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Ruffle Pillows

I really believe that everyone should have a ruffle pillow!
Remember this post where I ooohed and ahhed about the ruffle fabric I just received?!  Well, I am happy to show off my very first ruffle fabric project!  And this project is a piece of cake, even for me--the sewing novice.
These drab pillows came with our couch, but they have not been very well loved.  They have been collecting dust in my basement long enough.  It was the perfect opportunity to change drab into fab!
This is probably the easiest pillow cover tutorial EVAH!  I started out by measuring the entire circumference of the pillow.  I added an inch for seam allowance.
I did all of my measuring and cutting on the flip side of the fabric.  I cut a strip of fabric the entire circumference of the pillow so that I could simply fold it over!
Lovely ruffles, oh how I love you!
I folded the strip of fabric with right sides together, pinned the sides, and then sewed along those 2 sides only.

Next, I turned the pillow cover inside out and slipped the pillow inside.

This part took the longest:  I blind-stitched the last side closed.  Because this ruffle fabric is part spandex, it bunched up a bit.  However, the ruffles easily cover this, so no biggie!

See--was that easy or what?!  
I actually whipped up 2 of these pillows during Little Man's naptime yesterday.  Now the question is--where should I put them?! (Indecisive decorating again!)
Perhaps on my new favorite chair??

But they also make a nice addition to my other accent pillows on the couch.

So have you ordered your own ruffle fabric yet?!  Just enter "Daisy" at checkout for 10% off your purchase! 

If you have used ruffle fabric, send me some pictures of your projects!  
I want to see what you've been making!

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Already?!

Is it already Wednesday again?!

Time is flying! With Little Man's party all done and the house *almost* put back together, I have designated this week "R&R" Week.  All I want to do is get caught up on my sleep!  So cheers to R&R (and for me, that means being inspired by other bloggers and their incredible ideas!).
I know Valentine's Day is over, and to be honest, I am not missing all of the pink!  But I DO love these love notes on a string by KoJo Designs. I am SO making these for my hubby for Valentine's Day next year!
My pillow obsession continues with this rolled rosette pillow by Craft Goodies.  Love the color. Love the rosettes.  It's just plain yummy!

I have been loving all of the frame collages lately.  But this frame collage from Lemon Tree Creations is my new favorite!  It's simply stunning!
But if you're not into empty frames, try this photo gallery wall!! I love the variety of colors and shapes!  Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar is a genius!  She shared this tutorial at Infarrantly Creative.

I also love this unconventional Valentine's Day project : A framed equation love note from Positively Splendid.  Too cute!
Finally, you've got to check out these gorgeous drop cloth curtains from Shanty 2 Chic. I think I want to cover every one of my windows with these!

What has inspired you this week??

Happy Birthday Banner {Toy Story Style}

One of the many things I love about my readers is how incredibly supportive you are!  When I revealed Little Man's Toy Story party theme along with the invitations I made, you showered me with ideas!  I searched and bookmarked each and every one. A sweet reader of mine sent me a link to this lovely Toy Story-themed cardboard banner on Etsy.  Thanks a million!
I completely fell in love with the banner, and was determined to make my own. It was one of the first projects on my to-do list.  And I must say:  It's kind of my pride and joy.  
The best part about this banner is anyone can make it using some cardboard and a little bit of paint!  I used recycled cardboard boxes (from all of my hubby's work shipments he receives almost daily) to create this entire banner from scratch.
I started out by using some thin cardboard to cut out my the letters.  I actually save the cardboard that comes with my photo enlargements at Costco.  I used this thin cardboard for the letters, plus a few cereal boxes.  I just free-handed the letters... nothing too fancy!  The imperfect look gives it a certain charm.  I painted my letters using white acrylic paint.

Once the letters were dry, I distressed all of the edges with distressing ink.

I got my hubby involved with the next step!  I had him use a razor blade to cut out 13 rectangles to back all of the letters in "Happy Birthday."  Thanks for your manly muscles, babe!  I used acrylic paint to paint these, too.  I painted some plain brown, red, and blue, using the colors from Toy Story.  I also painted some yellow/red plaid to look like Woody's shirt and a few white/black like Woody's vest.  Again, I just free-handed my patterns.  I'm not an artist, but I loved how it turned out!

After gluing the letters onto the backings, I just arranged them in a kind of jumbled way.  This is so perfect for my Oopsey Daisy style!
I tried using E-6000 to glue my letters together, but they kept popping up.  Hot glue did the trick!  How I love my little old hot glue gun!
Last but not least, I strung the letters together with twine by hot gluing felt loops over the twin on each letter.

I hung it over my awkward ledge, secured with nails.  Voila!  It really set the tone for the whole party.  I must say:  Once I put this all together, I was so proud, I was taking pictures on my phone and sending them to my hubby!  I really and truly LOVE how it turned out!

The banner was a hit at the party!
More party crafts and details coming...


Happy Valentine's Day!

I love, love, love my readers!  Over the weekend, I was thrilled to pieces to surpass 2,000 readers. You don't know what that means to me!  Thanks for being here and supporting my world of crazy craftiness!
{Please don't laugh at my cheeziness! I hate taking pictures of myself!}
Whether it be chocolates, flowers, a pedicure (or in my case, all three!), I hope you're enjoying a day of pampering and sweetness!
 Thanks for being here!

Sunday Snippets: Celebrating Little Man!

Welcome back to the second edition of my Sunday Snippets!
You are such a supportive bunch of readers!  It makes my day to be able to share all of our every-day craziness and quirkiness with you.
First off, lots of you were wondering about my online photography course.  So I have to give a shout-out to my fabulous instructor, Maggie Holmes!  I am only in "Week 3" of classes, but I am loving every minute!  If you interested in taking beginning or advanced photography classes in the comforts of your own home, I highly recommend Maggie Holmes.  I have learned so much in just a few short weeks.
This week has been an absolute whirlwind!  I will be sharing the details of Little Man's big birthday bash all week long.  I think I probably set a little too high of expectations for myself because I was up until the wee hours of the morning every day just trying to fit it all in.  Now we are sitting in piles of helium-filled balloons that have long ago lost their "lift", and the house is still trashed, but it is so nice to have a bit of a break!
Yes, Little Man is the star of the show in my pictures mainly because it was too cold to get out much this week, and Mr. Daisy was about 500 miles away all week long.  But look at those blue eyes--I just can't get enough of them!
Little Man has LOVED playing Mr. Potato Head lately!  He concentrates so hard, and practices naming body parts along the way.
I think I love sugar cookies more at Valentine's Day than on Christmas!  Little Man was so excited to shake the sprinkles all by himself!  Granted, we had a whole world full of sprinkles by the time he was through, but it's all part of the experience!
I'm a firm believer in getting out and playing outside, even on cold days!  Lately, we like to hunt for icicles!
Little Man adores pancakes.  So yesterday, we feasted on chocolate-chip pancakes for the big birthday breakfast!  
I can't believe this sweetheart is two years old!  He ran off before I could get him dressed, and found his fireman's hat.  I did not pose this little guy.  He poses all by himself! 🙂 

Here is just one sneak preview of the birthday party!  We were dressed as Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head along with Buzz Lightyear, of course, enjoying our birthday cupcakes in dump trucks!
A few hours left until Valentine's Day... still so much to do! 
What were the best moments of your week?

Toy Story Valentines

You are going to be seeing A LOT of Toy Story in the next week or so.  Prepare yourselves.  Here in our house, it has been Eat.Sleep.Drink. Buzz Lightyear.  At the brink of Little Man's Toy Story birthday party, it has been a flurry of preparations.  What better theme for Little Man's valentines too?!
Little Man is a typical toddler. He loves suckers!  So using the "You've Got a Friend in Me" kit by MandaBean from Sweet Shoppe Designs I created this template in Photoshop.  

I printed out several sucker covers and folded them.  Easy enough.

We bought these fun heart-shaped suckers and just stapled the cover over the top.  The only problem was Little Man wanted to eat all of the suckers instead of make valentines!

I finally had to hide the valentines from Little Man because he kept trying to steal the suckers and eat them!!

He is going to have so much fun giving these away!

What kind of valentines are your kids giving out?

Wednesday’s Wowzers: Still Lovin’ Valentine’s Day

Hey friends!  It's Wednesday, and I am so excited!  It's been another cold week keeping us indoors, and I am looking forward to the weekend for some playtime!  This Saturday is Little Man's birthday, and I have been sleeping, dreaming, and breathing Toy Story.  I am looking forward to sharing my ideas with you next week! 
I had EVERY intention of trying to feature ideas besides Valentine's Day.  But I just couldn't do it.  There are so many stinkin' cute ideas out there that I just couldn't ignore them! 
I keep thinking that I"ll get tired of subway art, but I don't.  This printable by Libby Bonjour is probably my favorite yet. It's very unique and fun AND available in all sorts of colors!

I just can't tell you how perfectly perfect this Mr. Darcy plate is.  I am excited because I have a certain sister who will probably faint when I give her my own version of this plate by Allie Makes. (Sister, I hope you're not reading this!) All Pride & Prejudice fans, this is a must-see!

I must be baby girl crazy because lately, I am eating up all kinds of ideas for little girls (and I don't even have one!).  My friend Tasha at the Creation Corner is super talented.  She shares the tutorial for this Valentine's Day headband on Strictly Homemade.

As a teacher, this just makes me smile!  I absolutely LOVED making valentine boxes with my students.  I can only imagine how much kids would love this valentine box from Last Minute Mel. Super duper cute!

Alright, my friends.  This night owl party is a doozie.  I mean, if you are prepared to be totally in awe of all things cute and creative, head over to Multi-Purpose Wings.  Anj is my hero!

I love a good Bingo game.  This game is perfect for date night. Kristyn from Lil' Luna has been creating all kinds of amazing free printables! Go check them out!
By the way, if you haven't heard of Pinterest, you should definitely check it out! It's a great way to organize and save all of your favorite ideas.  It's helping my little scatterbrain keep track of a zillion different ideas!
Have a happy rest of your week! 

Hearts With Hidden Messages

Here in Colorado, it has been snow, snow, and more snow!  

With a high of a mere 8 degrees, we decided to call it a snow day today and stay indoors!  But the question is:  How do you keep a toddler entertained inside all day long?!  Especially when we get stir-crazy easily.  I opted to bring out the big guns and attempt an art project.  Not just any art project--a paint project!  I had just mopped our kitchen floor, so I felt like this was particularly risky.  I decided to try out this "hidden messages" art project that I did with my first grade students each year. 
These hidden message valentines are tons of fun to make!  Kids love to paint the hearts to find the secret messages!
I printed out some simple heart templates onto cardstock.  (Although I think that regular old paper works even better, as I learned later on.)  Using a white crayon, I wrote some messages in the hearts.  You definitely need to press as hard as you can.  This is why using regular paper works better; the cardstock I used was probably too thick.  
I used to write my students' names in the hearts, but you could turn them into conversation hearts.  Or you could even just write letters and practice letter recognition.  But I like to do the writing part in secret so finding the message is a big surprise!
Next, using water colors (thicker paints won't work) simply paint over the hearts.  Little Man needed a bit of help, but the fact that his paint hit the paper was a triumph!
As you paint over the hearts, the hidden messages will slowly appear.  Kids really get excited as they see these messages appear!
We decided that this would be a fun valentine to make for Dad!  We painted the entire heart, and then cut it out and mounted it on cardstock.

Daddy will have a fun surprise when he comes home!
 This project was simple, sweet, and cheap.  Perfect for a kids' project!  
Have a happy day!

3-Dimensional Heart Wreath

I am kind of excited about this project!  I have been scheming and planning this heart wreath ever since I saw Jen's amazing modern fall wreath.  Jen used circles to create her fun and festive wreath, but I immediately realized I could use other wooden shapes to create a similar effect.  And what could be more fun than hearts for Valentine's Day?!  So welcome to my 3-dimensional heart wreath!
To create this wreath, I started out with a styrofoam wreath.  Using a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby, you can't beat the price!  
I used my favorite spray adhesive and wrapped the entire wreath with red ribbon.  Doesn't it scream Valentine's Day already?!
I searched all of my usual craft stores for hearts of all sizes.  I also stocked up with some festive coordinating Valentine's Day paper.  I wanted lots of variety!
Next, I painted all of the hearts red.  I painted both sides and let them dry on wax paper.  I also used Jen's technique of using wooden beads to mount the hearts to make them 3-dimensional.  So I also painted the beads red.  I didn't want any speck of unfinished wood showing through!
I traced each heart onto different scrapbook paper, and used mod podge to glue them all on.  I also gave each heart a coat of mod podge over the top.  
This wreath was a little-by-little project.  (Perfect for playing with Little Man in between all the steps!) After the paint dried, I used gorilla glue to mount each heart on a bead.  I wanted the hearts to have all kinds of dimension, so I divided the hearts into 3 groups:  
1 - Flat (no bead).  
2 - Mounted on a small bead. 
3 - Mounted on a larger bead.

The last step was the most fun!  I arranged all of the hearts all over the wreath and glued them on.  I'll be honest--I wasn't sure which glue would work the best here.  So I used both hot glue and E-6000!  I figured that between the 2 types of glue, I couldn't go wrong!
I glued hearts on top, underneath, and every which way!

I found this cute little driftwood frame at Michael's for 50% off and decided it would define this wreath just perfectly!  I had a bare wall in my living room, and this sweet wreath is brightening it up just beautifully! I thought about painting it, but I didn't want to take away from the colors of the hearts on the wreath.

I am loving this bright and cheery wreath--so much fun!  

Thanks, Jen, for inspiring as always!
What are you doing to brighten up your homes for Valentine's Day?

Sunday Snippets

Hello, my friends!  
I'm adding a new feature to this lil' blog.  Each week, I'm going to share some of my favorite moments of the week here at home with my family.  I'm doing this for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I'm taking a photography class online right now, and this gives me an added incentive to polish up my pictures to show them off to you!  Plus, I cherish the chance to take a break from crafts and projects to showcase my #1 passion--my family.  I hope this gives you an idea of what life is like here in the Oopsey Daisy home!
This week, Little Man got sick AGAIN.  It was a strange thing indeed to see Little Man so lifeless.  He wanted nothing more than to snuggle and rest in bed.

I enjoyed those snuggles, though, and I was relieved to see that sweet smile come back!
One of our favorite things to do lately is watch American Idol.  Little Man is such a musical guy and loves to sing and dance!  He will chant "Again! Again!" and beg to watch his favorite performers over and over.  (Thank goodness for DVR!)

Like many of you, we have received A LOT of snow this week.  Just when we think the snow has stopped, it will start up again!  This morning, our church was even cancelled!

We got to try out Little Man's new sled by riding down our street!

And today, well, we are enjoying the Super Bowl!  And what would the Super Bowl be without some Cheetos?!  (Notice the cheesy orange goodness all over Little Man!)
How are you enjoying your Sunday today?
Thanks for taking a peek into my week with me!  
Stay tuned for more crafts tomorrow!
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