Dress It Up WIth Vinyl {Part 4}

There are very few things I love more than my label-maker.  But for this project, I gave my trusty label-maker a break.  I let vinyl take over for this toy organization project.  I am a huge believer in rotating toys.  When you bring out a toy your child hasn't seen in a while, it seems brand new again!  No need to buy tons of new toys... just rotate them!
Our only problem is that with very limited storage solutions, I've struggled to hide toys away from Little Man.  He's very smart, and just covering them with a blanket wasn't covering it!  Thanks to Mr. Oopsey Daisy, we found a couple of unclaimed storage closets across the hall from our apartment and we quietly moved our stuff in!  (Shhhh... don't tell!) We made one closet into our office with our file storage, printers, etc.  The other closet has become book and toy storage.  Hip hip hooray!
After a visit to the Container Store (I love this store just as much as my label-maker!), we were all set up to organize toys!  I printed my vinyl, and adhered it using contact paper for the perfect smoothness and accuracy.  Isn't the font cute?!  It's called "Smiley Monster."  I already had a helpful reader let me know I mis-spelled "fischer".... and another reason to love vinyl!  I can easily fix my "oopseys" by removing that pesky "c"!
Now I can find Little Man's toys in a snap!  If I feel changing things around, I can easily remove and adhere new vinyl labels.Another easy vinyl solution!
Enjoy your week!
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  1. CUTE idea! But the "Fisher" in "Fisher Price" doesn't have a 'c' in it.

  2. Sassy Sites! says

    I featured your quiet book over at Sassy Sites! Stop by and check it out! OH… and don't forget to grab a FEATURED button!! Cute blog you have here! xoxo

  3. Domestic Nerd says

    I am loving all your vinyl projects! This might be a stupid question…but how do you "do" vinyl? I read that you print it out…on paper, onto vinyl? Do I buy printable vinyl? Sorry…I know it sounds dumb, but I'm new to this & would love to label the canisters in my pantry. Thanks!

  4. I'm with Domestic Nerd..how did you cut this vinyl? Adorable!

  5. Mark and Heather says

    I just was going to ask the same question as Domestic Nerd. How do you make the vinyl? What precisely do I need to make adorable things like yours?

  6. Tara @ Tara Being Tara says

    I love that you just moved in to an unclaimed storage closet. Love it!

  7. very cute – love that you spelled Fisher with a C – that is my maiden name 🙂

  8. Your mom/organization/homemaking/craft doing skills put me to shame and inspire me all at the same time! 🙂

  9. Better Life Bags says

    Hi! I'm your newest follower!!

    Rebecca from

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