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DIY Milk Glass

Hello my friends!  It has been way too long.  I hope you are having a fantastic summer!

I would like to say that I have tons to post and my house is magically decorated.  It's not.  And I am being craft-lazy.  I am trying to live in the moment and enjoy these fun summer days with Little Man.  Plus I am getting caught up on our family blog in a BIG way.

Although the progress on decorating has been slow (I am so indecisive!), I LOVE the addition of this "milk glass" to my kitchen cupboards.  Ever since I saw this post on Elle Apparel, I knew that this would be the perfect addition to my kitchen.

I love and adore milk glass.  I love the clean lines and the white.  Even though I really don't have any of my own!  So I decided to make my own.

(And let's just ignore the pineapple on top of the fridge.  And the odd gap between my flour and sugar canisters.  Deal?  Deal.)


I raided Good Will one afternoon, and came home with a bunch of stuff!  My plan was to paint all of it in several coats of Glossy White spray paint.
Funny story:  Little Man walked in to Good Will with me and asked to leave immediately!  Strange.  He normally loves to get out and go shopping. I asked him why, and he said, "Because it's ugly!"


I also used some things I already had on hand--like this vase.  Mr. oopsey always sends me the same flowers in the same exact vases.  Not that I'm complaining, but I have lots of these vases!  So this one wouldn't be missed.

Lovely right?! Then it was just a matter of how to arrange all of the pieces across the cabinets!  I had fun making my arrangements across the cupboards.

Mr. oopsey helped me use scrap wood to prop everything up so it could be seen from eye level.  He even created some wood pieces with grooves to fit the plates perfectly.  You can't see the wood at all from below.

I love how this turned out!  And it was so easy!

What do you think?

Switch & Go Dinosaurs Review

This post brought to you by VTechKids. All opinions are 100% mine.


Like most Moms, I am always looking for new ways to entertain my Little Man especially in the summertime.  But I would prefer that his entertainment be educational and interactive.  So when I was approached to review 2 Switch & Go Dinos, I was positively thrilled.


When the package arrived on our doorstep, I simply told Little Man that I wanted him to try out some new toys.  Of course he was excited.  Typically I don't hand out new toys unless it's a special occasion or prize of some sort.  So this was just like Christmas!



For the next week, Little Man did everything with "Horns" the Triceratop and "Sliver" the T-Rex.  Little Man has always loved cars, but this was his first introduction to dinosaurs.  He was completely fascinated.  They joined us for story time.  They helped us clean the house.  They provided hours of entertainment, and even had the honor of being introduced to Grandma and Grandpa.  Dare I admit it--they even snuck into his bed!


What I loved most about these Switch & Go Dinos is the opportunity to have two awesome toys in one!  (What can I say?!  I'm a bargain girl!)  The toys are very interactive.  The cars easily morph into dinosaurs--each with individual sound effects and LCD screen options.  When the toys are in "car" mode, you can select the specific driver on the LCD screen; when the toys are in "dinosaur" mode, you can select the dinosaur's eyes!  Plus there are unique expressions that the cars say while in car mode (my personal favorite was "Turn my wheels!").  In dino mode, each dinosaur exclaimed 30 expressions, many of them handy-dandy facts about dinosaurs.  The sound effects really helped to bring the toys to life!  My husband and I find ourselves repeating the catchy phrases over and over again.  These toys are well loved!

Although Little Man is too young to catch on to the dino facts right now, I know he will continue to love these toys as he gets older.  What I loved even more was the opportunity for him to use his imagination!  It didn't take long before Little Man was pretending that they were vacuums, lawn mowers, and more!


Besides Sliver and Horns, there are 2 other dinos available:  T-Don the Pteranodon and Tonn the Stegosaurus.  You can buy them on Amazon now for $15.99.  Beginning June 18, the 4 dinosaurs will also be on sale for $15.99 at  Buy today on Amazon.

All in all, I was very impressed with these "Dino-Cars."  More importantly, so was Little Man!

So what do you think?  Which dino is your favorite?

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Have a fabulous day!

Bubble Birthday Party

Hooray!  I have time to craft for fun!  Last week my sweet nephew turned 2 years old.  Really there couldn't be a cuter, sweeter boy.  He has everyone in the entire family wrapped around his little fingers.  So with the adjustments I made to my blogging schedule, I had ample time to help my sister prepare for the big birthday party.  Today I want to share just a few peeks into the party.

My nephew loves bubbles, so this theme was perfect.  Despite the enormous wind storm on the evening of the party (and it was all planned for outdoors!), we made it work.  In fact, perhaps the massive winds actually provided for bigger bubbles!

Decor & More

Funny Story:  I made the hanging circle garlands.  Every time the door opened, the wind knocked them down.  I think we re-hung them at least 4 times!  Darn wind.  My sister was so clever!  She planned the entire dinner menu around "Round Foods" and "Foods that Pop." I was surprised at everything she thought of!

Round Foods - Pizza balls, Meatballs, Fruit Rounds, Vegetable Rounds, Sliders, Chips, Cake Pops

Foods that POP - Popcorn/Caramel corn, Candy that pops (Blow Pops, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks), Popsiciles, Popeye's Spinach Salad, Popcorn Chicken Jalapeno Poppers, Corn Dog Poppers, Soda Pop.


After dinner, it was time to play with bubbles of all shapes and sizes!  The birthday boy was perfectly content with the bubble machine all night long.

With all the wind, you barely had to blow.  The wind did all the work!  The kids loved running around chasing the bubbles!

My favorite bubbles were the fly swatter bubbles!  The kids dipped 50-cent fly swatters in homemade bubble solution and just ran around the yard.  It was amazing to see how many bubbles they made!  Little Man is already begging to do this again.  We may be doing this all summer long!

Who knew there were so many bubble contraptions?!  And the cool thing is they are all inexpensive.

The kids played a fun Cake Walk game in bubble style!  They jumped on bubble wrap with colored paper underneath.  Once the music stopped, the child on the color selected got a sticker!  They absolutely loved jumping on that bubble wrap!

What a fun time!  On our way home from the party, Little Man said at least 3 times, "Mom, I really loved that bubble party."  Great party, sis!!

Did you have a happy Memorial Day?  I hope so!


P.S. Oopsey Daisy's final business post is coming up in the next day or two.  From here on out--it's all fun!!!  So exciting.


Superhero Mask {Crazy Little Projects}

Hello friends!  One of the things I loved most about my Wednesday's Wowzers linky party was the opportunity to discover incredible talent in the blogging world.  One such blog was Crazy Little Projects.  Amber's sewing projects, ideas for kids and family, and incredible photography blew me away each and every week!  For months, I have been dying to officially introduce you to her blog.

I know... I know you will love her and her blog as much as I do!


Hi Oopsey Daisy readers! And thanks Alison for having me as a guest poster!

I am Amber from Crazy Little Projects. I am the mom of 4 boys, so this tutorial fits perfectly into my life. I love to sew and I love to bake and I love to show off my sewing and my baking on my blog.

Every little boy loves superheros and with 4 little boys running around my house, that means superhero capes and masks are a hot commodity. I started making personalized superhero capes years ago for the online sewing business that I ran at the time. They were such a popular item I couldn't keep up with the demand. Add a mask to that? Way too cool!

This is a tutorial for those cool masks. Want to create a matching, personalized superhero cape to go with it? The tutorial for that is here.

I let my little 4 year old pick the colors on the one he is modeling...he picked red and white with yellow accents. I was thinking lime green and black or something cool like that, but oh well. Turned out pretty great anyway.

Superhero Mask Tutorial:

Here's what you need:

A small amount of 2 colors of fabric (or you can use the same color on the front and the back)

1 package double wide folded bias tape in a coordinating color

1 piece of elastic (about 1 foot long)

Pattern pieces for mask

How to make the Mask:

This mask is different and more sturdy than most masks you will see because it has a double layer of fabric. It seriously took me some major brain power to figure out how to do this. (Don't laugh) It won't seem all that tricky to you now, but it's quite a feat of engineering!

Print out your pattern pieces. Cut 1 piece of fabric from the large pattern piece and 2 from the smaller one. They can be the same color or different, it's up to you.

Trace the eye holes on with a washable marker or chalk. Also trace the dotted line on the smaller pieces.

Pin the 2 smaller pieces on the large piece matching up the edges.

Sew around the eye holes about 1/4 inch outside the markings.

Using some nice, sharp scissors, cut out the eye holes using the markings as guides:

[Read more...]

Silhouette CAMEO & Rolling Tote Deal

Hello friends!

I'm just popping in today to share the latest and greatest deal on the Silhouette.  Oh how I love my CAMEO!  I have spent many hours getting to know my CAMEO since I received it just a few months ago.   The creative possibilities really are endless!  I teach the Young Women at church, and I have loved making cute hand-outs and paper crafts to go along with my lessons each Sunday using the CAMEO.

Because I am a bargain girl,  I really do love to help spread the word about a good deal.  Especially when it comes to the Silhouette.  This month, there is an incredible bargain on the Silhouette CAMEO® rolling tote.

(Did I mention that we live next door to a park?!)

The rolling tote is a genius idea!  Before receiving my tote, hauling my CAMEO to craft night was much more difficult.  The tote has plenty of room for my CAMEO, laptop, cutting mats, and all of the accessories!  It is available in both pink and teal.

From May 24-31, you can redeem this amazing deal only at this unique link:

You can save about $60 purchasing a CAMEO and a rolling tote for the price of $309 (instead of $370).   If you already own a CAMEO, you can still a purchase a rolling tote at the discounted pride of $54.99.  Just use code "OOPSEY" at the unique link above if you're interested.

Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

A Big Enormous Thank You!

Wow.  I almost don't know where to begin.

Let's start with thank you.  Although "Thank You" doesn't seem nearly enough.  As I closed my eyes and hit "publish" on my last post, I was almost afraid to  check my e-mail the next morning.  Your kind responses have absolutely overwhelmed me with happiness and encouragement.  I sat at my laptop and cried outright for a few days.  I saved each and every thoughtful comment and e-mail.  I plan to respond to each one.  As my second family, thank you for giving me "permission" to enjoy my first family.  I think I needed that.

The last few days have been wonderful in every way.  I can't believe I thought I might have spare time without blogging every day!  I am still incredibly busy!  But I find myself doing the things I want and need to be doing as a wife and mom.  Putting family first just feels right.  I can enjoy each moment with my sweet boys.

So much has happened!  Our house is coming together.  After a week with mr. oopsey daisy home all week {finally!}, every room in our house is finally unpacked and organized except for my craft room.  And that's only because  I'm actually preparing to paint my craft room.  I am thrilled to paint a room in my own house for the very.first.time!  The dear sweet paint lady at our local Ace has become my new best friend.  I have her on speed dial.

We have been getting A LOT of work done inside our house.  My fabulous brother-in-law and husband needed three ladders to hang the light fixture in our entry way.   Precarious.  Our electrician is my new favorite person.  (Second only to the paint lady.)  We had lighting wired and installed in every room of the house.  All I can say is thank goodness for Pinterest for giving us lots of last-minute ideas for light fixtures!

We are getting plenty of work done outdoors too!  We love our back yard and never want to go inside.  Hubby is taking such great care of the yard--I find it kind of cute.  His dreams are coming true as he is finally building a shed in the back yard.  LIttle Man's dreams all came true when he got to sit inside this Bobcat.

I have a lovely raised garden that I just can't get enough of!  Just yesterday, this happened!  My peas and beans have sprouted, and now I just need to make plant markers for them!  I love my garden!

Summer has finally arrived.  Little Man loves playing in the sprinklers, helping his Daddy take care of the grass, and just running around outside.  Gotta love his farmer's tan.

Remember how I mentioned that I still have a few outstanding "business" posts?  Well, there is a great deal on a Silhouette coming up tomorrow.  But I just had to check in before that to tell you how grateful I am for each one of you who read this lil' blog.  Thank you for everything!

Have a happy day!

My Oopsey Daisy Journey

I hope you enjoyed a very Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day was a beautiful day for our family!  It gave me the perfect opportunity to put things in perspective and make some important decisions for me and my family.  This is a post I have considered for a very long time. So today's post is all about keepin' it real.

Photo Credit:  Janine Grover Photography

What Blogging Means For This Mama

All I have ever wanted is to be a Mother.  Little Man is everything I could have ever wanted in a little boy.  He is sweet, compassionate, patient, and bright!

But for a very long time, we have been trying to grow our little family.  I know that our struggle with infertility is not unusual.  So many incredible families wait and wait--hoping to experience the miracle that is a brand new baby.  About 6 weeks ago, we were given the devastating news that our chances of having another child were very, very slim.  There is very little that the doctors can do, so they offered very little hope.  At first, my world seemed to crumble all around me. After weeks of prayers, I feel at peace.  All we can do is wait and hope!  I am learning faith, patience, and a whole host of new virtues all at once!  Of course we will never give up in our hopes for bringing another baby into the world.

My very first reaction to our news was:  "This is could be my only chance!  I've got to make every.single.moment.count!"  Little Man is already 3 years old.  He is growing up so fast that some nights when I put him to bed, I can't help but blubber.  He is such a good boy, and I can't believe he can talk and walk and go potty and spell his name and recite 15 brands of vacuums off the top of his head.  He is an awesome kid.  But I'm not doing enough as his Mom.  This might just be my only chance to be a Mom!

Oopsey Daisy has become a fulltime job for me.  (Crazy, right?!) The problem is.... Being a Mommy is also a fulltime job.  I simply can't be the best at both jobs--I've tried.  I either fail at being a Mom and succeed at being a blogger or vice versa.  I can't afford to fail at being a Mama!  This might be my only chance.

So from here on out, I am choosing to be a Mom.  And I am thrilled about it!

Our family has chatted about this option for months.  We are incredibly excited about what this means for our family.  I can now go to bed with my husband.  (And I might just get a full night's sleep!)  Instead of shooing my boys out of my way on the weekends so I can complete crafts, we might just go hiking.  Or play t-ball together.  And guess what?!  I think I'll start cooking dinner every night.  This is huge!  But from now on, family comes first.  Blogging will take a back seat.


Blogging is a blessing.

I don't know if I can really explain this, but I need to blog.  When I began Oopsey Daisy, I was a brand new Mommy (and often a "single Mom" when the Mister traveled every week), and I needed a creative outlet just for me.  The blogging community became a second family to me.  I can never thank you enough for welcoming me into the blogging world.  You will never know what your support--a kind comment or e-mail, a retweet, or a "like" on Facebook--has done for me!  So thank you!  Creative blogging is my own therapy!

Of course blogging has changed a lot over the last 2 1/2 years.  There have been lots of exciting changes for sure.  But the one thing I do miss is the personal connection.   The truth is that I spend 3-4 hours editing pictures and writing a craft tutorial, staying up until about 2 AM on average.  Although I see my posts stumbled, tweeted, and pinned I actually receive very few comments.  Of course seeing my posts on social media is thrilling. I absolutely appreciate the love!  But I truly miss the positive feedback and the personal outreach.

I have always felt that blogging is a strange sort of "calling."  I have no idea why I feel compelled to share my ideas.  But I do!  I have an inexplicable desire to share the few things that I know and that work for me.  I love hearing from readers and sharing experiences!  One of the most inspiring parts of my blogging adventure has been meeting other real-life bloggers.  They all feel that same desire to share their creative journeys, and it brings us together.  I love that!   Some of my closest friends are blogging friends. We have an unexplainable bond.  I hope that never changes.  For me, blogging is all about the friendships.

Please stick with me!

I hope you'll continue to read Oopsey Daisy!  I might post 3 times a week or 3 times a month!  Who knows?!  But taking the pressure out of blogging means it will be 100% fun.  YAY for fun!  Here is what I'll be blogging about:

* I am passionate about Mommy School and sharing my Mommy School packets with you.  Now I'll have more time to dedicate to Mommy School.  So if you're a Mommy School fan, stick around!

* I have a whole house that needs decorating!  I can't wait to share my adventures with you.  I know nothing about decorating, my friends.  But I have tons of ideas and can't wait to get started!  I have an entire entry way that is 100% empty.  Yikes!  It's a blank slate just waiting to be painted.

* Besides a few "business" obligations I have already committed to, I will be blogging purely for pleasure!  I feel like I'll only be sharing the "good stuff" with you from now on.  No more manufactured posts.  I will be blogging authentically.


The truth is:  I am excited.

Starting today, I will live first and blog second.  Instead of the other way around.

Happy Mom’s Day!

Wishing you a very, very Happy Mother's Day today!

Today I wanted to share some beautiful spring photos we took at the Denver Temple just a few weeks ago.

In my life, I am surrounded by amazing women:

My own mother - She is absolutely everything I want to be.

My sisters - My best friends!

My grandmothers - Both of my sweet grandmothers have passed on, but what a legacy they left for me!

Plus an incredible mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, aunts, cousins, and friends.

These women are my my support and my inspiration.

And this little guy....

Well, he makes me feel like the luckiest lady in the whole entire world.

Enjoy your day my friends!

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Happy Friday!

This sweet and sour chicken and I go waaaaay back.  This is the very same recipe that I made in 7th grade "Foods" class in middle school.  (I would show a 7th grade photo just for nostalgia, but trust me no one wants to see me in my adolescent glory.)

When we were first married, mr. oopsey daisy called my Mom to get directions on making this dish.  He surprised me one day when I came home from work and I discovered him making (you guessed it!) sweet and sour chicken.  Now that I think about it, I might have to encourage future surprises such as that.  🙂

Most recently, this was the very first dish that I made in our new house.  Working my way around the kitchen for the very first time was exciting!  I know it's silly, but I am still relishing all of the "firsts" in our new home.  Mopping the floor for the first time is much more exciting than mopping it any other time after that.

This recipe makes plenty.  So either half the recipe or share it with some guests!  There are a few steps, but it is surprisingly simple.

Sweet and Sour Chicken

Begin with 3 lb. uncooked chicken, cut into 1-inch pieces.   Mix together 1 egg, 1 T. cornstarch, 2 tsp. soy sauce, and a dash white pepper.  Stir chicken into this mixture, and refrigerate for 20 minutes:

Mix together: 1 c. flour, 1 c. water, ½ c. cornstarch, 2 T. olive oil, and 1 tsp. baking soda.  Add chicken mixture.

Heat oil in skillet to 350.  Fry 15 pieces of chicken at a time, for about 3 minutes.  Drain on paper towels.  Heat oil in skillet to 375.  Fry chicken all together for 1 minute, until golden brown.  Drain.

Heat together 2 ½ c. sugar, 2 c. chicken broth, 1 ½ c. white vinegar, 2 T. olive oil, 4 T. soy sauce, and 2 cloves garlic.  Bring to a boil.

Mix ½ c. cornstarch and ½ c. cold water.  Cook and stir until thick.

Stir in 2 cans pineapple chunks, 2 green peppers, cut into small slices, and 3 tomatoes, cut into small slices.  Heat to a boiling.  Add chicken.  Serve over rice.



No need to copy down the recipe... just click here!

 Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

Daisy Decals Giveaway – CLOSED

Congratulations to Lisa and Erika!

I can't wait to introduce you to a new favorite etsy shop!

Daisy Decals is a mother-and-daughter team.  This stay-at-home Mom and struggling college student love all things creative--especially with a retro flair.  They love designing decals together and bringing vintage images to new media.  They love creating vinyl that bring back old memories or strike up an interest in the past.


This week I had the opportunity to try 2 of my very own decals.  I love receiving packages in the mail.  So I was thrilled to find these lovelies in my mailbox.  The directions were very thorough, and they were so easy to apply!  I had worried that considering the detailed images, they would be more difficult to apply.  But it was simple!  I love this retro typewriter decal, and it's found a new home on my Macbook Pro.


I also received this retro camera iPad decal.  Super cute right?!

Here are just a few more designs available in the Daisy Decals shop:

I seriously love.them.all!

By the way, I am in trouble with Little Man.  He took a peek while I was selecting my own decals.  He really wanted the Volkswagon Bus, and was sadly disappointed when I selected some different options instead.

I had the most difficult time selecting just two decals because they are all fabulous!  And there are so many beautiful colors of vinyl to choose from.  Although these decals are shown on computer devices (and all Mac products, too!), there are countless ways to use them.  You could use these decals on message boards, notebooks, cars, etc.!  So even if you don't have a laptop or iPad, the possibilities are endless.

Today the lovely ladies at Daisy Decals are offering TWO Oopsey Daisy readers TWO decals of their choice.  Fabulous right?!

Here is how you can win 2 decals of your choice:

{There will be 2 winners here!}

1.  Check out Daisy Decals' etsy shop.  What is your favorite item?  Come back and leave a comment here.

2.  Where do you want to apply your decal {remember that it doesn't have to be on a laptop or iPad}?  Leave your ideas in a comment here.

This giveaway will remain open until Tuesday, May 16 at midnight.

Both giveaway winners will be announced via Twitter, e-mail, and updated on the original post.

That's it! Have a happy day!

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