Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER, my friends!
When faced with one of life's truly hard choices (Donut vs. Egg hunt), definitely choose the donut.  Sugar that you don't have to hunt for--totally convenient.
With sincere promises of saving the beloved donut...
He's (finally) off to the races!
 Hold on to those eggs! 
Upgrade your egg hunting basket.

 Definitely hire a sweet little guardian to watch over all those eggs.
Whatever you believe about Easter, I hope you make some memories today.

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  1. The Miller Five says

    Cute! I love the egg guardian. What a sweetie. Happy Easter!

  2. Jackie Koll says

    I love his "basket" – the hat idea is so cute!

  3. Cheryl Costner says

    How cute! Treasure those memories…they are so fleeting!

  4. what a little darling! hope you had a great holiday alison!

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