Support Your Schools… and Drink a Coke!

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Oh, back to school. 

There is just something about this time of year that I love.  You know, it wasn't too long ago that I was a first grade teacher.  And I miss it. A lot.

Sometimes I crave a sharp #2 pencil. I collect teacher plan books.  And sometimes I walk through elementary schools just to take a peek at their bulletin boards.

As a former teacher, I can tell you that our schools can never have too much of our support!  Some schools that I worked in were in dire need of resources.  So here is my chance to bring out my pompoms and do a little cheer for education.  I support our local public schools... and I definitely support Coke!  (I'm drinking a Coke right now, as a matter of fact!)

I don't even have a little one in school yet, but we do drink plenty of Coke products!  Now I can redeem the codes on them at My Coke rewards for schools and help donate to local schools!

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You can support our schools just by drinking an ice cold Coke!  I had no idea!  Visit My Coke rewards for schools, register, and see how you can donate points to your schools to help refresh activities and play. If you are a parent, a teacher, or administrator, definitely join in this program to see how you can help your school!  Schools can redeems these points to earn classroom supplies, sports equipment, books, etc. 

I took a peek at the school rewards catalog and found some amazing items such as these:

This P.E. Kit
This bowling game would be so much fun for preschool!

And of course the catalog is filled with literature, art, music, and games that would be a wonderful addition to any school! 
So here is how it works...

* You purchase a Coke product (there are 15 participating brands)
* You enter the codes from these products at My Coke rewards for schools
* You pick your school and decide how many points to give!
* PLUS Sprite is giving away some more goodies from now until through September 30. For example, Sprite is giving away 25 $25,000 grants for schools to use for a new outdoor active space.  Way to go, Sprite!


So the next time you purchase a Coke product, register at My Coke rewards for schools. We can make a difference even with a small contribution!  

Enjoy the hustle and bustle of back to school time!!

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  1. That’s awesome Alison! I had no idea Coke and Sprite had these promotions. I don’t buy or drink Coke, but my neighbors do! I’ll be sneaking over there and stealing their cans. 🙂



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