Violette Field Threads $75 Giveaway {Closed}

This giveaway is now closed.  Congratulations to Danielle, comment #62!

You know what today is... It's giveaway day!

And today is a good one, my friends. 🙂

Let me introduce you to Violette Field Threads, a gorgeous shop brimming with cutting-edge sewing patterns and tutorials for children's clothing and accessories.  Their tutorials are thoughtfully written to every last detail.  They offer tutorials for beginners (like me!) and more advanced patterns, too.

Violette Field Threads was created by these beautiful ladies, best friends Ericka and Jessica. They both owned children's clothing boutiques and joined forces to create a shop for their PDF Patterns and Tutorials.  And I am a HUGE fan!

Here are a few teasers of what you might find at Violette Field Threads:

This Rosalind flower is stunning!  And this pattern/tutorial doesn't even require a sewing machine!

This Chloe dress is perfect for a party!

I love this triple ruffle bustle "Olive" top!

My favorite part of this classy Vivienne skirt is the ruffles underneath.


For the next week, you can score 15% off your purchase by entering the promo code "DAISY15" at checkout.

Plus Ericka and Jessica are generously giving one Oopsey Daisy reader a fantastic opportunity to win a $75 gift certificate to their shop!

Here is how you can win $75 to Violette Field Threads:

1.  Browse the Violetta Field Threads shop.  Leave a comment letting me know what patterns you love.  (There are lots!!)

2.  "Like" Violette Field Threads on Facebook.  Let me know!

2.  Spread the word via blogging, Facebook, or Twitter.  Come back and leave me a link!

If you're tweeting, feel free to copy and paste this link:

Win $75 to the gorgeous Violette Field Threads pattern shop at @OopseyDaisy917! #giveaway

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, January 25 at midnight.

As always, giveaway winners will be announced via Facebook/Twitter and e-mailed directly.

Good luck!

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  1. I like violette threads on facebook already!

  2. {LOVE} the Chloe dress! perfect for my princess!

  3. I LOVE her patterns! love the adele, the fiona, the olive, and the molly …..

  4. I love the Vivienne skirt…so adorable!!

  5. I like the accessory patterns. I don’t sew or own a sewing machine but I’ll take your word for it that there are some in there that require no sewing! Otherwise, if I win, I’ll donate the prize to someone else! 🙂 – Karen

  6. I liked the first one I saw the best. Vivienne

  7. I liked them on fb

  8. I love the vivienne skirt! So cute!

  9. LOOOOOOVE the audrey dress and the viviene skirt. And that nadine flower is so delicious!

  10. Liked violette threads on Facebook 🙂

  11. I love the Vivienne skirt pattern and the Molly Jacket Pattern!

  12. Tweeted it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 4 flower pattern pack and the Molly Jacket!

  13. Tracy Lee W says

    Oooh – I VERY much “LIKE” them on FB!!!

  14. Tracy Lee W says

    The “Chloe” and “Lucy” are just too too cute!! I have a 3 & 5 year old and they would LOVE these!!!

  15. Love the Audrey dress. Hope I win! Thanks!

  16. Makala Clark says

    How do you choose just one!? I couldn’t so I’ll tell you my top 3 favs! Chloe (so Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Molly and Vivienne!! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! What a great site!!!

  17. Tracy Lee W says

    Posted it on FB….
    Tracy Lee W
    Cute blog and cute giveaway! Wouldn’t my girls look SOOOO cute in some of these outfits from Violette Field Threads???

    Violette Field Threads $75 Giveaway | Oopsey Daisy

  18. Makala Clark says

    I not only LIKE but LOVE Violette Field Threads on Facebook! Such a fun site!

  19. How cute are those. I would need to start beginner and I love the Lucy pants, so darling!

  20. I love the Viola and Stella dress patterns! So cute!!

  21. I like Violette Field Threads on Facebook!

  22. Bobbie Mackey says

    i love the lucy pants. so cute, and i have the fabric i would love to start with already!

  23. I like Violet Field Threads on Facebook already! Plus I love their vivienne pattern too!

  24. Wow! Love the Chloe Dress and the all of the flowers. But I think my favorite my be the Molly top. So cute!

  25. I like Violette Field Threads on FB.

  26. That Audrey tunic is precious, but how does one choose just one thing? Way too cute!

  27. As a beginner, I’d love to try the Corienne flower pattern!

  28. Stacey Johnson says

    Likked Violette Field Threads on Facebook. Such beautiful patterns!! Love the Chloe dress & all the others!!!

  29. I love the Chloe dress!

  30. Anissa Gooch says

    Hi, I like the Stella

  31. Anissa Gooch says

    liked on fb, i am an gooch

  32. I really like the Chloe and the Vivienne

  33. I love the Chloe pattern!!!!

  34. Haley Grossman says

    love love love thew chloe and adele dress patterns!
    hgrossman atcableone dot net

  35. Elizabeth P. says

    I love the Vivienne skirt too! So adorable!

  36. I’ve had my eye on the vivienne skirt for months now! And that Molly jacket is so cute–I think I need that one, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I like on FB!

  38. They are SUPER CUTE!!!!
    I can’t choose just one right now.
    I love Vivienne, Molly & Chloe

  39. I liked them on FB!

  40. vivienne and adele!

  41. i like them on fb!

  42. They are all so cute!
    It is hard to choose but Easter is around the corner and Vivienne, Audrey and Molly are looking cute.

  43. The patterns vivienne and molly are adorable!

  44. already liked them on FB!

  45. Oh gosh, I love ALL the patterns, one in particular was the Adele dress. It has a ruffle bustle. How fun is that to say?

  46. So great and timely. I just signed up for my first sewing lesson 🙂
    I like the Stella dress

  47. I liked them on facebook 🙂

  48. Just liked them on FB!

  49. Love the Molly pattern!

  50. I love the Vivienne skirt! It is darling!

  51. I like them on Facebook!

  52. I love the Vivienne skirt!

  53. Kimberly F says

    I think the Fiona is my favorite, but I love the Stella and the Viola too!

  54. Kimberly F says

    I already like them on Facebook!

  55. I LOVE Charlotte pantaloons! I love that I can make them for my almost 1 year old!! Their stuff is SUPER great!!

  56. I love the Viola dress. My 6 y/o would be so excited if we won!

  57. Liked then on FB.

  58. Love the Chloe and Stella dresses.

  59. Liked them on FB.

  60. My favorite is the beginner dress pattern “Audrey”. So cute.

  61. Anne Marie says

    Love the flower patterns especially the Rosalind flower.

  62. I LOVE the Vivienne Skirt. I feel like I have to have 2 of them for my two little girls.

  63. I love the Felicity flower headband! It is so cute!

  64. I love them all but I think Chloe and Rosalind are my favorites!

  65. I liked them on Facebook too!!

  66. Oh goodness, I am in love with all of their patterns. I really love the Charlotte pantaloons and the Lucy skirt.

  67. I like them on Facebook.

  68. Tweet tweet!

  69. I like violet in facebook

  70. Facebook like, check! Facebook and twitter shootout, check! I love the patterns and am a frequent visitor to the shop! Everything is so beautiful and unique. I can’t just choose one. The Felicity and Rosalinda and so darling, and honestly so perfect for all ages!!

  71. I love this patterns:
    All patterns are just great, but my favorites are:

    Accesories: felicity & rosalind headband,
    dresses: stella, viola & adele
    pant: lucy

    tks for the opportunity to win, dalys (aka mrs. burundanguitas)

  72. I tweeted too!

  73. Like them on Facebook.

  74. I have several of their hair accessory patterns. Love them. It’s so hard to choose. I would have to say the Chloe & the Vivienne. So cute!!

  75. I like the pattern bundle, Fiona and Charlotte. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. Thevienne skirt would be really cute for my grand daughter 🙂

  77. love it!!!! i love the headbands, perfect for my neice (felicity & rosalind headband). anhesty at gmail dot com

  78. Lillian Pattern (accessories)

  79. Loving the accessories! Felicity is one of my favorites.

  80. Denise Wilson says

    The little Molly jacket is adorable! 🙂

  81. So excited to find this new website. Thanks for sharing. There are lots of cute patterns to choose from! I love the skirt with the ruffles as well as the flowers.

  82. LOVE the Audrey, Vivienne and Hazel. Thanks for a chance to win!

  83. I love the flower patterns!

  84. I follow VFT on FB!

  85. I tweeted! @MissChenray

  86. I love the Audrey dress pattern, and the Nadine flower pattern!

  87. I liked on facebook (Kala Thomas DeMeyere)

  88. Love the Audrey dress!

  89. Love the red AVA flower for my 5 granddaughters and me!!!

  90. Love the Chloe dress!

  91. I like Violette Field Threads on fb!

  92. I like Violette Field Threads on Facebook

  93. I love the dress pattern Viola. Also the headband Lillian. My own Lilian would look great in both!

  94. I have the Chloe pattern but have not sewn it yet. But I absolutely adore the Vivienne skirt! It is a must have!

  95. Love the Viola

  96. Liked on facebook!

  97. Amanda Leverenz says

    I love the Chloe and Viola patterns so much!!!

  98. The Vivienne skirt is a favorite, so is the Rosalind, the Charlotte, and the Elise

  99. I would love the Vivienne pattern!

  100. I like the adele dress

  101. I LOVE the Adele dress and all of the flower patterns. Such sweet things. I love that most go up to a size 10 too. So many PDF patterns end at size 6 these days.

  102. I like Violette Fields on facebook.

  103. I L.O.V.E. the Chloe dress!!!! My own little Chloee would look so stinkin cute in it!!

  104. They have so many cute patterns! I think the Molly jacket and Chloe dress are right there at the top for me 🙂 Too cute!!

  105. The thing I love about your blog is the variety of ideas you share. I love these designers! Thanks for the chance to win!

  106. In LOVE with these dresses!! Chloe and viola are my faves!

  107. stephanie w says

    so many cute things. i could easily spend $75! i would probably have to start with the audrey because i am a BEGINNER!

  108. stephanie w says

    i like violette field threads on fb

  109. stephanie w says

    i spread the word on fb!

  110. These are so cute!!! I couldn’t decide which pattern I liked best so I had to chose 2! The lucy pants and the rosalind headband!! Love them!!!!

  111. I sent a tweet out about the giveaway!!/JenPrecourt/status/161070540600254464

  112. And I liked Violette Field Threads on facebook!

  113. I like the on FB!

  114. I adore the Chloe with all of my heart. Can’t WAIT to be able to make it someday! I pinned several patterns so I wouldn’t forget them!

  115. I shared on my business page on FB.

  116. I love the chloe dress pattern the best

  117. I ”Like” Violette Field Threads on Facebook

  118. I liked Violette Field Threads on facebook.

  119. I have been drolling over these patterns for a while now! My favorites are Charlotte, Vivienne, Felicity and Chloe!

  120. I shared the link on facebook. Couldn’t figure out how to link it back here. I may not can figure out computers, but I can sew! Love the patterns!

  121. Jenny Cantwell says

    I like Violet Field Threads on FB

  122. Jenny Cantwell says

    I love the molly top

  123. Jenny Cantwell says

    I tweeted about the giveaway!/JennyC_34

  124. Jami Schulte says

    Definitely the Chloe! My girl needs that in a tea length!

  125. The Vivienne is definitely my favourite, I love the shape! I would be happy in a cute skirt like that! Also love the Chloe too, my niece would looks aces in that, she’s got the attitude to go with it!

  126. I just shared on twitter too 🙂

  127. Thanks for the giveaway! I would die to own any of the flower patterns. They are gorgeous!! And so versatile!
    cameron dot lawracy at gmail dot com

  128. I liked them on fb. username Nora Mac.
    cameron dot lawracy at gmail dot com

  129. Amanda Voelker says

    Oh my goodness! I would make everything!!!! I think the Vivienne skirt is my favorite, though. My little Scarlett would look adorable in it.

  130. Love the chloe dress…. Would be so cute for a flower girl!

  131. WOW! What a giveaway! I love the Felicity hair band and the Audrey dress. Actually I love it all!

  132. I like Violette Field Threads on Facebook!

  133. I LOVE Penelope and Nadine in the beginner’s section. My niece would look fabulous!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  134. I liked Violet Field Threads on FB

  135. Love these patterns! I especially love all the adorable flowers! I would love to spend $75 on patterns for my two little girls and break in my new sewing machine I got for Christmas! They would look adorable in the matching Vivenne skirts!

  136. Liked them on facebook, and pinned them on pinterest!!

  137. Love the Olive and Vivienne.

  138. I just bought the Chloe — that situation is being made into a V-Day dress for the kiddo. Photo shoot to follow! I kind of love the Hazel as well.

    Thanks for the ab fab discount code!

  139. Aaaand I liked VFT on FB. Go ladies!

  140. My favorite pattern is the Olive. Perfect for my rough and tumble little girl!

  141. I like them on FB!

  142. I can’t decide btwn Elise and Viola, although I’m already imagining an Easter dress in Viola.

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