Bling Bling Christmas Tree

This tutorial was originally shared at Sumo's Sweet Stuff "Spread Christmas Cheer" series.  Be sure to check out Summer's fab series for more great Christmas ideas... PLUS tell her congratulations on her new baby girl!

Christmas is practically here!

Are you ready??  {I'm NOT!} But I'm excited for this fun week-before-Christmas!

Today, I want to share one of my latest and greatest Christmas projects:

This "Bling Bling" Christmas Tree is sparkly, shiny, and simple, too!

Typically, I don't love gold, but when Christmas comes around, I love to decorate with something sparkly!  This little tree has made a grand entrance with my Christmas decor.

Are you ready to make your own?

Let's go!

Last year sometime, I found a box of gold buttons at JoAnn's.  They were all different shapes and sizes.  They have been sitting in a drawer all year, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to make good use of them!

For this project, I also used a styrofoam cone, some gold ribbon, and gold bows I found at the dollar store.

 I used both pins and a hot glue gun on this project.  This is because I had some buttons without holes that needed a little help of the hot glue gun!

So here's what I did:

1.  Just in case there was even the tiniest bit of bare styrofoam peeking through, I wrapped the entire cone with gold ribbon.

2.  Then, I started covering the entire cone with the gold buttons!  As I mentioned, I used hot glue for some buttons and pins for others... because of their different shapes and sizes, some needed a little more love! I put on a movie and just completely covered the cone.

3.  Once the cone was covered with buttons, I glued the gold bow to the top.

Nothing says elegant like a solid gold Christmas tree!  🙂

I hot glued the entire tree to a dollar store candlestick holder.  (Have I mentioned how much I LOVE the dollar store?!)

I added this tree to my little collection of Christmas trees and eighteen25's subway art.

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?


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  1. This is sooo cute, Alison! I love the bling!


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