Warm Fuzzy Jar {With Printables}

Although I am sharing an incentive program that I use at church, this is an incentive program that you could easily adapt to your own family, play group, or classroom.


In my church, I serve in the Primary working with children ages 1-11.  We have over 100 children in Primary, so naturally working on reverence at church is an ongoing battle!  Last Sunday, we instigated a new reverence program that we *hope* really works! We introduced some new guidelines and routines, along with sharing some reverence stories and games.    Last week was the best week ever in our Primary, so cross your fingers that these improvements really last!

My part in all of this was the "fun" part!  I introduced the "Warm Fuzzy" Jar!  (In case you were wondering, the "R" is for reverence!)

Technically, the warm fuzzies are pompoms.  (Yes, I do organize my pompoms by color!)  But they represent so much more than a fuzzy pompom...

The Warm Fuzzy Incentive Program

The idea is that we begin with an EMPTY jar.  Each Sunday, all of the leaders (and anyone else who wishes to participate!) look for a child who is demonstrating reverences.  During the week, we send them a "Warm Fuzzy" postcard congratulating them on their good behavior.  (We keep a list, making sure everyone gets a turn with this special reward.)  The following Sunday during Announcements, we ask for any children who received postcards to add "Warm Fuzzies" to the jar.  They each add 1 pompom to the jar.  When the jar is full of Warm Fuzzies, we are planning to host a popsicile party!

So I created this "Warm Fuzzy" postcard and printed a whole stack of them on colored cardstock.

Next, I created the reverence jar using an old Wal-Mart jar I had sitting in the basement  I added some cardstock around the jar layered with ribbon on top of that.  Plus a little bit of ribbon around the jar lid.... what can I say I'm a sucker for those polk-a-dots?!  I love the pinwheel with the "R."  The ladies I work with requested a "blinged-out" R, so glitter was definitely in order!

Do you want to make your own warm fuzzy jar?  Well, I have a couple of free printables for you to help get you started!

If you'd like to create your own Warm Fuzzy Jar, you can download your own  lid (without the watermark) here.

Lid Instructions

Re-size image so it will fit your own jar's lid.  Print on scrapbook paper, cut out, and mount on cardstock.  Laminate for durability.

If you wish, you can download the postcards I created here.

Postcard Printing Instructions

There is a front and back to each postcard.  The PDF you download has a front and back on the first page with a back and front on the second page.  If you print this back to back, you will end up with 2 double-sided postcards.

Here's hoping that we'll be filling up our jar with lots and lots of warm fuzzies!

Of course you could use warm fuzzies to represent acts of kindness or service, good behavior at school, etc., etc.!  The possibilities are endless!

Have a super day!

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  1. I teach four-year-olds at church, and I think if I used the word “reverences” with them, they’d look at me like I’m speaking a foreign language! :)~ You must have some smart kiddos! 🙂
    I have a jar a lot like that in my kinder classroom though!
    I hope it works for you!

  2. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!! This is AWESOME!! I also am in the Primary and our branch only averages about 20 kids a week and we have our hands full!! This is amazing! I will definitely try this out!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Oh that is so cute and such a great idea! You are so creative!

  4. elisa koranda says

    I love doing this for my classroom! My kids have always responded really well. Do you read them the story before introducing the jar?

  5. Love this jar! I just got called into primary, so this would be perfect!

  6. I love this idea….I was called into Primary as the 2nd counselor (this calling I have done) a few months ago, but about a month ago, I was called to be President (this calling I have NOT done..lol). At this time, I do not have counselors….so….EEEEK!! I rely on wonderful websites like this! Thank for the wonderful EASY idea!!

  7. This is simply adorable Allison!! I’m pinning this one for sure!

  8. I love this, I currently have my girls on a warm fuzzy program at home, and I am gonna redo their jars now to make them even cuter! thanks for the printable and great ideas! I also serve in primary and I agree that it is GREAT!

  9. Thanks for sharing. This is one of my favorite stories ever.

  10. Yaeko England says

    Practical post – Incidentally , others need to fill out a YMCA Trading Post & Warm Fuzzies , my boss found a blank version here http://pdf.ac/4bVNGe.


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