3-Dimensional Heart Wreath

I am kind of excited about this project!  I have been scheming and planning this heart wreath ever since I saw Jen's amazing modern fall wreath.  Jen used circles to create her fun and festive wreath, but I immediately realized I could use other wooden shapes to create a similar effect.  And what could be more fun than hearts for Valentine's Day?!  So welcome to my 3-dimensional heart wreath!
To create this wreath, I started out with a styrofoam wreath.  Using a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby, you can't beat the price!  
I used my favorite spray adhesive and wrapped the entire wreath with red ribbon.  Doesn't it scream Valentine's Day already?!
I searched all of my usual craft stores for hearts of all sizes.  I also stocked up with some festive coordinating Valentine's Day paper.  I wanted lots of variety!
Next, I painted all of the hearts red.  I painted both sides and let them dry on wax paper.  I also used Jen's technique of using wooden beads to mount the hearts to make them 3-dimensional.  So I also painted the beads red.  I didn't want any speck of unfinished wood showing through!
I traced each heart onto different scrapbook paper, and used mod podge to glue them all on.  I also gave each heart a coat of mod podge over the top.  
This wreath was a little-by-little project.  (Perfect for playing with Little Man in between all the steps!) After the paint dried, I used gorilla glue to mount each heart on a bead.  I wanted the hearts to have all kinds of dimension, so I divided the hearts into 3 groups:  
1 - Flat (no bead).  
2 - Mounted on a small bead. 
3 - Mounted on a larger bead.

The last step was the most fun!  I arranged all of the hearts all over the wreath and glued them on.  I'll be honest--I wasn't sure which glue would work the best here.  So I used both hot glue and E-6000!  I figured that between the 2 types of glue, I couldn't go wrong!
I glued hearts on top, underneath, and every which way!

I found this cute little driftwood frame at Michael's for 50% off and decided it would define this wreath just perfectly!  I had a bare wall in my living room, and this sweet wreath is brightening it up just beautifully! I thought about painting it, but I didn't want to take away from the colors of the hearts on the wreath.

I am loving this bright and cheery wreath--so much fun!  

Thanks, Jen, for inspiring as always!
What are you doing to brighten up your homes for Valentine's Day?
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  1. Beverly @ FlamingoToes.com says

    This is really really cute Alison!! I love the dimensions of the different layers and papers. I think it looks really pretty hanging in the white frame too. Great job!!!

  2. everyday muses says

    a really pretty take on the wreath! this is a wreath i would actually make πŸ™‚

  3. Jen-CraftOManiac says

    Not even kidding when I say I almost made this wreath… I saw a bag at Roberts Crafts of different sized wood hearts and thought of Jens 3-D Circle wreath… You beat me.. HA! love it, its darling! JEN

  4. This looks awesome! I love this so much. Beautiful πŸ™‚

  5. Super darling!! Love it πŸ™‚ Yeah for Valentine's Day

  6. Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs says

    This is SUPER adorable. I think I even have some extra wooden hearts around from a previous project! πŸ™‚ I love the different paper you used for each heart. All the patterns look so great together.

  7. Allison {A Glimpse Inside} says

    Love it Alison! So cute! I'll definitely be sharing this on FB later this evening!

  8. Jen @ tatertotsandjello.com says

    Ok – that is so cute Alison. I like your version better than mine. So fun. Now I want to make one for Vday!!


  9. Mod Podge Amy says

    I love this so! It's getting me in the spirit . . πŸ˜€

  10. Jessa Irene (Holiday-Haven) says

    Wow, so pretty! L.O.V.E. IT. πŸ™‚

  11. I absolutely LOVE that! I wish I had a hobby lobby to shop at πŸ™

  12. Paper-Charmed says

    Thanks for the post. I'll be featuring this on my blog.

  13. This looks amazing, the white frame sets it off perfectly! Thanks for sharing

  14. Humble Homemaker says

    One of my favourite Valentines Wreaths I have seen on the blogs this year. Totally cute. πŸ™‚

  15. Really Really Cute!!! I love the 3D effect.

  16. Amy @ Positively Splendid says

    So, so darling, Alison!

  17. Kerry Jane says

    Way cute! I LOVE the empty frame. That way you can change out the inside for whatever season or holiday. I also LOVE your cricut idea (the one on your comment:)). Love ya!

  18. bonniedtanner says

    Alison, I love it! I loved your conversation chalkboard hearts so much that I just finished making them yesterday. Now I want to do this project! Thanks for sharing. :0)

  19. The Iowa Farmer's Wife says

    Super cute! I love the dimension of it! Wish I'd used a 40% coupon for my wreath! πŸ™‚

  20. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Too cute, Alison! I love the dimension and the colors of your paper. Its just too fun!! Fabulous job!

  21. jeanne @ Inspiring Ideas says

    VERY cute!! My daughter would love for us to make that!!

  22. That is adorable!!! Super cute papers!

  23. LOVE it! I'm glad you can see that pretty shiny ribbon too from some angles.

  24. reasonstoskipthehousework says

    Simply adorable! I LOVE the bead idea to make it 3D – so smart!



  25. Hey Alison– Great idea… love you button idea. I wouldn't have thought of that. You are so talented! Malia

  26. What a cute idea! I love all the layers and different patterns. This is fabulous!

  27. Tammy @ she wears flowers says

    This is beautiful!

  28. waht a gorgeous wreath well done and thanks for sharing tina x http://scratchycatcrafter.blogspot.com

  29. thecraftyscientist.com says

    This is so gorgeous! I love it! At first I thought it was scrapbook paper, but this way actually means you can put this up outside and not worry about hearts getting torn off! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Allison {A Glimpse Inside} says

    Thanks for linking up this absolutely adorable wreath friend!

  31. Jessica @ My World - Made By Hand says

    Wow…thanks for sharing…this is super cute.

    Your newest follower, Jessica @ myworldmadebyhand.blogspot.com

  32. Shawna Bates says

    adorable! How clever that you used the beads to make the hearts stand out like that.

  33. Lauren @ YoungNester says

    Great tutorial! Love this!


  34. GianneCurry says

    I love this!! Too cute


  35. Cute and different than lots of the other wreaths floating around blog land right now!


  36. I've put together a final round up of Valentine projects on Craft Gossip and included your fun post here

    If you would like to share the Craft Gossip love and show your visitors you've been featured, you can grab a button here!

  37. Wow that is so pretty! I love the three d effect.

  38. Ashlee @ I'm Topsy Turvy says

    love love LOVE it! I'm featuring this tonight on Topsy Turvy Tuesday's!

  39. Ch.bonnevay says

    bravo!!! belle rΓ©ussite

  40. This is really cute! I am featuring it Friday for 50+ Valentine’s Day decor ideas.

  41. I love the different patterns and the 3-dimensional nature of this wonderful wreath!

  42. JaneEllen Jones says

    Wow, love the dimension, how it looks hung in that frame. I’ve got a whole bunch of small wood hearts, (somewhere) out in our shed. Keeping my fingers crossed I can find them. My husband gets really nervous when I go digging in that shed. It’s what caused the word clutter and a REALLY BIG MESS! kinda like my studio/computer room after my Christmas ornament making surge.
    You gals are such an inspiration for a senior crafter. I spend too much time going from blog to blog seeing all everybody’s awewome projects.
    Think I’m going to combine felt, wood and paper hearts.

  43. Mary Ellen Mandeville says

    I just LOVE this wreath! I might try my hand at creating this and I just love all types of crafts. I am so glad I have stumbled upon your website.

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