewMuch.blogspot.com.

  41. What a lucky little guy to have a Mom who is willing to spend so much time, energy and creativeness on his party! Bet he’s looking forward to the next birthday already!! We are getting ready to make a 2 day trip to disneyworld with a 3 1/2 year old and an autistic child. I think your bingo game would be wonderful to play in the car. Do you have a download available? thanks. Again, Kudos for a job well done.

  42. I love his shirt! Where did u find it at? Were having a Mickey mouse clubhouse theme party for My son. Your so creative and the party looked great!! 🙂

  43. Laura Ferguson says

    This is the cutest Mickey Mouse Birthday I have ever seen! My son, Trey, loves Mickey Mouse and we will certainly be using a lot of your ideas for his big birthday coming up in September! Thank you so much!!- Laura Ferguson

  44. Just wondering where you got the polka dot table covers, I have searched everywhere for them ??

  45. Where did you get the font for the words “Little Man” in your subway art. Trying to get ready for our own Mickey Mouse 2nd birthday party this weekend!
    Heather recently posted..Brother or Sister?!My Profile

    • I was looking for it too . . . thought I’d help you out . . . after a LOT of searching, I found it on dafont.com and it is titled “BUDMO” . . . hope this helps!

  46. Thank you so much for sharing all your amazing ideas. I am so in love with everything! Would you please share where you got the black and white polka dot paper fans/pinwheels for the Mickey mouse shape you hung on the wall? I feel like I’ve looked everywhere and haven’t been able to find them. Thank you so much for your help!

  47. stephanie says

    Fantastic job! Very creative and it looks like everyone had a blast!

  48. this is a great blog, thank you so much!

  49. This is incredible! I love all the details so much and the fact that it’s all homemade! So special and wonderful!
    Natalie @ A Turtle’s Life for Me recently posted..Art Display BoardsMy Profile

  50. My daughter is having her 1st birthday party on Saturday, and I LOVE your Mickey Mouse wrapping paper head! I am trying to figure out how you did it.. Did you just fold the paper back and forth like a fan, one fan for each half , and then staple them together to make a whole circle? I think that is how I am going to attempt this! I have white wrapping paper with black polka dots already. I love using it as a table runner 😉

  51. Hi I love all your ideas!!! I’m currently planning a b-day party for my son and gonna use some of your ideas.
    I have a question what is the name of the font that you use on the center subway art. You have the disney one and the mimi and mickey one, but there is another one that looks like it has dots in the middle of the letters.
    Thanks a lot!!

  52. Glad I tumbled on your blog as I was searching for ideas for my son’s Mickey-themed birthday party. You did an awesome job!

  53. elsa taleon says

    hi !! i just want to know where can i get printables for the mickey mouse bingo?..thanks!

  54. I love love love this party!! We are throwing a Mickey Mouse party for our little man who is turning 3 next week and I have been working on it for over a month now! I am so excited! You had such an adorable party and I want to thank you for the inspiration!! Is there any way you could share what the name of other font was that you used for the subway art that says little man and 3 years old? I love that font too and couldn’t find it! Thank you for all of the amazing ideas!!

  55. have the same question as MANY others about what the font source/name is for the “little man” and “3 years old” . . . please reply to someone!!! thanks!

    • I FOUND IT . . . “Budmo” on dafont.com . . .

    • Well, I tried to reply to the other people that were asking this same question and it said it was a duplicate comment . . . didn’t know this worked that way . . . so hopefully those that had the same question will read my response to myself! HA!

  56. Can you please tell me where you found the black and white polka dot fans you used to make the mickey mouse head and ears? thanks!!

  57. Hey Alison, I really appreciate your efforts for making those gloves. They are looking like real Mickey Mouse ones. Even the invite is awesome. I would recommend your blog to everyone who is planning a Mickey theme party.

  58. Hi..
    WOW ur ideas are great! Thank You so much, I’m planning Mickey Mouse as a theme for my son 1’st bday this October, but the problem is we live here in Toronto notuch mickey stuff here;( would u pls help to find a site where I can buy things I needed in very affordable & reliable person! GodBless

  59. Was wondering what cartridge did you use on your cricut to make the mickey invites?

  60. Jennifer Kinsey says

    First time ever using Pinterest and came across your lil man’s mickey mouse party. My little dude is also about to celebrate a birthday with the same theme (surprise surprise). I excited to report I am using some of your GREAT ideas! I must ask…am I understanding correctly, you used wrapping paper for the table runner? The black and white polka dots? I just LOVE that look and would like to duplicate it. Thanks again for posting your party!!!

  61. I love love this! I’m planning on having a Mickey party for my 1 yr old! This help out a lot. Thank you! Also where did you get the shirt with the polka dot tie? It’s super cute!

    • Hi Jessica! I made my LIttle Man’s shirt by designing the polkadot tie in the Silhouette Design software. I cut it out of black flocked heat transfer vinyl (using the SIlhouette) and ironed it on. I added the red Mickey ears also using heat transfer vinyl. I hope that helps!!
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  62. Hi Alison! This is my first time to read your blog and your mickey party ideas are awesome! i just bookmarked your site! Thanks for sharing! This will help us a lot in planning my son’s mickey party! I was wondering where did you get those lovely balloons? i hope there’s an online store. Thanks again! 🙂

  63. Love your little boys shirt. Did u make that or buy that. If so how did u make it?? Thanks!!

    • Hi Kacie! I made my LIttle Man’s shirt by designing the polkadot tie in the Silhouette Design software. I cut it out of black flocked heat transfer vinyl (using the SIlhouette) and ironed it on. I added the red Mickey ears also using heat transfer vinyl. I hope that helps!!
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  64. Sasha Jackson says


    I just found your website….LOVE it!!! We are planning a MIckey Party for my soon to be 3 year old Sunday and this is perfect to get a lot of great ideas from:) I really love the Mickey Subway art but my computer is not allowing me to use the fonts….help!!! The one you have is perfect….just need to change the date. Can you put a link on here so I can just edit it? Thanks!!

  65. How did you get the big Mickey shape backdrop to look like that with the paper?

  66. It does help! Thank you so much for all your ideas! They are great! 🙂


    GREAT JOB!!! very detailed, my BFF sent me this link she loved ur ideas, i need some help shes going to be celebratring my godsons 2nd bday n we love ur sons attire where can i buy tht same shirt? LOL

  68. Hi,
    You’ve done an excellent job. I totally loved all your ideas. I am doing a Mickey party for my son’s 3rd birthday. Could you tell me where did you get the tshirt and suspenders from? I really like it a lot and thing of doing the same for his birthday suit. You can also email me the information. His party is on this 29th

  69. I absolutely love your party with his friends and your family!!! I hope you don’t mind me stealing some of them for my sweet 16!! I know I’m a little old for Mickey, but I’m doing classic Mickey and you did it perfectly!!! I can’t wait to see how it turns out!(:

  70. Sierra chapman says

    Hello I would like the link to buy the subway art ASAP please. My baby’s party is in 3 wks. Thanks so much!

  71. I’m planning my sons first bday and its a Mickey theme. Where did you find the polka dot wrapping paper, hot dog holders and popcorn boxes? For the Mickey bowling what font did you use to label TP? Thanks in advance for all your ideas! It helps people like me who aren’t crafty thinkers!

    • Hi Alisa! I found all the supplies you mentioned at my local Hobby Lobby. The mickey bowling font is the Walt Disney font I mentioned under the subway art (there is a link to downloading it there). I hope those ideas help!
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  72. rich agraviador says

    good job! I hope I can have all those Mickey Stuff for my Babies FIrst Birthday next Month. I love your party ideas and you really did the best. KEEP IT UP

  73. Hi,
    Where did you find the red and white polka dot and black white polka dot table clothes? I love all your ideas. Looks like a great party.

  74. Unbelievable! Just the inspiration I need to do my son’s Mickey themed party. Thank you for sharing!!!

  75. I need to buy the subway art! Please invoice me asap at the above email! I need it by Saturday (2 days!) thanks!!

  76. Is there anyway possible to receive the subway signs by this coming friday (day after tomorrow) My Grandson s first birthday party is on Sun the 4th and would like to have time to frame them before the pasrty.
    Regards. Joan

    • Hey ladies! Anyone interested in subway art, please e-mail me in order to set that up! Thanks! 🙂
      Alison recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

      • Hi Joan! I just attempted to e-mail you at your aol address, and the message was returned to me. Please e-mail me ASAP with the size of subway art you’re interested in, as well as the first name, birthday, and age of your grandson so I can customize this. I will e-mail you the rest of the details. Thanks!
        Alison recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  77. i fell in love with mickey mouse after looking at this site!

  78. i so fell in love with mickey mouse after looking at this site!

  79. What is the name of the font with the dots that was used for the Subway Art? I love it!

  80. Great Job!!!! I can’t pick a favorite thing.

  81. Thank you for this post! When I asked my almost 2 year old if he wanted a dinosaur or airplane party, he screamed”Mickey Mouse” . I tried so hard to convince him to go dino but he insisted, I didnt even know he knew who MM was in the first place. So, after searching throughout the internet I stumbled onto your blog and feel like you saved my day. Inspiring. Thanks! I now have the vision I need to make the party somewhat stylish. a win win.

  82. Where did you get his shirt

  83. Did u use the cricut for the cutting ? And thanks I love ur sons shirt and the way you organize everything so beautiful

  84. LOVED looking through your adorable son’s birthday party! Going to use a bunch of these ideas! 🙂
    Where did you get the Mickey Mouse cookie cutter? I don’t know how I could get mine to stay like that???

  85. Im planning on makeing my son this exact party for his 1st birthday i really loved your ideas ! I just just have on question, How much did you spend on this party ? I want to know around how much money im gonna spend.

    • Hi Leslie…. I didn’t keep my receipts (it’s been almost a year since the pearty), so I really can’t give an accurate amount. Most of the things I made, so I did save a lot of money by doing that.

  86. do you have a template for the pin the ears?

  87. Love, love, love this. Could you share the font type of the “Little Man” in the marquee you produced? Block font with dots inside?


  88. I love what you did to your son’s birthday. I’d like to adapt this on my son’s party too. At least I still have 2 months to prepare!

  89. Dreamer Dowden says

    Please share where you found that cute shirt for the bday boy mickey party??

  90. the mickey mouse bingo did you make it or buy them trying to make them for my daughters party

  91. I dont know if I did this correctly I was wondering about the bingo game if you made them

  92. Stacey Austin says

    Hi, I was wondering if you could email me about the Subway art. I’m interested in ordering the Mickey Mouse one you did for your son, for my sons birthday Party.
    Just wondering how much and how far in advance I would need to order it.

    Thanks! Stacey

  93. Hi, could you email me about the Subway art? I’m interested in ordering the Mickey Mouse one. Just wondering how much, how far in advance I would need to order it, what type of paper is it printed on, etc.

  94. Hi! Can you email me info/pricing on the subway art? Super cute! Must have for my son’s birthday party! Im also interested in the “We’ve got ears say cheers” sign as well as the round Tootles print outs for the party bags! Thanks#

  95. hey i reaLLY LOVE alll ur ideas i think there great…
    and i would totally love all ur ideas and would love
    to know how to do the big mickey mouse on top ur party table
    and i would really appreciated :]

  96. I am just amazed at all the work that has gone into the party.. the details .. just wow. My son has a birthday soon and he wants a mickey theme… I am so inspired by your ideas. Thank you!!

  97. So much inspiration! I am planning my daughter’s 1st birthday around a Micky Mouse Clubhouse theme as well and would like to know what 2 fonts you used on the “TOOTLES” thank you for coming sticker. I’ve been looking for a legible script font for a while and that one looks great. If you could let me know it’s be greatly appreciated. Great job!

  98. I love your ideas!!! What font (the bold letters with dots inside) did you use for the subway art? Thanks!

  99. I really love the Mickey Subway art. I need one ASAP, please let me know how I can send you the information.

  100. Beattrizzita says

    It was Wonderful, I’m going to give a party for my baby is turning 1 we are from Mexico and I’m looking for ideas from Mickey Mouse Party, thanks for your ideas!


  101. Howdy! I simply wish to give you a big thumbs up for your great info you have right
    here on this post. I’ll be returning to your blog for more soon.
    lev test recently posted..lev testMy Profile

  102. Hi…I am interested in purchasing the Mickey subway art from my son’s party. Can you please e-mail me?

    • His Sophia! I take all orders through email so you will need to send me an email by clicking on the mail icon at the top right of my blog. Thanks!

  103. Tionne Eckard says

    I am doing a Mickey Mouse birthday party for my soon to be 3 year old and would love to get the subway art. Could you email me so I could get that from you! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  104. Hi could you tell me the details about the Pluto game?? I have about 30 kids at this party so I’m trying to find games that will work well with a large crowd….. I’m already doing the pin the ears on Mickey. Thank you so much!!! Love absolutely everything for your sons party!!

    • Hi Sonia! I just divided the kids into two groups. I gave each group a starting clue, and they each had an adult helping them. The clues led them around the house, and they collected bones at each location. One team’s bones were red, and the other team’s bones were black. Then they enjoyed just playing with the bones when they were done!

  105. Yesenia Garcia says

    email me pls i would like to order the subwat art

  106. Hi did you make the mickey mouse paper lantern?
    Do you sell it?
    Thank you

    • Yes Tatiana, I made the mickey mouse paper fan using wrapping paper (I gave instructions a few times in the comments above) but it would be much too large and tricky to ship. SO I don’t sell that, but I do sell the subway art.
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  107. Is that possible to let me know where you got the mickey mouse backdrop-tissue paper decor with the flags?
    I think I have seen something like that on Etsy but can’t find it at this time.
    I’m planning for son’s 1st b-day party (less then 3 wks away now) and I’d really appreciate if you could help me with that 🙂
    Thank you so very much and congratulations on your beautiful party!!

  108. I am having my 3 year Minnie mouse party in a few weeks and looking to have a minnie/mickey mouse cookie decorating party. My question is how did you have them spread the frosting? where did you put all the sprinkes in for all the kids? I want it to be easy for them but also not sooo messy. Some people mentioned use paint brushes. Not sure how many brushes? how many sprinkes for each kid. I was thinking getting black and pink frosting for the minnie mouse / mickey mouse theme.

    Do you have pictures on how you prepared everything for them?

    • Hi Cynthia. The only pictures of cookie decorating are above. Each child sat down at a plate with a cookie. An adult helped each child spread the frosting (but this really depends on age, I think), and they were able to decorate their cookie however they chose! They were able to access sprinkles on their own, and had quite fun making a bit of a mess! I spread wrapping paper across a kids’ picnic table and then just tossed the paper when I was done. Good luck!

  109. Meghan Rambert says

    hey, you may have answered this question already, but where did you purchase the t shirt for your son? and is it available online? thank you! and creative party. it looks like everyone had a blast@

  110. I absolutely love love love this party! My little one is turning two in aug and we are doing a mm clubhouse these your page gave me some great ideas. I especially loved the subway art it’s a great decorating piece and keepsake as well. Where can I get one done ?

  111. Wow, wow, wow! Your attention to detail is admirable! Such a beautiful party and I love the photo booth idea!

  112. Valentina says

    These are absolutely wonderful ideas. My son turning 4 in two weeks’ time wants a Mickey Mouse party and I stumbled upon this page. I have all the party almost all planned!

    I just wondered whether you found the MM bingo cards on the net or whether you made them yourself and how did you play?


  113. I LOVE the invitations. I don’t have any of the equipment needed to make them though. Can I purchase them from you?

  114. Are you still making the customized MM subway art?
    What is the cost and how fast can you customize?

  115. Hi! my son will be 1 in March, I was wondering what I’d have to do to possibly get one of the Subway art pictures? and if you could possibly make the invitations? I can do the part with the words, it’s more the actual pocket thing….. I’m willing to do whatever to give my little man the best day ever (:

  116. I absolutely love this page! The decorations are adorable and seem so easy to do. My son will be turning 2 in February and loves Mickey Mouse. I will be using some of these great ideas. I was wondering though about the birthday subway art. How do I go about emailing you for the information? Thanks Taylor

  117. There are some great Party Theme ideas for a Mickey or Minnie Mouse Party.
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  118. Can you just be my party planners?! Lol! This is what I want our turn out to be similar to, I just don’t have the time to pull it all off. Great job!

  119. ohh woww he’s looking so sweet and cute in this mickey mouse get up , i like the costume and idea of birthday party !!

  120. These are great ideas to make truly enjoyable party! I’ll definitely be using some of these awesome ideas next month!
    Did you have a Mickey Mouse cake or there were just cookies?

  121. mikal shone says

    these are great ideas to turn the kids party into dream one…. thanks for sharing this

  122. This is gorgeous! I simply loved this Mickey Mouse theme party ideas, along with them try to place hand made wooden sign this will make it more adorable and kids will love it too.

  123. Tolle Infos! Ich bin kürzlich auf Ihren Blog gestoßen und habe mitgelesen. Ich dachte, ich würde meinen ersten Kommentar hinterlassen. Ich weiß nicht, was ich sagen soll, außer dass ich es getan habe
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  124. Hi I love all these ideas. I am wanting a subway printed sign like yours for my sons 2nd birthday November. Do you make them? How much?

  125. Super decoration tips. I’ll try for my kid’s birthday 🙂


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