Photo Tile Coasters {Using Resin}

Last Christmas I almost had a breakdown...

We had just moved in to our home the month before, but I didn't want to let that prevent us from having the holliest jolliest Christmas.  My intentions were good.  I wanted to make Christmas special for everyone, but I learned the hard way that I should have been planning ahead!!

And that's how it happened.  I created a monster.  I have been thinking about Christmas since April. Gift ideas are always swirling in my head.  (And I'm almost done with this year's Christmas cards!)

Well, with this project I created an anniversary gift AND a Christmas gift.  But don't tell.... these gifts were cheap.  Like really cheap.


While I was in Utah, my sweet cousin Michelle showed me a couple of projects using resin.  She even sent me home with some resin to try out on my own!  So I quickly put it to the test.  And let me just tell you--I am in love!  I can see more resin in my creative future!

Here's how I made these photo coasters...

I started out with a trip to Home Depot.  These 4x4 tiles were only 19 cents each!  It doesn't get much cheaper than that!  And I bought a package of 72 felt mounting circles for about $3.50.  Not too shabby!

Next, I ordered some photos.

Only 13 cents a print at Costco!  I cut the prints down to 4x4 so they would each fit on a tile.

I used a regular old Elmer's glue stick to paste each picture onto the tiles.  (I love glue sticks--you can't leave fingerprints with glue sticks!!)

I won't give a full tutorial on using resin because each product is a little different.  I used Envirotex Lite, and I followed the instructions  on their website very precisely.  I have heard that the key to using resin is precision. So I was careful to follow everything to a T!  And it worked beautifully!  I recommend buying this at Hobby Lobby, where you can use a 40% off coupon.  Just a little bit of this will last forever!!  Split the cost with a friend, and you'll be set with resin projects for a long time!

After mixing the resin with the hardener, I just poured it on!  I spread it out using popsicile sticks.  My hubby helped me use a blow torch (on low) to get out the bubbles that pop up in the first 15 minutes or so.  (I've received a lot of comments asking if you have to use a blow torch.  The answer is NO!  You can simply blow through a straw, blowing out the bubbles in the very same way. My husband preferred to look like a hotshot with a blow torch!)

Then it took them a full 24 hours to harden up!  In fact, it took 72 hours to get completely hard.

Once dry, I mounted 4 of the felt circles on the bottom of each tile so they would slide easily on wood without scratching!

All done!
I have to tell you how much I love the hard, smooth glossiness of resin!  It's incredible--almost glasslike!

  I made a set of 6 coasters as an anniversary gift for my hubby.  I used black and white wedding photos.  I can't look at my wedding photos too much!  Love them!  So hopefully when Mr. Oopsey Daisy is drinking his Cokes, he'll appreciate the coaster underneath!

Now these are stinkin' cute!!

I made another set of coasters using photos of the sweet grandchildren.  These will make the perfect gift for my parents for Christmas.   I wouldn't be surprised if my Mom puts these up on an easel instead of using them as drink coasters!

Tie them up with a bow, and you have the perfect gift!

Two sets of coasters (and enough supplies for a third!)--for only $6.50 total.  That's about $2.19 per set!

My hubby is so proud of my frugality!  And I'm proud of my gift planning!

Happy weekend!


I have had several people ask if they could use mod podge and then spray a clear sealant over the top.  I have never tried this.  However, this won't have the hard, glassy effect that resin will have.  I would still be concerned that this method may not be completely waterproof. But feel free to try it!  I wanted to try resin with this project because of the hard glassiness it would provide.

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  1. They look brilliant. I love the idea of using your wedding photos. Would love to try this but Im too scared to try resin. I tend to make a mess all the time and this could be very messy! x

  2. these are fab!…love love love ’em!….you’re so right with resin…it’s all about precision!…and look at you breaking out the big boy tools with that torch!…that pic scared me!…lol…

  3. Girrrrrrl! You are so far ahead of the game! And these coasters are utterly fantastic. Resin scares me a bit. I’m afraid I’ll muss it up! You’ve given me courage to give it a go! 🙂

  4. This is a great tutorial!! Love the idea. Thanks 🙂

  5. Sara @ Mom Endeavors says

    I adore this project! The resin and blow torch seem a bit intimidating, but the end result is AWESOME!!! Just stumbled & pinned it! 🙂

  6. Those are AMAZING! I’ve done the tile coasters using Modge Podge and they have held up well but now I have GOT to try the RESIN! I am a bit intimidated by Resin, so I will have to over come that one! But they look wonderful! Home made gifts are always the most special! 🙂

    • I am new to using the Modge Podge and Resin. Do you think the Modge Podge worked just as well? Also did it make the coasters water proof so the water off the cups didn’t ruin the picture?

      • Laminating your photos will help the ink runs as well as water stein

      • mandy cat says

        I tried using Modge Podge after seeing a project like this elsewhere. It does NOT work. I wound up washing the tiles clean with hot water and dish soap when they turned gooey after being used several times. A coaster that can’t stand up to a wet glass is pretty useless. When I get around to trying again with those leftover tiles, I will definitely go with resin.

        • Mod Podge makes a dishwasher safe version that should prevent that problem. Also, doesn’t resin yellow over time?

        • I also tried the lodge lodge and was dissapointe. They looked smears to me. And I could see the strokes. I will try the resin next.

  7. what a GREAT Christmas idea, might just have to make a couple of these for the GP

  8. Wow Alison! Those are fantastic! My in-laws love using coasters. A couple sets of these are probably in my future!

  9. I love these! My MIL would love them too! I will have to do this! Thank you for the inspiration!


  10. I really, really love this project! The blow torch, however, is not a tool that I should wield in my crafty endeavors. I would have to be sure my fire extinguisher was up to code and possibly evacuate both houses on either side of me before attempting. I am in awe of your new yet obvious savvy blow torch prowess. But you have inspired me to be courageous and try it someday.

  11. Those are adorable! I’m sure your parents will love them…I know mine would:)

  12. Oh wow! You’ve got me wanting to try these. They look so amazing, the perfect gift! Where do you find a blow torch? Thanks for the wonderful idea and tutorial. I’m pinning this one!

  13. Is it possible to do it without a blowtorch?

  14. What a great craft. I would love to try making these but I wonder where I could buy some. I’ve looked online at a big superstore and no luck as well as a local hardware store. Any ideas? Thanks.

  15. These look great! I wanted to let readers who are scared of resin (or the blow torch) know that you can also just use a clear varnish from the paint aisle. I made these a few years ago, but I used a special adhesive paper that you printed on, then put in water for the back to come off. That way only your picture shows, and if you have tiles with crackles in them like I did, they show through as well (it was a different look than the perfectly clean look of yours). I then put on two or three coats of varnish and they are still being used today, about 5 years later! Yours look lovely!

    • How did you do the adhesive paper tiles? Not clear, but would enjoy the texture of the cracking in the black and white pictures. Please email a “tutorial” as such? Thanks so much. Have a good holiday. I won’t start this project until after Jan. 7th wedding. Giving on Valentines day.

    • Uh, I’m so discouraged. I made 18 coasters today and I have to throw 14 of them away because the resin faded the pictures horribly! I guess thats what happened? I bought more tiles and i”m going to try again tomorrow. I’m thinking about trying the clear varnish first, and after it dries, putting on the resin for the high gloss look. What do you think? I’m wondering if maybe it was too cold in my garage or if I applied the resin too thick.

      • The same thing happened to some of my coasters, only it ruined three out of 16 of mine. Did you use the blow-through-the-straw method to get the bubbles out? I did, and I think that maybe some moisture got onto my resin, but I really don’t know what happened. If you figure out how to avoid this, please let me know! I’m going to attempt it again after Christmas

        • Regina Burkett says

          I’m wondering if a blow-dryer would work? No moisture from blowing thru a straw?

          • You can use a heat gun..just make sure to not get too close and let it set in one area too can burn it. .but I find it works great!

      • I work with resin a lot. The trick is to cover the photo(front and back) in 2 coats of modge podge first. They will look uneven, but once you put the resin on, it will even out and you won’t get the fade.

        • Hi Christina, I made resin photo tiles over the weekend and had red blotches/spots appear on some of my photos. I suppose a reaction in the chemicals. Do you have any suggestions to avoid this? It only happened on a few select photos?

          Thanks so much,


    • Can u put a hot coffee mug on the coasters? Or will it melt? On its deff water proof? I’m also afraid to use resin.

  16. awesome job. i would love to have you link it up at our link party going on now!

  17. Wish I had a coffee table to use these. But they turned out pretty dang cute!

  18. oh my goodness I just love these so much. I would love if you would come op on over and link these up to my party if you would like.

    A mommy’s life…with a touch of YELLOW

  19. Gorgeous! I can’t wait to give them a try for myself! Those resin bottles are big were they expensive?

  20. These are lovely, but I have no idea where to find resin. Is it something you would find at a crafty place like Joann’s or Michael’s, or is it more of a Home Depot/Lowe’s purchase?

  21. Love that you used resin! I made these w/ out resin and used acrylic sealer, a few years ago and they have really held up well! We use them everyday and they look so cute on our table…. and I love looking at the old photos. I even made up a little poem to go with them if you give them as a gift. Here is the link- which links to the poem 🙂
    Feel free to use it 🙂

  22. Conquer your resin fears! It’s easy to use, and so cool. FYI – I got the bubbles out of my coasters using the much smaller torch that I use to carmelize sugar on creme brulee. Worked great…

  23. I love this! I was about to make them using the tissue paper technique, but your pictures look so good! I’m going to give this a try…today!

  24. For those of you not wanting to share space with the blow torch, you can use a product called eat a bubble. It works toward the same goal, just chemically.

  25. Karen hornsten says

    Looks like an order of resin will be in soon. I will use a straw. Thanks for the great coaster idea. Now my mind is spinning with ideas. Cannot wait to try this.

  26. darlene ratliff says

    love the photo coaster,I have seen these tiles used in the kitchen as backsplash.glued to the wall and grout between them.neat idea.

  27. This was such a cute idea that I just had to try it! It will be a great inexpensive Christmas gift for everyone in my family! But after pouring the resin and letting them sit my pictures started to curl underneath, creating a ripple. Any tips for how to avoid that??? How were you able to keep the pictures laying flat (I did use the glue stick to keep them in place)?


    • Hi Sydney – I’m about to attempt this project and I was wondering if you figured out how to avoid that wrinkle problem? Any advice will be appreciated!

  28. Marlene Daniels says

    I was wondering if a heat gun would work? Also where do you buy the resin at?? Thank you for showing this great tutorial.

  29. Dulce DeLeon says

    Thanks for this cute project. I have a question: did you use the pictures or did you photocopy them before placing on the tile? I have done a similar project before but with a photocopy.

  30. Stephanie Driessen says


  31. I am willing to try the resin, to me it actually sounds easier than trying to print on tissue paper! But I have a question……after you mix resin, what did you have the tiles setting on/in to pour it over them? How to keep them from then sticking to each other with excess resin? Thanks

  32. This is a fantastic idea.

  33. Can you use mod pose instead of resin??

  34. Sorry, I meant mod podge*

  35. I was also wondering if you could use Mod Podge and a coat of clear spray paint? I love them, but don’t know how expensive resin is and I have Mod Podge on hand.

  36. This is awesome!! I so have to try this!! Thanks so much for sharing this!!

  37. Love this idea! My first try at it the picture bled now it’s all blurry “(( anybody else experience this? any ideas? maybe I’m just craft challenged 😉

    • AnneMarie B says

      Are you using photos printed on regular computer paper? If so, that’s why. Printed pictures on photo paper work so much better, because they have a protective covering. Try Costco, 13 cents each, so it’s costing me about $6 in picture printing to make about 40 coasters! (and you can send them in online and have them shipped to you!)

      • When using the Resin, it states to glue the pictures down (which I did) AND to “then brush a layer or two of glue on top of the print and allow each layer to dry” Did you complete this step before pouring on the resin? Also, What did you place the tiles on before pouring to keep your counter mess free?

  38. I was wondering…where do you buy the resin and the hardner??? (I am making these for my brother and boyfriend for Christmas!) I am TOTALLY in love with the idea!!!!!!! (if i have enough time I might make some for my parents 🙂 )

  39. Could you use Mod Podge and a waterproof sealer?

    • Yes. It works just as well. I’ve been making coasters with mod podge for a while. I use Krylon triple thick crystal clear glaze (it’s with the spray paint). It gives the coaster a glassy smooth finish and completely water-proofs them. You should also try using scrapbook paper and tissue paper. I love to make holiday/ seasonal coasters. 🙂

      • Kayla I have attempted these with Mod podge and was wondering with yours how many coats of mod podge do you do and how long do you let dry between each coat, I made about 10 sets for christmas and 3 sets had awful bubbles in them, not sure if I should try the straw thing or maybe what you did different than me….Thank you

        • Amanda I did I think four or five coats total with the Mod Podge–I think it was whatever the recommendation for sealing was on the back of the jar? I did it a very long time ago so I can’t say for sure, but I did pretty thin coats of it and the only problem I had was that a couple of the color pictures seemed to bleed (I printed them on a regular inkjet printer), but they turned out fine once it dried. My big issue now was that I couldn’t find a good hard drying sealant to spray them with. Don’t get Krylon acrylic spray because it stayed tacky after drying even though it is supposed to be a sealant and water resistant. I am going to finely sand them and try the Triple Thick glaze from Krylon now (I just bought some tonight on a whim at Walmart) and I am glad to know you recommend it Kayla.

          • Carly, how did the Triple Thick glaze from Krylon work out for you? I am having the same problem trying to find something that hardens enough.

  40. I have never heard of resin before and it’s scaring me!! Can anyone tell me if I make about 12-15 of these coasters if an 8 oz bottle of resin/hardner would be enough for those?

  41. Hi Alison, Thanks so much for posting this idea. I’m in the middle of making these as Christmas gifts and I’ve got a question for you. Did you Modge Podge or in any way seal your photos before using the resin? I’ve read online that the resin can discolor parts of the photos and that any paper products should be sealed first, but when I used Modge Podge, it really clouded up my photos and I’m worried I won’t get that glossy finish when I resin! Can I skip that step? My photos were printed on a color printer on high gloss photo paper. Any advice you have I’d be grateful for! Thanks!

  42. Love this idea…I know of a few people using modge podge as well. Will this be okay to use or is it necessary to use resin. If so where can I buy it and about how much does it cost?

  43. Do you know if you can put them in the oven on low instead of the blow torch

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Hi Ashley! You definitely don’t need the blow torch!! As I wrote in the tutorial, you can just blow through a straw. The point is just to get the bubbles out by using carbon dioxide.

  44. I love these coasters! I have never used resin before so I am a little worried…can I use Modge Podge instead with clear waterproof finish over top? And where did you get your resin from? I am slightly terrified to try it but I love the look of your finished product!!

  45. Hello Alison,

    I am writing to you from Stylelist Home, the Huffington Post’s new site devoted to design and DIY. We are putting together a slideshow about great homemade gifts for the holidays and we’re going to feature your fabulous photo coasters! We’ll give full attribution and credit to you, including link-outs to your site, and will only use one photo as per your request. The post will be going up tomorrow afternoon, thank you!



  46. About how much resin did you use per set? My friends are getting together to make these and I’m getting the supplies but not sure how much. Also where did you buy the big containers? Thanks great idea

  47. How much resin do you need for a set of 6?

  48. Has anyone used this process to make trivets for hot pots and pans? Curious if the resin will hold to the heat?!?!

  49. AnneMarie B says

    Don’t forget though, she said she was sent home with the resin pictured, so she probably didn’t buy it. I’m going to home depot later to find out if there are any cheaper versions. (Those big bottles are expensive, I may not need that much) That, and if you go to the envirotex resin website, it says you don’t actually have to use a blowtorch, its carbon dioxide that makes the bubbles go away, so you could brow through a straw (it would just probably take a tad longer)

    • I bought my resin at Ace Hardware… It’s 8 oz each resin and hardener, and it was $27. I think it’s going to make me a lot of coasters… I mean, I bet I could make 30 of them…. So the resin is less than $1 per coaster… I think.

      • Check that… I just made 16 of them and have more than 3/4 of a bottle left!!!
        ALSO— DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE BURNER!!! My resin directions say to mis it like cake batter for two minutes…. this makes it cloudy and bubbly when you apply it… as soon as the heat hits it… (from 5″-6″ away), it clears up. There is nothing crazy tricky about it.
        AND- as far as the what to put under it so the coasters don’t stick to your table, I live in a house full of girls and we go through spools of ribbon like no other… I used the empty ribbon spools under my coasters and it worked great!

  50. Thank you so much! These have saved me this Christmas! I made my first set for the girls graduating nurse anesthesia tonight and they look great! I’m ready to do the entire family! I made 30 of them on my first go! Thanks again!

  51. I just finished my first set and I love them. The hardest thing for me working with resin is that it sticks to everything. Anyone have advice on what to set the tiles on to cover the tops and sides. Newspaper, waxpaper, and my kitchen table don’t work! 🙂

  52. For everyone who has mentioned their fear of using resin, and the blowtorch: honestly this product is AMAZING!!!! and so easy to use. I made these coasters using resin and I was a first-timer at it and everything went perfectly!! What I used to get the bubbles out instead of the blow torch is for those of you who are cardmakers and scrapbookers, use a heat gun. This is what I did and it was super easy to get rid of the bubbles, they just popped!!! Good luck!

  53. I’ve made these wonderful tile creations for my house as well as for gifts now and love them! I however use modge podge and it’s much easier ! Modge podge itself is supposed to be a sealant but I still sprayed with a clear gloss acrylic spray to seal them as well when I was finished with them. I also glued a sheet of cork on the back of the tiles as well for coasters. Another gift I have used them for is pictures. I simply got some ribbon that would look great with the particular picture I made and simply glued it to the tile then glued the sheet of cork to the back. For the picture gift I use all different size of tiles and just use my photoshop to make the picture the exact size I need for that particular tile. I also print out the picture at home and my favorite look comes from printing them off on regular printer paper not the photo paper.

  54. I made 3 sets of these for gifts. They are so beautiful and easy. I tried using modge podge first. But they weren’t as durable. Use the resin. Follow this tutorial because it works beautifully.

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Thanks so much, Dee! 🙂 I’m so glad you loved these as much as I did! I agree–the resin is so much more lovely and durable. Enjoy your holidays!

  55. Has anyone tried using colored tiles instead of white? I wondered if a bit of the color would show through the photo to give it a different look

  56. How darling!! What a thoughtful and personal gift! I’m a bit intimidated by the resin but I love my hubby’s blow torch! 🙂

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Resin is simple–it really is! Just follow the instructions. You can do it! (And the blow torch is totally unnecessary!)

  57. I am loving these. However,after trying to make a wooden picture project (and failing), Im not too sure abt this project. But IF I dont at LEAST try this,my hubby may get a little grouchy since he just went and bought an entire box of tiles! and all the other stuff needed for this project. Question- Can I print pictures off onto regular paper and use that or do I need to go and get prints? I dont think I even own any pictures anymore. They are on the computer.

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      This is easy–it really is!! 🙂 Just follow the directions on the resin. I see no reason why photos on paper wouldn’t work just as well as printed photos. I’ve seen several resin projects with paper as a base. Just use a regular old glue stick and glue them on. The magic is in the resin! 🙂

      • Hi there! I really want to try this out, but I wanted to ask you a question first. I read the instructions on the Envirotex website and it says not only to glue the pictures on like you did, but also to put a coat of the glue on top of the pictures. Did you do this with yours? Just wanted to make sure. Thanks!

  58. Hi Oopsie Daisy~ I really need help with these coasters! I have my pictures glued on and now its time for the resin……i’m a little nervous and I am trying to find on my container how much of to use. I see how many drops of resin goes in but that is it! All it talks about is making molds. Can you help me please!!!!!! Love your blog!

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Hi Caitlin! I have only used the Envirotex Lite resin, but I have no idea what kind of resin you’re using. Every type is different. I would Google the company website and download instructions there. That worked wonders for me. I studied the instructions first!

  59. Hey! I have made 20 of these for my office work party – they look great! Just a quick question though (as the party is tomorrow…) I totally forgot to elevate the tiles while they dried – is there an easy way to sand off the sides or remove the hanging parts so theyre perfectly square? If anyone has the answer, let me know! Rentfro (at) – Thanks!!

  60. I just finished these for my parent’s and in-law’s Christmas presents. They turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Thank you so much for the idea!

    People, do not be scared of the resin. I’d never used it before and I was a little nervous…but then I realized that practicing on a $.13 picture and a $.19 tile wasn’t a big gamble. It was simple and I just used a straw to blow out the few bubbles I had. I bought the EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy from Michael’s ($13.99, but I had a 40% off coupon). I have a TON left over, which means that I need to find more crafts/gift ideas that use resin. 🙂

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      That is fabulous, Danalin! I am so glad to hear of another type of resin working well! Awesome! So glad that you had success! Have a great Christmas!

  61. Would a blow dryer work instead of a blow torch?

  62. Thank you so much for the beautiful idea, I made these for my grandparent’s-in-law for Christmas, my grandma refuses to use them as a coaster and wants me to put hooks on the backs of them. Even though I tried to tell her that she owns all of those photos because I stole them from he through out the years she still wants hooks for the walls. Now the whole family wants sets made. Thank you so much again for the idea, they turned out so beautiful.

  63. Phyllis Villarreal says

    Coasters, what a great idea! They look wonderful, inexpensive and easy!! What more could you ask for?!

  64. I love this. I did the same thing with midge page but hot beverages melted the coating. Thanks.

  65. So cute! I’d really like to work with resin after seeing these, really lovely! x

  66. Does this work for tiles that are gloss finish? I wasn’t sure if the photo would still stick and I’m having difficulty finding small white matte finish tiles?

  67. These are beautiful. I love them!

  68. Those look wonderful…I will have to try those….thanks for sharing..

  69. I have actually done this many times, I use the mod podge, but not the resin, and spray Krylon Clear Gloss Spray on the tile coaster after the mod podge dries, works great, I have made several sets for friends and family 🙂

  70. This is a great project. There is no time like the present to get started on Christmas presents, or brithday present for that matter!

  71. Thank you for sharing this idea. ! made 2 sets for Christmas gifts and they were loved.

  72. taryns_mom says

    Quick question – what did you use to raise the coasters off the wax paper? Just made a sample set and used a variety of cans from the pantry but ended up with too much overflow on back of coasters (hubby thinks dremel will take it right off). Will try and keep resin to edge on next batch… thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  73. Great idea! But can I use a hair dryer instead of a blowtorch?

  74. Wow thanks for the straw/ blow torch advice. I had given up on resin because mine always came out with those nasty bubbles. I will give this a try

    Thanks again
    FunEasyKidsCrafts recently posted..Make a religious Easter popup cardMy Profile

  75. More than anything I was drawn to your website by the name… 5 year-old granddaughter used to love saying ‘Oopsey Daisy’…I even bought her a book with the same title that we had to read all the time! She passed away this past December but I believe she brought me to your website! I like your projects very much!!

  76. can you use a hair dryer to get the bubbles out?

  77. Pat Smith says

    I have never used resin. How do you apply thugs? pour on or paint?

  78. Hi Oopsy, I have tried mod podge in the past. The problem I had was the ink running on the pic. Have you tried this with at home printed photos. Was Costco’s prints a matte or glossy finish. Thanks for your help.

  79. really nice article thanks for sharing

  80. I use my heat embossing tool to get bubbles out of resin. FYI! 🙂

  81. Elizabeth says

    Do you think the resin would hold up to heat? I mentioned coasters to my mil and she told me he wanted trivets instead. Going to be a lot of wasted work and money if the first hot pot melts the resin. :/ Awesome idea! Making coasters for my entire family this Christmas.

  82. Here’s axtip glue felt to the bottom of the coaster it gives a more finished look I make these all the time.

  83. I tried this, and they look great! Only problem is I made it on Saturday, and it it now Tuesday and they are still extremely sticky and not hard at all!!!! I followed directions to a T but they just aren’t hardening up. I can’t give them to my mom for her Birthday tomorrow now! 🙁

    • What kind of resin did you use? And what temperature did you store them at? I am no resin expert by any means, but I swear by Envirotex resin. And I stored mine in the garage– a very dry place. They were literally dry in a matter of hours. I am sorry your resin gave you fits! Ugh!
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..My Oopsey Daisy JourneyMy Profile

  84. Bklynqueen221 says

    Awesome…this is my next DIY project.

  85. Kanessa Decker says

    Instead of using a blow torch, could you use a blow dryer?

  86. Thank you for this amazingly easy DIY! Just finished making a set of 8 for my future dughter-in-laws bridal shower in 2 weeks.

  87. How well do these soak up condensation? Or does it roll off the sides?

  88. i have done these both ways: with resin & with mod podge. by far i was MOST pleased with the resin results. the MP dries with any & all streaks that occur in application. you’re correct about the lack of a hard, glass-like surface result. when i stacked the MP ones & packaged with ribbon, the gift-receiver had to pry them apart (and they’d been complete for WEEKS). there were fuzzies & marks left from the felt dots on the tops of those that had been stacked upon. disappointing to say the least. especially when given them to other people. a re-do on a gift is less than exhilarating. stick with the resin, ladies. it’s your best bet.
    keely aka LKP recently posted..A Royal HandoutMy Profile

  89. I have tried this project and the resin just eats up and smudges my photos until they are unrecognizable. Has anyone else had this issue? I have even tried sealing with Mod Podge first. Should I be using a specific photo finish or a specific resin? Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren! I have never tried any resin other than the Envirotex Lite resin, but I never had a single issue with it. It covered the photos beautifully. I am not an expert on any of the other types of resin, but I highly recommend the Envirotex Lite!
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  90. Cerena Walker says

    I love this! so easy to do!!

  91. Those turned out beautiful! I must try this!!

  92. I tried to do this n some of my tiles have wrinkles in then is there ny way to get them out? N I tried the straw but it didn’t work well need advice

    • Hi Adriana. I really think practice makes perfect here. And it may be the kind of resin you used? I didn’t have any issues at all with the Envirotex Lite resin. You really have to do the straw method for about 20 minutes, blowing out any bubbles you might see until it appears clear.
      Alison@Oopsey Daisy recently posted..DIY Milk GlassMy Profile

  93. Did you seal the photos before applying the resin?

  94. Your website saved me!! I am making these coasters as favors for my upcoming wedding. Instead of pictures i used a set of coordinating scrapbook paper cut down to size and I used mod podge to adhere the paper to the tiles. To seal te coasters I tried polycrylic sealer (allowing it to set and cure for 45 days), engine paint (water proof and heat resistant to 1500 degrees) and some other sealer. NONE of them actually made the coasters waterproof and non tacky. Every cup stuck to te coaster. I found your blog, bought a gallon of envirotex lite, and haven’t looked back!! 200 coasters down, 120 to go! They are perfect and once you get the hang of the resin its not too difficult to use. I used my heat embossing tool to get the bubbles out and Popsicle sticks to smooth the resin and to clean the drips before they harden! Thanks for your help!!!

  95. This design is incredible! You definitely know how to keep
    a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost
    moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Great job.
    I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that,
    how you presented it. Too cool! recently posted..dictionary.reference.comMy Profile

  96. I love this idea… i made 2 to try it out.. It worked well but about two weeks later i noticed that on one of them their started to be a bubble in the middle. I tryed to push it out but the next day it came back.. Have you heard of this happing? Can you advise? Thank you !!

  97. I tried this technique years ago but with a wooden plaque that had sections to imitate 6 tiles. It was messy. I have been looking for ideas for giveaways at my baby’s baptism. And voila! I found your instructions. FYI, Michael’s has 50% off coupons that you can print from online or present at the register from your phone. And Michael’s is selling the envirotex lite resin a couple dollars cheaper than Hobby Lobby. I usually get my prints at Ritz Camera but they closed almost all their locations but you can still print online. CVS has free 25 print promo, so I made 25 coasters. 😉 But Shutterfly always has deals. The last time I made this, my friends and I printed the pics from a home computer, well the resin bled thru the photo paper. Not perfect. This time, I used modge podge to glue the pic to the tile. I also made godparents gifts where I used 4×6 print on 6×8 tile. I pasted the scrapbook paper onto the larger tile and covered the scrapbook paper with modge podge to prevent the resin from soaking into the paper. Then, I pasted the pic centered on the tile. I also had personalized each picture by using a collage app on my phone. I didn’t have a blow torch, we used straws. But after a couple of tiles, spit built up in the straws and would drip onto the coaster while we were trying to blow out the bubbles. I’ve got ideas for Christmas gifts but do you know of anybody that has had success with the blow torches that is used in making creme brulee? Thanks again for all the tips. I love your website!

  98. I just wanted to say this was a great project. Thank you for the directions. For anyone who is scared of resin…..don’t be! It’s not that hard. I’ve already made ten coasters and they came out great!

  99. Hi, I know I’m late to the game here, but I recently came across this article on your blog when I was looking for things to make with my photographs. I instantly loved this idea and went out and bought the stuff I needed. Just yesterday I did a practice tile, so I could figure out how much resin to use, and how it would come out. I have a couple of questions…. I placed my tile on a raised grate, like what you would put cookies on to cool after baking. Today when I checked the tile it was totally stuck to the grate. I did get it off, but wondered how you kept your tiles f rom sticking to the surface you have them sitting on. Also, I noticed a couple of specks of dust had dropped onto the resin. Did you cover your tiles while they were drying? Thanks! Judy
    Judy recently posted..harvestMy Profile

  100. Shelby Dreier says

    Great idea! I was wondering if instead of the blow torch I could use a blow dryer???

  101. With regards to your edited note.

    You can use mod podge – the furniture mod podge is ideal for this type of project. It can be wiped down and is waterproof.
    nat recently 222My Profile

  102. JoEllen Jones says

    Bought everything yesterday and made these tiles. Of 16, I only had one with a bubble. What a wonderful gift to give. Thanks for the instructions. Resin isn’t hard to work with, you have lots of time before it hardens.

  103. To raise the tiles, I cut up two toilet paper rolls into rings about and inch tall… Worked great!

  104. I love this idea! I am doing it for my family for christmas this year, but I am a bit confused. I am trying to buy resin and hardener, but all I’m getting when I search it is “envirotex-lite pour on high gloss finish”… would this work instead of using both resin and hardener? I really appreciate your help!

  105. Where did you do this project-indoors or out. If indoors how did you ventilate room. I am a little nervous but eager to get started.

  106. Has anyone ever used a blow dryer or put them in the oven? Husband can’t find his blow tourch (how does one misplace that?). Straw didn’t work for me:(. I have bubbles.

  107. My son made these this year as his Christmas craft and they were a hit!! The only difference is that we used Glossy Modge Podge and a spray sealant. They are spectacular and so inexpensive!!

  108. I am so excited to try this. My Dad is 99 and I have some of the neatest pictures of him through the years. After visiting Hobby Lobby online it lists just one product in 2 sizes…I can’t see the hardener too? Does the 8 oz size contain both in the box? I am interested int eh 32 oz but just has listed the Envirolite nothing listed about the hardener? Did they sell both? Thanks.

  109. Oh this has been such a wonderful project for my hubby and I this year! My Dad passed away in August and I wanted to give my mom, siblings and children some useable photo memories. These coasters were the perfect thing. I put the photos on the tiles and my hubby did all the resin and is such a perfectionist, he is sanding off the edges with his sander! We are celebrating our family christmas tomorrow .. Just wanted to say I have been so blessed by finding this project. Thanks for sharing..and the resin worked beautifully! 🙂 Blessings to you!

  110. Hi,Allison

    These are so lovely and love the pics! super cute! I have to try these out too. I have used mod podge and sealant and it works great too. I just used the glossy finish. Stop by my blog an you can see what I did. Tks have a great one.

  111. I made a two sets of four coasters for my boyfriend, and I was so pleased with the results. I bought the resin at hobby lobby, I used EASY*CLEAR (I think that that was the name), it was incredibly easy to use. I coated the pictures with one thin layer of mod podge before pouring the resin, at first you could see the white, but once the mod podge dried it went away. Also the straw is an incredible idea, there are no bubbles in the coasters. I will be making many coasters to give out as presents! Thank you so much for your tutorial

  112. I am not a crafty person at all, but am always up for a challenge so I gave this a try. It really is simple! But you must be patient.

    I printed photos on my home printer using HP photo paper. I used Mod Podge to stick the photos on & placed books on top to flatten the pictures & prevent curling. I purchased an 8oz kit of Envirotex Lite resin (using a 50% coupon at AC Moore). A little resin definitely goes a long way, so an 8oz package should last through another 2 coaster projects. A straw worked just fine for me for blowing away all the bubbles.

    Again, if I can Do this, anyone can. Thank you for the great tutorial!!

  113. I made these today & they turned out so cute! The resin wasn’t hard to work with except one small problem…I laid the tiles flat so now they are sort of stuck to the aluminum foil I laid them on. I will find a way to get it off after they dry though. I used a straw to blow out the bubbles & it was easy. Thanks for the great idea.

  114. Can you put hit mugs on these without it melting ?

  115. HTTP:// says

    Thanks for your effort for composing “Photo Tile Coasters Using Resin
    | Oopsey Daisy”. I actuallymay undoubtedly end up being coming back
    for more browsing and writing comments soon enough. Thanks, Brittany

  116. Envirotex has an excellent tute on using resin. Just go to their website.
    Michael’s also carries the product and also has 40 % off coupons.

  117. Hey! this is such an awesome idea, I have been looking around for unique ways to display Instagram photos and this idea is perfect. I have recently started blogging about tips to display Instagram photos and have just blogged about this idea. I put a link back to this blog of yours as I hope more people see this idea!
    laura@printing-instagram recently posted..Create Coasters With Your Instagram PrintsMy Profile

  118. What a lovely idea, these would be perfect for grandparents Christmas gifts.. Thank you for sharing..

  119. I have been collecting great personalized ideas throughout the web for the past few months, and I must say that this is one of the better ones. Simple and meaningful. Hope you don’t mind that I pen it down on my journal for future reference. I am a fan of DIY handmade crafts and I support the great mums and dads working as artisans for a living at less developed countries. Give them your support as well at I have tried it myself and I love it.
    Jessica recently posted..Customer FeedbackMy Profile

  120. I have used resin a few times. As long as you follow the directions, it is really easy. You may want to start out by purchasing a very small amount. (Michaels with a 40% off…) and practice. Also, I used my little heat blower from stamping to get out the bubbles. Blow torches and fire inside scare me a bit!!

  121. love this! any chance it could work with mod podge?

  122. Did you put glue over the photos (like mod podge)? Some websites say you have to do this or the resin can affect the photo ink.

    • I used the glue stick over the picture as well. I used Elmers glue stick because it says it is photo safe I have no idea if the cheaper ones are the same.

  123. I tried this with our craft group and did not use the blow torch we tried to blow the bubbles out they turned out ok and I am still happy to display them. I then tried again for Christmas presents I just finished and used the blow torch and OMG they look beautiful. I am so excited to give these to my sister and family! Thanks for the idea.

  124. Just completed a large project using this. We did about 80 tiles for Christmas gifts. My husband also had a hand held blow torch that was a major godsend for the bubbles that continually sprang up even after already having used the torch a first time.

    Another thing … I wish I had also heeded the advice of a YouTube user who used scotch tape to tape underneath the back edges of the tiles as it makes for easy removal of the resin that drips, hangs and then eventually hardens underneath the tile. Other than that they came out great!

  125. PLEASE HELP! My first coaster project is a disaster!! I thought I followed the steps to a T, but my resin cured very lumpy and wavy, and didn’t come to the edge of the coasters. I also think I tried to do too many at one time. Is there a fix for these ruined coasters with holes and indents in the resin? Is it ok to use a foam brush instead of a piece of cardboard to spread the resin? Can I just spread it on like mod podge??

  126. Yolanda – I found out on my second application (didn’t do it the first time and noticed a big difference the second time around) that pre-warming the bottles in very warm tap water for about five minutes helped immensely with more accurate measuring, stirring, less bubbles and easier pouring, application and coverage.

    I too messed up a couple of my tiles when my plastic drop cloth accidentally touched and messed up a few tiles. I used my husband’s propane hand torch to carefully melt away the messy marks but applying another coat was the best way to “erase” most off the major mess-ups.

  127. Hi! I’m putting a link to this activity on my blog post about fun family activities. Can I use one of your pictures?
    Let me know!

  128. Thank you! This is EXACTLY the information I need for a project.

  129. Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.
    Waterproof Cast Covers

    Keep Posting:)

  130. Debbie Longoria says

    Thank you for the awesome idea, I have made many sets and they were all loved, however I bought a roll of cork from lowes to use for the bottom it worked great. I must admit black and white photos look the best and I love the glassy look using resin.

  131. Love you Oopsey Daisy. I’ve created dozens of tiles with resin, using a utility (barbeque grill lighter) lighter instead of a blow torch. Just turn the flame up. I was concerned about inhaling fumes using a straw. I turn cups upside down (from the pack bought for resin mixing). I sit the tiles on top of the upside down cups and pour. Surprisingly, this allows me to recycle the resin that drips off the tiles. I scoop it up right away with a plastic spoon and add it back on the tiles. Hey, waste not want not, right? Aluminum foil underneath works for me. Resin doesn’t seep through to my table. It gets easier and easier as you come up with ideas and techniques that work for you. I love, love, love Envirotex Light, especially with a 40% off coupon from Michaels Crafts or Hobby Lobby. Happy Tiling.

  132. wonderful work, I would love to have in my dining room.

  133. Tips about shopping and quickest information on offers, deals, discounts and coupons is appreciable about this blog. Thanks..

  134. For the successful do it yourselfers out there, here is a tutorial to turn them into coasters yourself.

  135. I use mod Podge and a clear addhesive!!! Works AWESOME!!! Also, if you buy the tiles I’m bulk at MENARDS they are only .10 cents

  136. Photo Tile Coasters {Using Resin} | Oopsey Daisy Transfer photos to wood for a unique gift: Zo kan het natuurlijk ook. Door ikproefsfeer

  137. Rita Privette says

    I use my heat embosser from my scrap booking supplies. a litter hotter than a blow dryer but less dangerous than a torch.
    not too close or the epoxy will move.

  138. ok gayssPhoto Tile Coasters
    bugilfot info recently posted..Foto Bugil 16 Foto Janda Kembang Bugil Pamer Toket Padat MenggodaMy Profile

  139. Clemens Roether says

    In the pictures it looks like you trimmed the picture a quarter of an inch smaller than the 4 x 4 tile. That makes a nice, small frame around the photo, right? Another question — how did you treat the thin edge of the tile? Would like to treat the thin edge somehow because it shows when it lies flat on the table. Could you put the Envirotex on the thin edge all around the tile? Also thinking of putting some kind of devise on the back of the tile so that several could be could be hung on the wall as a collection. Thanks for the really great project!

  140. VIPULA VADERA says

    This is really an amazing craft . I want to try it out. I would like to know what kind of Tiles these are. Ceramic Tiles?

  141. Diane Livingston says

    Only thing is the resin is so exepnsive.

  142. Lashanda Jackson says

    Did you have to seal the photos with modge podge before applying the resin?

  143. If you use a blow drier on the resin before you put it on, you can get ride of the bubbles. Use a small popsicle stick or toothpick to mix & you can reduce bubbles.

  144. Are these water absorbant…or will the water from an ice water glass roll off and still get on your table. If that’s the case, it kind of defeats the purpose of a coaster. Same as with Mod Podged scrapbook paper coasters. Just a thought…I always was told to use like a tumbled marble tile for craft projects as they are porous and absorb most of the moisture.

  145. Sharon Jones says

    I have a small hair in the resin and its pretty well set…is there anything I can do?

  146. Thank you for sharing the instructions.
    I have plans to make these.

    You samples and blog were so nice.

    I would

  147. I really like your blog.. very nice colors & theme. Did you create this website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you? Plz reply as I’m looking to create my own blog and would like to know where u got this from. cheers
    Victoria Tegg recently posted..Grey Darknet Market Review – Alternative MirrorsMy Profile

  148. I had a yummy burger the other night and loved every greasy drop.

    I read that this is actually Rounded Pi Day – this year only! Since the number is 3.14159 etc., if you round that you get 3.1416. But as I’m writing this the day is already finished in Britain. Only a century to wait for the next one.
    Ramona Mills recently posted..Grey Darknet Market Review – Alternative MirrorsMy Profile

  149. I made these as a first-time resin user (not a big craft person) with success! I used matte mod podge on the front and back of each photo. If you look super close you can see brush streaks on some of them, but it’s not bad. I used bathroom Dixie cups to put the coasters on while pouring and a business card to spread the resin. I wish I would’ve taken more care along the edges of each tile – some came out unevenly coated. Also wish I would’ve scraped the drips on the bottom of each tile after the resin had been sitting for a while before hardening. But even still, they look really nice and glossy.

    • I forgot to mention: Hobby Lobby doesn’t allow the 40% off coupons on resin anymore. It appears Michaels does. I ordered mine off Amazon. Hobby Lobby does carry a 6 pack of cork coasters for $2.99 that was perfect for hot gluing on the back of each tile.

  150. Hello,

    I made these for Christmas gifts last year but the problem I had was small particles of dust landed on the coaster within the first 24hours of drying time. I tried to cover it but that didn’t help. Do you have any suggestions? Did that happen to your coasters?
    Thank you.

  151. This photo coaster are too good.
    The custom coaster is a good idea specially for gift purpose.

  152. Hey alison, I love your project. This picture tile coaster looks beautiful. I am pretty impressed by your idea. Keep doing and sharing too ;)) Many thanks! Eva
    Eva Henry recently posted..Stock Trading on Cash App: Steps for Trading Stocks on Cash AppMy Profile


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