Wednesday’s Wowzers: All About Gift Wrap!

 Happy, merry Christmas season

Like most of you, this week I am busy baking, shopping, running errands, cooking, and {almost} gift wrapping. Time is short, but I find myself still running to Pinterest for last-minute inspiration!  So today's edition of Wednesday's Wowzers is dedicated to gift wrap ideas.  So if you're like me and have gift wrap on your mind, you might just find yourself inspired to try something new!

Here are some fresh new gift wrap ideas:

I LOVE everything about this packaging:  The Baker's twine, the newspaper, the glitter, and the monogram tags!  I found this little beauty at Allora Handmade.

These pine cones, twine, and pine gift wrap from HGTV are so beautiful and natural.

Which row do you love the best?  I'll take them all!  Love this red, white, and aqua from Camille Styles.

I love yarn.  Love it!  Lion Brand Yarn shared this amazing yarn weaving present.  Impressive! This adds a fun pop of color!

This is a very fun idea!  Wrap up your gift just like a package!  Check this out at Bugs and Fishes.

So smart.  Use a thrift store shirt to wrap a gift!  I love how colorful this is!  Find more at Country Living.

Another great idea from Bugs and Fishes:  Cut out the gift recipient's names from wrapping paper, maps, or sheet music!

This is almost too lovely to open up!!  Lovin' this doily from Songbird!

How are you wrapping up your gifts this Christmas?
I would love to hear YOUR ideas!

I'll need them--this week--as I start wrapping!

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  1. sometimes the wrapping is my favorite part!! 😉

  2. I love these! I have several of them pinned also. My problem with these cute wrappings is that no one in my family properly appreciates them but me. lol!! Maybe one day when I can get things wrapped way in advance instead of Christmas eve, I will try something like this so I have time to enjoy it. 🙂

  3. Stopping by for my usual Wednesday Wowzers fix and you touched on EXACTLY what I was hoping you would! I love all the gift wrapping ideas! I have to start today since we head south to the in-laws this weekend for our first Christmas celebration. I love the idea of “brown paper packages tied up with string”! So today, while my busy baby naps, I will be putting on Christmas Vacation and having myself a little wrapping party! Have a great day!

  4. Great list! I have several of those pinned, as well ….
    Now, if my presents would all just wrap themselves, I would sure appreciate it! 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for the amazing inspiration! I looooove wrapping gifts…

  6. Great ideas! I’m a big fan of the wrapping with newspaper because it’s cheap and we already get it every week so why not reuse it instead of just sending it straight to recycling after we’re done right? 🙂 But my most favorite to use is the comics section because it’s more colorful and fun. Plus, you can use it anytime of the year for any occasion no problem!

  7. Love these, Alison! Just in time for my gift wrapping extravaganza tomorrow! 🙂

  8. Another easy and pretty wrapping is plain brown paper and write or draw on it with chalk, then spray hairspray over the writing. The hairspray makes the chalk stick and looks great!

  9. I am LOVING the first one. If I hadn’t used all my newspaper to pack my dishes, I might try this! LOL I also really like the cut out names. Too cute! Thanks for sharing Alison.

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