Fresh Orchid Lei ~ A Taste of Hawaii!

You know you're a craft blogger...
When you find a crafting opportunity when you're on VACATION!!!
I love a million things about Hawaii.
The beach, of course.
Palm trees.
Hula dancing.
Fresh flowers.
The color of the ocean.
The humid air... it's like being in a cloud!
{Just making this list makes me want to leave the piles of laundry behind and head back there right now!}
I don't think anything compares to a hearty Hawaiian "Aloha!" along with a fresh lei being draped around my neck.  It marks the official beginning of a BREAK!
I had NO idea that there were so many different types of leis!  We just barely missed the May Day lei festival where leis are displayed, made out of everything from flowers to nuts and berries.
But of course my favorite leis are made from these...
I love, love, love orchids!
We did plenty of amazing stuff on our vacation, but I simply had to make my own fresh Hawaiian lei while we were there.  I met a friend who worked at the resort who was kind enough to teach me how, and this made my Hawaiian experience complete! And of course I documented the process for a proper tutorial!
Are you ready??
To make a lei, you will need:

* Your choice of fresh flowers (I used orchids)

* Thick twine
* Lei needle (You can google these to find them online)
* Scissors
Cut a piece of twine that is plenty long--long enough to wrap around your neck with extra for knots and tying.  Knot one end of the twine.
Take the other end of the twine and wrap around the loop of the lei needle.  Pull through so you have plenty of extra and it won't come un-done while you are stringing flowers.
Take one flower and place the needle through the thickest part of the top of the flower and through the bottom.


Push down past the needle, and onto the twine.  Repeat with other flowers, making it as tight or as loose as you wish.


I decided to send my husband to pick some more flowers around the resort.  I wanted to make a pattern and add a few more flowers from our lovely Hawaiian surroundings.  Where else can you just pick the flowers straight from the trees?!


My hubby did a great job, and found me some lovely pink and white flowers.  Wish I knew the names of these!
I decided to break off the long parts of the stems so I could arrange my flowers nice and tight.
So I arranged my flowers in a pattern, and threw in a white and pink flower in between every 7 orchids.
You can even line up a bunch of flowers on the needle, and string them all at once!  So making a lei doesn't take much time at all.  I love a quick and easy (and beautiful!) project!


When I had the desired amount of flowers, I just unlooped the twine from the needle and knotted it. And that's it!!
You can't get much more Hawaiian than this!!  Can I get an ALOHA?!
I pretty much lived in my lei the entire vacation!
Here I am celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a scrumptious churro!
By the way, you can preserve your lei forever by drying out the flowers.
A perfect souvenir!
Enjoy a bit of relaxation today...
Here's to a little bit of Hawaii right in our own homes!
Check me out here at Brassy Apple today, where I am sharing a fun way to get organized for summer fun!
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  1. Hi from your newest follower/s via blue cricket. karima from

    PS tried to link to facebook – but not working! Maybe its just my computer playing up. Have you got a direct link to your page you could pass to me, thanks.xx

  2. DebWestbury says

    Made a lei that one time I was in Hawaii…they had a class on how to make them…it is a fun item to make…but I also wanted to tell you that you know you are a crafter when you go to another city that you normally do not get to nd have to check out the craft stores, just to see what they carry that you might not be able to get or what might be different…

  3. The other flowers your husband picked are two colors of Plumeria. They are my favorite. I have them growing in my yard. The plants don't become trees on the main land though.

  4. Tricia @ How Sweeter It Is says

    Beautiful lei! I lived in Hawaii for 15 months and didn't think to learn how to make one. My favorite are the white plumeria. They smell amazing! (Found you via House of Hepworth linky party.)

  5. The leis were my favorite part of Hawaii too. I so wish I could go back with the hubby this time 🙂

  6. Those flowers your hubby picked are 2 types of plumeria – don't they smell heavenly!!

  7. Hope you're having a fun time!! I love your blog and awarded you the versatile blog award. Happy vacation!

  8. Hi I commented the other day after following you by google friends via blue cricket but looks like that comment disappeared. Karima from

  9. Fantastic job! How fun 🙂

  10. Bec@littlelucylu says

    That is BEAUTIFUL … YOU are beautiful … and THANK YOU for linking up to my itty-bitty link party 🙂
    Feels so good to have a "real" blogger supporting me! 🙂
    Really … it means a lot!
    And now …. I really want to go back to Hawaii!!!
    ~Bec 🙂

  11. The Miller Five says

    Beautiful! You and the lei. Maui looks like a blast.

  12. I loved that you crafted on your vacation. Oh what a dream to make a lei of you own in Maui!

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