Book Advent: Day 8 {Baby Jesus Ornament}

I hope you are enjoying our little book advent this holiday season!  I love sharing my favorite Christmas books with you.  This is my way of sitting back, enjoying the holidays, and simplifying my crafts a bit and trying to make them more meaningful.  It's also been fun to enjoy more crafts with Little Man!
Today we read an adorable story that one of my readers recommended: Mortimer's Christmas Manger.  This is a sweet story about a mouse who wants to leave his dingy hole and decides to set up camp in the manger--right in Baby Jesus' bed!  As much as I love the Santa stories, I really love reminding Little Man *and me* about the real meaning of Christmas!
This Baby Jesus ornament is super easy to make.  Simple and sweet--perfect for me!  For this project...
* Start with a small craft basket.  You can find these at craft stores.
* Stuff the bottom of the basket with Spanish moss.  You won't need much. Now you have your manger.
* To make Baby Jesus' head, you just need a small wooden circle.  You can also find these at craft stores.  Add a face.
* Use a stronger glue to attach the head to a bundle of fleece or muslin, just wrapped in a tight little bundle.
* Wrap the body a couple of times with a gold cord.  We also wrapped the head once to add a touch of nobility.
Here is an up-close view.  This would also make an easy nativity piece.
A great way to remember the real meaning of Christmas!
Enjoy your day!!
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  1. How cute the Baby Jesus ornament is!!

  2. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    This is too cute!!

  3. Oh he is so cute! I've got visions of an entire nativity built like this… that might have to wait until next year, though 🙂

  4. This is such a sweet ornament, Alison! I am LOVING your Christmas book advent ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love this! I wonder if I could find one these baskets at the DI?

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