Gifts For Guys at Kojo Designs

Guess where I am today?

I feel like a rockstar, joining forces with the amazing Kojo Designs gals! I find so much inspiration on their blog... I find myself pinning their projects like crazy!

Kirstin happens to be one of my favorite people.  She lives in Denver, and I absolutely adore her!

Plus my Little Man adores her Little Man, too!  We joined them for a VIP tour of the Denver Zoo a while back.  It is SO wonderful to meet up with local bloggers!

Guys are totally neglected in the crafting world, don't you think?  Well, these clever girls are hosting an entire "Gifts For Guys" series.  This is a treasury of great ideas for man shopping.  So smart!

Here is a tiny sneak at the project I am sharing today...

Don't tell my husband I said so, but I think that every guy secretly wants to be pampered. This year, I whipped up a couple of {simple} stocking stuffers to help pamper my man!

I hope you'll stop by to check out my project here.

Have a great day!

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  1. I agree with you that men secretly want to be pampered. My grandfather can no longer bend to cut his toenails, so my grandma took him in for a pedicure. He resisted loudly at first, but after he sat down in the chair, that was it! Now he is hooked! I’ve been trying to get my husband to go, but so far no success. LOL

  2. Guys are totally neglected (boys too). Great idea for a series! Off to check out your post!

  3. Hi Alison, I came over from Kojo Designs to check out your man-gifts, but you might just have changed my life with your Mommy School things! Can’t wait to use them with my 2 and 4 year olds. New follower!

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