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Sunday Snippets: Worst Pizza Ever!

Just one of our family's adventures in Arizona...
Mr. Oopsey Daisy is a road warrior.
He knows his territory quite well, and he spends a good chunk of his time in Arizona.   He is constantly bragging about all of the fancy food he eats, so while we were there, I asked him to give us a food tour of the very BEST Arizona had to offer.
And yes, this is where we begin the story of the WORST PIZZA EVER.  (By the way, I don't want to give this certain spot any bad publicity, so it will remain nameless..)

My husband DID give us fair warning that the pizzeria had epic long waits.  He had waited 3 hours for pizza before.  Three hours--really?!  Who waits that long for a pizza??  My curiosity was definitely peaked.  Luckily, we arrived just as the shop opened, and we were promised only 1 1/2 hours of waiting.

I was an optimist then.  We decided to play tourist and take a stroll around lovely Phoenix...

I found my own yellow brick road--it was just red!  Of course I had to sing the song as Little Man and I skipped our way into the center... 

No-Sew TP Bunnies!

This project is perfect for all the Procrastinators out there. I am currently President of the Procrastination Club!  How did Easter sneak up on me?!
You can easily make these happy little bunnies with items you already have at home!  And guess what?!  No sewing machine is required!
Yes, all you need to make a bunny of your own is a roll of toilet paper!
Okay so technically I should have pictured 3 rolls of tp to come up with 3 bunnies, but you get the idea!
My favorite part is that I'm not even wasting the toilet paper!  I can still unwrap the bunnies and use the toilet paper once Easter is over!

Hanging With My Peeps

I simply didn't fight it... This time around, I busted out this holiday shirt with pride!  Easter simply wouldn't be Easter without peeps, right?!  Little Man's Grandpa already introduced him to peeps, so he got excited about his peeps shirt right away.
Yes, my Little Man immediately recognized the sicky-sweet, sugary, gooey marshmallow bunny-shaped treats.  And this makes me very proud.  That's just how we roll 'round here...
This shirt represents another perfect marriage of Silhouette's heat transfer flocked vinyl with my lovely Cricut!  Yes, it's true.  Silhouette and Cricut CAN be happy together!  My opinion of Silhouette just keeps on improving... I even met the handsome Silhouette Team at Creative Estates. (They were really the only dudes there!)
Want to make your own shirt?  Come along, my friends...

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Everything.Is.Just.So.Pretty!

I am drooling right now.  Seriously.
No, it's not a "I'm hungry, and my mouth is watering..." kind of drool.
It's the kind of drool where everything I see is just so pretty!!  I think I am having crafting withdrawals because it's been weeks since I created something new.
So if I can't offer you eye candy of my own, why not give you the best eye candy I can find from around the blogisphere?!
(This is where you sit in a comfty arm chair and indulge in a gigantic cinnamon roll.  Try not to get crumbs on your computer.  Oh wait... that's just me!)
Lorajean's Magazine is one of those blogs you just want to sit down and look through every post and drool.  It's!!  And I LOVE these ruffled crepe paper streamers--gorgeous!
I LOVE this fun pink and yellow rabbit Easter Bunny party from Pizzazzerie.  Surely I'm not the only one wondering if I can throw together a last-minute Easter egg hunt and luncheon for Little Man and his friends!

E is for Easter {Mommy School Packet}

The next Mommy School packet is here!
Woot! Woot!
If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know I'm a last minute kind of gal.  I wish I was great about planning ahead, but things have been hectic around here.
I honestly believed that last week while we were in Arizona, I would work away at this packet during naptimes and in the evenings.  (Yeah right!)  It took an investment of most of my day today to get this packet ready.  But it's done!
Here are some of the concepts covered in this packet:
* Letter of the week: E
* Number of the week: 7
* Color of the week: Purple
*Theme of the week: Easter
* Song of the week:  Humpty Dumpty

Creative Estates 2011

I did it!!  I attended my very first blogging conference!
My time at Creative Estates was incredibly fun and inspiring!  I honestly never thought I would get the guts to attend a conference such as this.  I was terrified at the very idea.  I am a shy person in the beginning, but I love getting to know new people.  So it took a lot of pep talks for me to walk into a room full of people whom I had never even met.  But I treasured the opportunity to get to know some really talented women--people I could relate to as bloggers, as moms, and as friends.

My husband really made Creative Estates possible.  He encouraged me to attend from the get-go.  He even helped me design my blogging business cards!  Because he works in Arizona frequently, we decided to divide up parental responsibilities, and make a family vacation out of the entire week!

We booked a room at a gorgeous resort, and we were having a fabulous time...

But then Little Man got sick.  Very sick.  I was so worried about my Little Man!  I had never seen him quite this ill.  We finally took him to Urgent Care, and discovered he had Strep.  It broke my heart to have to leave my little guy just when he needed me the most!  Luckily Mr. Oopsey Daisy played Mr. Mom, and they spent lots of R&R time together...

Spring Art Project Tutorial {30 Days}

I hope you've been enjoying some very talented bloggers this week!  I can't wait to share the oh-so-talented Mique with you from 30 Days.  She is amazing!  And I love that she shares the twists and turns of this fun spring project.

Hi Oopsey Daisy readers, I'm Mique from 30days.
I live in the (mostly) sunny Los Angeles area with my husband and three cute kids.  In addition to being a wife, momma and craft blogger, I co-own a handmade market, the Queen Bee Market in the San Diego area.  Our next show is May 6-7th- come visit! Thank you so much Alison for letting me guest post!

Have you ever started a project with one thing in mind and changed it half way through?  It happens to me almost every time.  (please tell me I'm not alone) That's what happened with my project for today.  I was determined to use products I had already.

Here's my idea for a spring art project:
Here's what I started with:
A rectangular canvas (you could use a piece of wood too)
scrapbook paper
Modge Podge
paint brushes
cover button kit
scrap fabric
flower wood piece (found mine at Michael's)
letter stamps/vinyl/stickers
ruler or yard stick
glue gun 

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Relax….

I don't mean to rub it in... but right now I am sitting outside on our hotel deck, soaking in the Arizona sun and enjoying a light breeze.  I think we were long overdue for a little vacation because I haven't been this relaxed in quite some time.

While relaxing, I have been trolling for fabulous ideas!  Come take a break with me.  (Come on, you know you want to!)  Look around and be inspired...

Lately, I am in love with everything Peppermint Plum makes!  How about this wooden home decor?!  ADORABLE!


Jen from Tatertots and Jello has done it again!  I love that she created this subway art using pennants, chevron, AND a quote from one of my favorite songs!  This is so bright and cheery!

Surprise Cupcakes Tutorial {She Wears Flowers}

I have another talented guest in store for you today.  Tammy from She Wears Flowers is incredibly talented AND sweet!  Just wait and see what she has in store for you today... 

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! I LOVE Oopsey Daisy and I think Alison is one of the sweetest (and oh-so-talented!) people around this blogging world!

I am so thrilled to be sharing a project here today!
I am Tammy from the blog she wears flowers. I have three little girls so flowers and pink and ruffles are my way of life! I like to say I blog to avoid housework (true), but it didn’t start that way. I was reading a bunch of blogs and realized I did many of the same types of projects. I decided to start my own blog to share my ideas in the same way others shared (and still share!) with me. The best part of blogging is the people you meet—love that the most!
Pupcakes 30
Today I am sharing a tutorial for making these fun little surprise cupcakes. (My husband said they should be called “pupcakes”!) They have lots of little instructions, but are as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Pupcakes 35
It all started as an Easter basket idea. I want to have fun things and fun treats for our baskets, but I am getting tired of the accumulation of junk (toys and sugar!). I saw a toy in a store that sparked this idea and I thought it would be perfect for an Easter basket. You can give a cute gift, it looks sweet, it takes up lots of space so you don’t need a bunch more junk in the basket and once your child takes it apart, it is still usable!
Let’s make it! 

Paper Bag Dress Tutorial {Delia Creates}

I will be attending Creative Estates this week, plus enjoying the Arizona sun with my family all week along!  In my absence, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to welcome some amazing guests to Oopsey Daisy!  Today, you are going to fall in love with the incredible Delia from Delia Creates.  Her blog is oozing with inspiration!

Hello! I am so happy to be posting over here on Alison's blog. She is so nice, so talented, and a beauty to boot. She is also a wonderful mother. The thing that clinched my follower-ship to her blog were her amazing mommy school packets. So...I am thrilled that she asked me to guest post.


Today I am going to share a very, very, very, very easy sewing project? Did I say very? Yes...very easy.

It's a tunic style dress that without that belt looks very much like a paper bag. Hence why I named it so. 🙂

You only have to sew two straight lines and then you are finished. Easy.

Let me show you what I mean.

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