Canning Applesauce

You might remember that last month, I shared my adventures canning pears for the first time.

I would almost consider myself an expert when it comes to canning applesauce--only thanks to the tutoring of my Mom and sister Celeste.  Every September/October, we get together and can our applesauce.  It is so much easier to can when you have an assembly line of sorts.  Lately Celeste and I have started panicking... Would we be able to can applesauce all by ourselves?  So this year, we took notes!  We gathered all the information we could from my Mom.

So these canning tutorials really are for me.  I needed a place to record all of the notes from my sweet Mother.  (Because after all, my Mother really is the most ingenious person I know.)  I tried to include even the most basic steps along the way--just as little reminders to myself, the canning novice.

**Once again, I realize there are all sorts of new gadgets and methods for canning.  But I am recording my Mom's traditional canning method here...

So here it goes!

We always buy our apples from Colorado's Palisade Orchards.  We wait until the apples are almost rotten.  This makes for the juiciest applesauce.  This year, we waited a good month after purchasing our apples before making applesauce.


While those jars are drying out.... it's time to prep the apples!

Did I mention that my nephew was our helper this time around?  He was the best applesauce-maker we could have asked for!

I've got to brag for a second.  While jars were being sanitized and apples were being washed, I think I single-handedly sliced 4 boxes of apples.  That's a lot of apple-slicing!!  I got to know my knife quite well, and didn't even slice myself once.  No oopsey daisies here!  🙂

It's a god thing we had a lot of large bowls on hand--we put them all to good use here!

This was my nephew's favorite part: Juicing the apples!

Almost done!

One of the happiest sounds is that tiny "pop" a jar makes once it has sealed.  Such a satisfying sound.

I love that our applesauce doesn't have a single thing added to it--it's simply apples!

Little Man just looked over my shoulder and said, "YUM!"  He eats a jar of applesauce on his own every week.

So this applesauce will definitely be enjoyed.

Do you do any canning?

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  1. I’m not brave enough to do any canning on my own! If you have any, I would love to see some jam recipes, especially freezer jam (since it’s easy!).

  2. So impressed, Alison! This looks so simple, but it’s intimidating to many of us. Thanks for breaking it down!

  3. It’s such a nice feeling to see my shelves full again! We love Appelsauce! you did some great cutting I must say!

  4. I don’t have a juicer, so I don’t make applesauce. 🙁 Every year I do can pears with my mom (and dad). They usually get about 3 boxes off their tree. It’s a ton of work to can pears, but my boys love them!

  5. What do you eat applesauce with?! I’m curious, we have chunkier version in the UK that we have with pork, but nothing like what you’ve made here! (Our current one is one made with cider, no alcohol content, but has that cider tang to it. Delicious!)

  6. Oh thanks for this. I’ve always been a bit “afraid’ of canning. I think I’ll ask a friend, and maybe doing it together will make it seem less daunting. Your tutorial is great!

  7. I have always wanted to try canning. Thank you for the tutorial, it looks like I could handle applesauce, I love that you added nothing!

  8. We freeze all our applesauce. My mom did some of both while we were growing up and I always liked frozen applesauce better than canned. It just takes a LOT of freezer space! I think the trick to delicious applesauce is getting a good blend of apples. I love Mutsu and Winesap, but Ida Reds are my favorite. They cook pink and add a little color to the applesauce!

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