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Wednesday’s Wowzers

TWO MORE DAYS until the moving truck arrives.  I know, I know, I've been talking about moving forever!  But because we're moving just across town, it's been a long process.  We've been taking loads over to our new house for a while now.  I am done with living out of boxes and done with this limbo of being in between house and apartment.  Besides that, my Cricut and other crafting supplies have been packed in a box all week long!  I feel a little lost without the ability to craft!
With everything in boxes, I had a little time to browse.  I found some FUN crafting ideas! I feel anxious to get crafting again when my creativity is sparked by some of these amazing ideas:
Did I mention that I will have my own craft room in our new home?!  Well, this craft room from I Am Momma... Hear Me Roar! has given me tons of juicy ideas.  I love the colors that Cheri uses, and her organization is fabulous!  Go see the whole post because she has a whole wall of empty frames--so cute!  Lots of inspiration!
I keep thinking about Amanda's distressed EAT sign.  I love the fork and spoon! Plus her distressing is fabulous.  You can read more at Crafts by Amanda.
I think that if my kitchen was in working order, I'd go mix up a batch of these pumpkin cheesecake muffins right now!  They sound divine!  I found this recipe at The Farm Girl.  Yum!
It's absolutely killing me that my felt is packed away, too!  I love this felt board turkey that Naptime Crafts created!  Serena shares the template for this lil' gobbler, too!  I am definitely making one of these!

I just have to applaud the creativity of Clean and Scentsible. She created a photo holder using an old spice rack!  I'm telling you... I'm never throwing anything away ever again!  Genius!

Finally, here is one more thing to get your wheels spinning for Christmas.  Eighteen25 shared the printables for this amazing Christmas planner at Under the Sycamore.  I've always wanted to get more organized with Christmas, and here is a fun way to do it!
Enjoy your day!

Giveaway with L. Ann Photography

Let's be honest--I am a picture nut!  So I am super excited to host a giveaway for my new favorite photographer! L. Ann Photography has just recently come to Colorado, so Colorado readers--get excited!  I have a little Colorado lovin' to spread today!  Lindsey has 2 fabulous offers for Colorado local Oopsey Daisy readers:

1.  Lindsey is hosting a Christmas Santa session where your child can come have professional pictures taken with Santa!  No waiting in long lines at the mall this year!

December 4th
9:00-11:00 A.M.
Location in Parker, Colorado TBA
$35 for 5 edited images on CD (Only 5-day turnaround)
By appointment only
Contact Lindsey at 208-569-8740 to set up your session.
For this great deal, just call Lindsey and she will set this up for you.  What a fun idea.  Who doesn't love pictures with Santa?!

2.  Lindsey is also offering an amazing giveaway for a 1-hour free family photo shoot on location along with a CD of 15 high-resolution images.  This is perfect timing--just in time for your family's Christmas cards!  I love taking pictures in the fall, and it seems that every year around this time, I get an itch to do family pictures.  It's the best time to capture the family to get Christmas cards ready on time.  (And good news--Lindsey also does Christmas cards.  Score!)

I am thrilled to support a photographer who I personally know and love.  Lindsey is adorable, and she is great to work with!  She offers creative and affordable photography.  Recently, Lindsey took pictures of Little Man!  We haven't taken professional pictures of him since he was a baby, and I LOVE how these turned out.  Here are some of my favs:

I think it's incredible that Lindsey was able to capture such amazing photo's of a toddler, especially when he was constantly on the move!

So now it's your turn--One lucky family will have the opportunity to win their own 1-hour free photo session on location.  All you have to do is...

(Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry)
* Become a fan of L. Ann Photography on Facebook.  Let us know in a comment here.
* Leave Lindsey a comment on her Facebook fan page.  Let us know in a comment here.
* Spread the word!  Blog, facebook, or tweet about this family photo shoot giveaway.  Leave us a link in a comment here.

I will select a winner this Saturday, November 13 at midnight.

Please only enter this giveaway if you live in the Denver metro area so you can meet Lindsey on site.  However, if you would like to "give" this photo session to someone you know living in Denver, you may enter in their behalf.

Good luck, my friends!

Lacy Washer Necklace

Today, I want to share my lacy washer necklace with you.  Sometimes in my craft world, I neglect myself a bit.  I am always making stuff for the house.  For Little Man.  For others.  Occasionally, I just want to make something for me.  It usually takes the form of jewelry... when it comes to spoiling myself, I usually prefer jewelry!  Or shoes.  ūüôā  Lately, I have been loving my homemade necklaces.  And this one is a piece of cake!
This necklace was incredibly easy to make!  You'll just need a bit of lace, some scrapbook paper, and some washers.  Can I just tell you how much I love washers?!  I'm not sure why, but this sack full of washers just makes me happy!  So many possibilities! 
I selected 8 washers and traced them onto some cute scrapbook paper.  I used 2 types of scrapbook paper, so I traced 4 on one kind of paper and 4 on the other.  I mod podged paper to both sides of the washers so there would be no distinct front or back.  After mod podging, I used a nail file around the edges of each washer.  I wanted the paper to really become "one" with the washer. 
I wanted my necklace to be shiny.  Almost jewel-like.  Using a small paint brush, I applied Aleene's paper glaze to each washer.  Give the washers plenty of time to dry.  (You can work on other crafts while you wait... don't you love multi-tasking?!)  Apply the glaze to both sides. 
To string the washers on the lace, follow Becca' instructions at Blue Cricket Design.  Don't get frustrated if it doesn't come easily at first... You'll get it!  Give it a couple of tries, and you'll figure out the over/under's.  I tied knots in the lace before and after the washers so they wouldn't slide around.
Isn't it lovely?!  There is something so elegant about lace.  I just tie a knot to secure it behind my neck when I wear it.  I can't wait to make more and try out some new color combinations!

The very day I finished the necklace, I wanted to wear it.  So I did.  I wore it to my birthday dinner!  Here I am, modeling it, in all of my up-close glory!

Wouldn't it be fun to make this in holiday colors?!  Such an easy stocking stuffer!

Thanksgiving Day skit

One of my favorite traditions on Thanksgiving Day is performing a little Thanksgiving skit.  We usually  perform this skit in between dinner and pie.  It's simple and sweet, and perfect for kids!  But even a few years ago, before there were any grandchildren in our family, we were still doing this little skit!  You don't need any props and luckily for me, you don't need any acting skills!  A narrator simply reads a story about the first Thanksgiving dinner.  Each guest is assigned a character with a line that they perform every time their name is read in the story.  It ends up being tons of fun!
You can download your own Thanksgiving skit here or here on Scribd.
What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving Day traditions?
Have a great weekend!

Guest Designer

I had an amazing opportunity to be a guest designer for the fabulous Deb at Say it With Letters.  You can find all kinds of wooden block letters and other unfinished wood at Deb's shop!  I had so much fun selecting this 12" Christmas tree and decorating it as a countdown to Christmas!  Today, I am sharing my tutorial.  Head on over to Say it With Letters and come say hello!
Thanks for making Oopsey Daisy part of your day!

Fall Tree Snack

I'm going to be short and sweet today!  I just wanted to share one of the snacks we created during our "L is for leaves" Mommy School unit.  This is our fall tree snack:
Pretzel rod - Tree trunk
Pretzel sticks - Tree branches
M&M's - Leaves
Graham cracker - Base
*Held together by peanut butter*
I did attempt to secure M&M's to my tiny tree branches, but without much luck!  So this is a tree at the end of fall, with all of its "leaves" on the ground!  Little Man loved it!  I am happy to say that he ate more of the pretzels and cracker than the M&M's!  (So I don't feel quite as guilty for offering sugarlicious snacks!)
Enjoy your day!

More Thankful Activities

Happy Wednesday, my friends.  
Mr. Daisy's traveling has pro's and con's.  When he travels, it's perfect for crafting.  But his traveling while we're supposed to be MOVING is not so much fun!  He hasn't been home with us in 10 days!  I'm a bit overwhelmed with unpacking from California while still packing for moving plus chasing Little Man.  I am wishing I could fast forward to the part where we are happily settled in to our new place!  Yet I am trying to be grateful for his fabulous job and the chance to move into a home!
I am a bit out of touch with blog surfing, so in place of my regular Wednesday's Wowzers, I wanted to share some fun gratitude activities from last year's archives.  I stole BOTH of these ideas last year and loved them!  So be sure to check them out!

I saw this adorable thankful shadow box tree last year at Roots and Wings Co.  Last year, we wrote what we were thankful for on silk leaves each day and placed them on the tree.  (Roots and Wings Co. did the opposite--took leaves OFF the tree as they wrote what they were thankful for.)

I also love this thankful jar from Blue Cricket Design.  Becca has thankful activities that you can download and print and toss in a jar.  Your kids can select an activity that demonstrates gratitude.  Fabulous idea!!
Of course you can try out my gratitude tree advent also.  We're really enjoying this! 
It's not too late to start showing off what you're thankful for!

Turkey Favors

One of my favorite things about Oopsey Daisy is sharing some of my favorite childhood memories with you.  Every Thanksgiving morning, usually while watching Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, my Mom put us to work.  In between making stuffing and pumpkin pie, my sisters and I would set the table for Thanksgiving dinner.  We usually created some kind of cheesy name cards to place next to each plate along with these little turkey favors.  
This project is one of my fav's because of its simplicity.  You can get your kids involved in Thanksgiving dinner with this fun (and easy!) craft!  PLUS they are fun to munch on before, during, or after the Thanksgiving feast!
For this project, you will need:
* Pipe cleaners.
* Brown netting.
* Your choice of candies, mints, or nuts.
Start by cutting squares out of the brown netting.  I think my squares are roughly 6-7 inches.  You will need one square for each turkey.
Now place a handful of treats in the center of the netting.
Gather the treats by pulling the 4 corners together.  Twist a brown pipe cleaner all the way around the opening.  We don't want any of those goodies spilling out!
This next step is very important.  My Mother says, you must fluff the feathers!

Using a half pipe cleaner, roll up the end to create the turkey's head.  You can also create feet if you wish.  (I love the idea of the turkey's feet, but sometimes it makes the turkeys a bit lopsided.)
Just insert the pipe cleaner pieces into the webbing.  And that's it!  You have an adorable turkey favor for each guest at your Thanksgiving dinner!  While you take turns sharing what you're thankful for, you can munch on this little after-dinner snack!  
What do YOU do to involve your kids with Thanksgiving dinner?
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