Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

Happy Monday, y'all!

Have you noticed that Mason jars are everywhere right now?!  And I adore them.  They are so simple and you can dress them up however you'd like.

Last weekend while I was in Utah, I visited my amazingly talented cousin Michelle.  Everywhere I looked around her house, I was inspired by her creativity.  You just might be seeing some Michelle-inspired crafts in the next few weeks.  🙂  I saw something similar to these on her kitchen counters, so I set out to make my own!

Imagine how cute these mason jar candy jars would be at a wedding, filled with the perfect shades of gummy bears, M&M's, and other sweets!

Now on to the tut!

Mason Jar Apothecary Jars

It's midnight, and I'm dying to dig into these  YUM!

So as I was getting started, I was hoping to find some wooden candlesticks as little pedestals.  However, I couldn't find the right size.  I almost gave up until I found these little wooden finials at Hobby Lobby.

I improvised.  I realized that with a little sawing action, I would have the perfect size that I needed.  So I used gorilla glue to attach the finial bottoms to some wooden circles that I've had in my stash for way too long. 

My husband was anxious to try out his new clamps, so I obliged. 🙂 We let these dry overnight.


Next, I made the candy jar lids.  I used the top of the finial and used gorilla glue to secure them to some thinner wooden circles I also found at Hobby Lobby.  Those dried overnight, too.


Next, I gave all of the wooden pieces a good coat of black spray paint and sanded the edges a bit.


Now for the fun part!  I used E-6000 to glue the jars to the pedestals and filled up the jars with our favorite candy!  Skittles for me.  Cinnamon bears for my hubby.  I think decorating with candy is my new favorite thing!

The lids just rest on top of the jars.  You could even dress them up a bit with ribbons if you'd like!  Or mod-podge some fun scrapbook paper to the lids.

See what I mean.  I'm going to have to dig in right now.  I can almost taste the rainbow...

These little beauties are now occupying my kitchen counter.  Dangerous, eh?? I'm actually trying to cut back from straight-up chocolate.  These bright beauties must be slightly better for me than straight chocolate.  Right??

Enjoy a "sweet" week, friends!

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  1. How cute! They will be super around Halloween time with candy corn and cute spider ribbon around them too.

  2. Super cute, Alison! These would be great for a party, too. And I love that with the lid just dropping on and off you can “quietly” sneak a little candy so the little doesn’t know you’re doing it. 😉

  3. Super cute, Alison! These would be great for a party, too. And I love that with the lid just dropping on and off you can “quietly” sneak a little candy so the little one doesn’t know you’re doing it. 😉

  4. So cute! I’m not sure this would work in our house because I have a very quick little girl that would surely find a way to steal one while I wasn’t looking! But I’m thinking this would be perfect for candy corn in October!

  5. Very cute! These would be SOOOOO dangerous in our house!!

  6. Angela Leisure says



  8. There are a few ways you can look at the chocolate vs Skittles issue. 1. Chocolate = brown = neutral, so chocolate can replace any food group, and therefore is healthy all the time. 2. If you are trying to cut back on chocolate, why not replace it with fruit (flavored candy)? Just my 2 cents. 🙂 cute jars and I agree, the sneak factor is a big plus!

  9. OMG! Super cute idea! Love this!

  10. I love mason jars too, I love this tutorial even more!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. These are so fun! I love the idea of filling them with seasonal candy and using them year round. Nice job sis.

  12. So cute and easy! Love this! I will add it to my “To Craft” list!!

  13. BRILLIANT! We just moved to the Tampa Bay area & find at least a dozen gorgeous shells every time we go to the beach. I was just telling my husband that we should redo our bathroom in a breezy beach theme with shells in apothecary jars… Thanks for making my proposed makeover that much cheaper! Pinning this now!

  14. very cute, it looks so easy. I love looking at these filled with colored candy at candy stores, now I can have my own.

  15. Great job, Alison!!! I can’t wait to do this project. Way to innovate and come up with the perfect pedestals!

  16. So cute!

  17. These are so cute! They would be adorable on a teacher’s desk, huh? I think I might have a gift for the first day! Thank you! This would be a great addition to In the Looop!

  18. This is such a great simple idea. Would also make a great gift!

    I would for you to come share at Blog Stalking Thursday!

  19. Super cute… but I think that straight up chocolate is actually better for you. Particularly if it is dark chocolate. just sayin’. 🙂

  20. I have been trying to skip the candy snack today but this post is killing me, lol. Love your work.
    I have a fun any linky goes party that I would love for you to join too! This week linkers could even win a pair of silver earrings just by linking. Hope you will come.

  21. Great idea with using the finials! I have wanted to make some apothocary jars for my bathroom, but all the candlesticks are too tall to fit under my mirror. Thanks for the tip!

  22. How awesome!

    I would love for you to share this tutorial on my mommy solution meme.

  23. They look cute-what a great idea!

  24. Oh, I absolutly love this idea…… Love candy and love to display and sneak it…… I think I am with your hubby and love those cinnamon bears! Very clever idea~ thank you for sharing.

  25. I am so in love with project. I’m gonna make some pronto. So cute.

  26. So Cute!! I would glue the lid to a painted mason jar lid. I love the idea! Thank you!!!

  27. Kimberly Temple says

    Oh my god, I am so making some of these when I get the chance! I love apothecary jars, but they can run pricey. Your jars are adorable and they looks so easy! I can’t wait to make some, pronto! <3

  28. These are absolutely adorable! Definitely on my to do list!

  29. What size mason jars?

  30. What size mason jars?

  31. Love this! I also thought it would be really fun and personal to place in the jars what your love one likes. For instance my daughter loves hair pieces. For my hubby it would be a collection of old coins. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Gramma Barbie says

    What a wonderful project! I found the exact wooden parts at Michaels as we do not have Hobby Lobby here. The top of the finial is glued right where you would need to saw it off. My husband had the bright idea to put it in the microwave. 40 seconds and it popped right apart. No sawing…..Yay!

  33. Hi. I have two questions. The first is where can I find the wooden circles that you used for the bottom of the jar and the second is what size mason jars did you use? Thanks.

  34. Where do you find cinnaming gummy bears?

  35. Great idea with using the finials! I have wanted to make some apothocary jars for my bathroom,

  36. What size wooden circles did you use for the lid?

  37. marcella ryan says

    I love the idea and my children are athletes so I keep my jars filled with granola bars. I tried candy but kept eating it so I had to think of something healthy!

  38. You could also make the lids with the flat metal part of the canning lids, glue the finial on top and paint. Just a variation that might be on hand.

  39. I came across this on pinterest. I love this idea. Love it.

  40. If you add a smaller disk (smaller than the opening on the mason jar) centered on the bottom of the lid, the lid won’t slide around. Also a small piece of veneer adhered around the edge of the lid will give a more finished look.

  41. can you still put the band around to seal it so the items inside won’t get hard.

  42. These look great!
    I think I will use an old flat lid (or a new one- warm it and seal it until it is cool) and attach a drawer pull, lamp finial, game piece, or whatever. The rubber rim would keep the lid from sliding off and to sit more securely on the top but could still be easily removed. It would also be a little bit quieter when trying to sneak the sweets! 🙂

  43. Tasha Paige says

    This is awesome!!! Thanks go sharing!!

  44. Hi Allison, I just LOVE these candy jars made from mason jars! I LOVE them SO much I featured you with a link back on my post about my favorite mason jar uses. Check it out! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Traci recently posted..My Favorite Mason Jar UsesMy Profile

  45. How am I only seeing this now? This is so cute. Love this idea!


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