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Felt Car Mat {With Tutorial}


For a while now, I wondered if this tutorial would ever get published.  Not only did this take a solid week of crafting effort to complete, but this tutorial has been a doozie!  It's taken several late-late nights (yes, even later than usual!), but it's finally here!

Today I want to share Little Man's new favorite place to play: 

For all you glue-gun lovers, this fun car mat is 100% no-sew!

And this was created just for Little Man!  As I was working on this, he started calling this his car MAP.  So I took his advice.  I turned this into a semi-realistic map of the streets near our home.  PLUS Little Man is very, very visual.  He thrives on logos, so he selected dozens of logos that would be used on this car map.

I'm happy to say that this car map/mat is very realistic.

I love this mat is HUGE, but it rolls up easily like a sleeping bag.  Perfect for easy storage!

In just 2 short days, the car mat has provided hours of entertainment.  So much entertainment that we never want to get out of our pajamas! 🙂

And it's perfect for his little imagination!

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Let’s Talk Design Star

Nothing beats the Monday Blues like HGTV's Design Star!

It's time to check in.  Did you see last week's first episode?  Who did you love?  What spaces inspired you?

Here's the Season 6 crew in New York City!

There was already a bit of juicy drama already among the contestants.

My favorite designer is Kellie.  She's cute, and I can relate to her style! Plus did you see her big "oopsey daisy"?!  She spilled paint all over the hardwood floor.  Yes, I can relate to this girl!

In Episode 1, the contestants made over their own house!  Kellie created this fun space under a stairwell.  It was a clever and creative way to make over a space that would normally be a little awkward.

What did you think about this bright orange bedroom?!  Eek!  I would have a hard time relaxing in here, but it was a bold statement.

My favorite part about this chic room is the mural. Great idea!

I LOVE how this mirror creates a focal piece on the patterned wall in this bedroom.  Amazing!

But I agree with the judges... I am in love with this tire coffee table!  What a great conversation piece!

I can't wait to see what's in store tonight for Episode 2!  If you missed last week's episode, it's not too late to jump in.

Design Star episode 2 is tonight at 9pm/8c on HGTV.

I'll be watching, bowl of popcorn in hand.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.

Sunday’s Snippets: Our Camping Adventure

If you're new to Oopsey Daisy--welcome!  For me, Sundays are all about family.  So each week, I share little bits and pieces of our regular, everyday lives in this Sunday's Snippets feature.

Last weekend, my entire family gathered to celebrate my nephew's fourth birthday.  This little dude is quite the outdoors' man.  My sister threw him a fantastic camping birthday party.

Here are just some of the happy campers.  Love them!

My sister sent us on a scavenger hunt, where we discovered fields full of our Colorado state flower, the columbine.  Little Man seemed intent on picking a "flowee" for his Mama Bear, so I had to discourage him from picking our state flower!  Isn't it gorgeous?!

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Jamberry Summer Camp Post {Brown Paper Packages}

It's Friday.  It's summer.  And Summer Camp is here!
Do you have blogging idols?  I do.  And one of them is here today!
Say hello to Kierste from Brown Paper Packages.  This is one talented lady, and I LOVE this fun and yummy idea!
Hello Oopsey Daisy readers!

I'm Kierste, from Brown Paper Packages, and I am delighted to be here today.

I absolutely love Alison's Summer Camp series--what a fabulous idea! I Reading is a big part of life at our house, and we have many favorites.
One of our most-loved is Jamberry, by Bruce Degen. 
It's nearly impossible to read this only once through per sitting.  The words are utterly charming and delightfully irresistible.  I simply cannot tell you how many times we've read this book!  Every one of my kids loves it, and I have to admit, it's a personal favorite of mine too. I knew it would be perfect for this post!
What is this book all about?  Berries, berries for jam! So, what did we make?  Jam, of course!

Freezer jam is super easy to make, and oh so yummy.  In less than an hour you could have your very own homemade jam! It's also a really fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and enjoy an afternoon together. When you're done, share some with the people you love.  It makes a great thank you, thinking of you, or a sweet just because.

I like to use the liquid pectin...all you need is strawberries, sugar, some lemon juice, and the pectin.  I follow the recipe that is included in the box, and they are laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step manner.

I used half-pint jars--a great size for gifts.  If you're making some for your own family, and know you'll go through it faster, you can always use a larger size.

After my jam was ready, I made some fun printables for a lid topper and tag--perfect for giving!

I inserted them into a Word document, sized them to a little smaller than 2 inches, then printed them onto cardstock. I used my trusty 2 inch circle punch to cut out the tags, along with some scrapbook paper. I distressed all the edges using Distress Ink (Vintage Photo). Using double stick tape, I adhered one of the text circles to the top of the lid. For the tag, I taped two circles together--wrong sides together.  One side is the cute scrapbook paper, and the other side tells the recipient what type of jam it is, and how long it is freezer-safe.

Now you're ready to share...and to eat!

Printable directions:  Right click on desired image, and select save as.  Once saved to your computer, insert into a Word document (or similar) and re-size to a little less than 2 inches if you are using a 2 inch circle punch.

A huge thank you to Alison for asking me to be here, and to all of you for reading. I hope you'll come by Brown Paper Packages and say hi--I'd love to have you!
Happy reading!
Kierste Giveaway (Closed)

This giveaway is now closed.

My husband's birthday is just around the corner.  It's next week, and I don't have a single gift ready yet.  How pathetic, right??

The problem is that I have a really tough time shopping for the men in my life:  My brother, my Dad, and my sweet husband.  I always get sucked into buying them just another tie.  Or maybe a gift certificate.  Once again... pathetic.

So what if you could get someone to do the shopping for you?  And they could magically pick a totally unique and personal gift?!  That is where comes in.

Basically, you complete a survey on and you answer questions about the gift recipient.  Fun, quirky, random questions like this...

And then selects a gift for you!  All gifts are valued at $21.95 (perfect gift value, right?).  It sends a totally unique and personal gift so it's a surprise for them and you.

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Wednesday’s Wowzers: Crafting Motivation?!

 Happy Wednesday, my friends!

I'm going to borrow Little Man's new favorite phrase and say, Hey guys, what are you up to?  This summer is already flying by.  I am struggling with finding crafting motivation because we are just having way too much fun!  Our summer is jampacked with vacations, weddings, family reunions, and fun.  But I'm hoping to have some more creative time very, very soon!

Here are some fabulous projects that inspired me this week:

Is this summer pennant wreath gorgeous or what?!  Allison from A Glimpse Inside is so clever!  She even matched this wreath to her rug.  So bright and cheery!

My darling blogging friend Anj from Snowy Bliss throws the most creative 100% homemade parties!  This Harry Pottery party is perfect!  Plus it's giving me an itch for fall festivities!

I LOVE re-purposing items.  That's why I'm loving Lil Blue Boo's tutorial and download for a vinyl tablecloth roll-up diaper changer.

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U Is For U.S.A. Mommy School

It's Mommy School time!!

I realize that summer is a busy, hectic time.  To be honest, I haven't kept up my Mommy School routine.  We are having way too much fun living it up this summer!  But I have been wanting to do some Mommy School for the Fourth of July to teach Little Man about our great nation.  Yes, it's a bit late... but I consider the entire month of July to be a patriotic time!  So hopefully some of you are in the same boat and can still use this packet!  (If not, pack it away for next year!)

Here are some of the concepts covered in this 46-page packet:

Letter of the Week:  U

Number of the Week:  9

Shape of the Week:  Star

Song of the Week:  Yankee Doodle

Theme of the Week:  America/Patriotic

Here are a few teasers of what you can find in this packet...

2 pages of fun patriotic songs!

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I {heart} HGTV’s Design Star!

Let it be known that I am a huge HGTV fan!  On a cold or rainy Saturday, I love nothing more than to craft to the lovely background of an HGTV marathon... Heck, give me a little HGTV no matter what the weather! 🙂

Last summer, I stumbled upon one of my *new* favorite shows:  HGTV's Design Star.  And guess what?!  Today has been highlighted on my calendar for months because the season premiere of Season 6 begins tonight 9pm/8c on HGTV!   I LOVE this show because you get a taste of the latest and greatest decor trends... some I love and some I hate!  But I love to see bold decor ideas.  It gives me great ideas for my own humble abode!

Here is the cast for this season...

I can't wait to get a feel for them tonight and decide who I'm rooting for.

And the judges... oh how I love Genevieve, Vern, and Candice!  Talk about pure raw talent!

They create amazing spaces like these ones...

Secretly I dream that I can be on one of their shows so they can help beautify my spaces!!

Did I mention that my husband loves this show too??  There aren't many shows that I will put my laptop down and just watch.  But Design Star is kind of our "date night" together.   I will be tuning in tonight to catch the first episode!

Tune in later today... I finally have a new Mommy School packet ready for you to snatch up!

Have a happy Monday!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.

Sunday’s Snippets: A Very Happy Fourth

 It finally feels like summertime here in Colorado!

Second only to Christmas, I think the Fourth of July is my favorite holiday!  I love the fireworks, the barbecues, and the fun in the sun!

After our early-morning bike parade, here are a few more favorite moments from our family's Fourth of July celebration...

Our Fourth of July was a blazin' 96 degrees!  At least for this Colorado girl, that was HOT!

To celebrate the toasty holiday, we finally inflated Little Man's little pool for the very first time. Yes, that lil' pool that we've had sitting in our garage since last year!  We finally put it to good use.


Little Man took the opportunity to wash up his Matchbox cars.  At least 5 and a half times.


What would the Fourth of July be without a barbecue?!  Little Man absolutely adores his cousin. His Fourth of July was complete, just palling around with his cuz.  Well, I think Grandma's chocolate cake and homemade ice cream were highlights of the day, too!


America's favorite past-time just happens to be our favorite past-time too.  Little Man is finally ready to take some swings all on his own!  This makes me one proud Mama.  I have to admit, I enjoyed a little tee-ball myself!


The perfect ending to our Independence Day was doing our very own fireworks.  I don't know what was more entertaining--the fireworks OR my husband and brother-in-law.  I didn't know my husband could giggle like that!  Silly pyro.


I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July...

Now soak in every moment of your summer!

A Little Hoot Kind of Day {Kiki Creates}

Happy Friday!!  Here to welcome the weekend is Kiki from Kiki Creates.  I adore Kiki's blog and her fantastic etsy shop.  I simply can't believe the inspiration that has come out of this Summer Camp series!  I am learning about even more children's books than I knew existed!  Kiki is sharing some absolutely adorable stuff today!

Hi everyone!  I'm Kiki from Kiki Creates and am super excited to be here for this series.  Oopsey Daisy was one of the first blogs I came across while blogging, so it is an honor to be here!  Kiki Creates is a blog filled with tutorials,free printables and the inspiration where it all comes from. I keep myself busy with my blog and etsy shop, but my greatest excitement and love for life come from raising my 3 little munchkins and being a wife to the best husband on earth.

I am so excited to show you the incredibly fun day my kids and I had recently all based on the book "Little Hoot" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace.  Have you ever read a book and said, "I want to have that day with my kids?!"  This is exactly what I wanted to do!

To give you a little background, Little Hoot is an owl like a lot of owls in so many ways except one. He doesn't like bedtime..and not because he doesn't like going to bed, but because he is an owl, and owls HAVE to stay up at night!  This fun little book goes through the activities his mom and dad get him to do to stay up as long as possible..and with that let me tell you about our day, which definitely ended up being:

based on the book "Little Hoot" by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

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