Sunday’s Snippets: My Handsome Ringbearer

Recently, we returned from the wedding of Mr. Oopsey Daisy's brother to a beautiful girl in Salt Lake City!  This was actually the first family wedding since our own happy day almost 4 years ago, so it was an exciting event!  I love weddings.  I love the flowers...  The dress.... The dancing.   And I have to admit, I am a people watcher!

I have been itching to show just a few pictures that I took of this special day!

The beautiful couple, now husband and wife

A triumphant bride

A gorgeous wedding reception.  Don't you love the colors--eggplant and ivory?!

Our little family, decked out in eggplant!

I might be just a bit biased--but how handsome is the ringbearer?!

It took a little practice with Daddy to get ready for his big moment!  Little Man was oh-so-shy, but took this on very dutifully.

The big moment came... And he needed no help at all!  He marched (slowly at first, then gaining speed!) right up to his Uncle and needed no help at all!  He delivered the pillow, and then he turned around and sprinted back to Mom and Dad!

It couldn't have been any more perfect!

And it was all made possible by this pink cupcake.  Yes, I do believe in bribery!

What have you been doing this weekend?  Anything fun?

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh my word…he is the cutest!!! Your whole family looks great!! Glad he was able to be bribed…totally would have done the same thing 😉

  2. What a special time! He’s a cutie pie for sure. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful wedding. Of course little man is the cutest! LOVE his face in the picture of him by the stone wall. As usual, you look gorgeous. Is that dress Shabby Apple? Did you take the pictures you posted?

  4. That is one cute ring bearer . What a gorgeous wedding. I too love weddings and people watching. I am glad you got to go. You took some gorgeous pictures.
    (love your dress too! Where did you get it?)

  5. Gorgeous photography, Alison! You guys looks great in your eggplant. I doubt a cupcake could ever fail to get a job done!

  6. So cute! And I loved her decorations. Weddings are so much fun. Especially when there is cupcake bribery going on.

  7. Super Cute pics, Super Cute Kiddo. So sad I missed you…

  8. Deb Westbury says

    You have a very handsome boy, I actually want to say beautiful…but I have to warn you, he has a look on him that says I can cause trouble…in a fun way…lolo…beautiful wedding also…

  9. Great pictures Alison. Your son is so adorable.

  10. Oh and I would rather call it incentive than bribery. Right? 🙂

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