Toy Story Character Pennant Banner

Another crafting first...

To create this fun Toy Story character pennant banner for Little Man's birthday party, I used fabric transfers for the first time!  I had been wanting to try this for a long time, and Little Man's birthday seemed like the perfect occasion.  This was a piece-of-cake project--and no sewing is required! 

I created a triangle pattern using cardstock and cut out several red, yellow, and blue pennants out of felt.  (Once again, I have found a fabulous use for my felt scraps left over from my quiet book!)
You can find a package that looks just like this at your local office store or even Wal-Mart!  You can find dark or light fabric transfers.  I chose dark for this project.
I simply found images of our favorite Toy Story characters on Google images, printed them out on the fabric transfer paper, and cut them out.
I followed the instructions on the package to iron the characters onto the felt using a piece of transfer paper in between.  Then you just peel it away, leaving the character.  It's like magic!
I did sew the ribbon across the top, but you could use a hot glue gun just as easily. (Again the cowprint matches Jessie and Woody).  We hung this banner in our kitchen.  I have to admit that we still haven't taken it down.  Oops! But Little Man sits and names all the Toy Story characters while he eats.  So cute!

Guess what?!  I finally have my party photos edited...
So look for a post about the entire Toy Story party tomorrow--it's the final shebang of my Toy Story birthday party ideas!

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  1. Yeah!! I love your blog and all your ideas! I made a banner and posted it on my blog! Totally cute! I also made a pull-string pinata and am LOVING the Toy Story theme!! I am definitely going to try and make this banner!! I may use "Buzz" colors because I'm trying to incorpoate both Buzz and Woody, seeing as my little guy likes them both!! Thanks for the AWESOME idea!!! Can't WAIT for tomorrow!! YEah!

  2. Erin @ Crafts and Sutch says

    This is so cute…and easy to recreate, but adds so much personality and spunk to a birthday party! I bet your little guy loved it!

  3. Who says you have to take it down? I still have my Valentine's banner and intend to keep it up till I'm tired of it, which may be never.

  4. That is so cute. I think I am going to make one for my son's birthday. Then hang it in his room.

  5. Jenny from Crossing the Bugger-Dixon Line says

    I love this idea! I am wondering if I can iron on to an umbrella (we are doing an April showers birthday party this year…) hmmm…

  6. hmmm do you think it would look good with red yellow blue and green for the colors? im stealing this idea from you but kinda wanna add more characters wahts your thought!?

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