First Week of Mommy School!

This week I started "Mommy School" with Little Man!  It was a lot of work to prepare lesson plans and materials again.... and it was a bit different than teaching first grade!  We did our learning in short, rapid spurts.  I aimed for about a half hour in the morning and a half hour in the evening!
Here is a little picture sneak peek into our week:
Letter of the Week:  C
Target Vocabulary Words:  Car, caterpillar, cat, cow, cookie
Theme:  Cars and Trucks
Number:  Introduction to counting
Color/Shape:  Introduction to colors
Nursery Rhyme:  One, Two, Buckle My Shoe
Theme activities:
* We played in a sensory tub with sand, blocks, cars, and trucks. (#2 above)
* We painted a car by driving matchbox cars through paint and then onto paper. (#4 above)
* We experimented with texture by covering car ramp with aluminum foil, saran wrap, sand paper, etc., and discovering how it affected the cars' speed. (#5 above)
* We drove cars and trucks through play dough. (#7 above)
* We made and ate race car snacks.
Field Trips:
* We took a field trip to Costco.  This was the highlight of the week!
* We went on a picnic and counted how many blue cars we saw, how many red cars, etc.
* We went for a walk and used sidewalk chalk to draw roads and a town for Little Man to drive his matchbox cars.
* We went to the car wash!  Little Man "drove" the car while we vacuumed.  We came home and had our own matchbox car wash in the bath tub! (#8 above)
Color Activities:
* Went color shopping by taking a basket from room to room and finding objects that were a certain color.
* We created colored ice cubes with food coloring. (#9 above)
* We graphed matchbox cars by color using car color cards.  (#1 above)

Counting Activities:
* We counted cars to learn one-to-one correspondence. (#3 above)
* We made a caterpillar out of paper circles and counted them with chocolate chips.
Other C-themed activities:
* We created a "C" word wall with pictures of family members and logos (like Costco!) that start with C.  
* We made cookies in the shape of the letter "C" after reading If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
* We taped a giant letter C on our kitchen floor using painters tape.  Little Man traced the C with his cars.
* We played "Who Stole the Cookie From the Cookie Jar?"
* We learned about caterpillars.  We made a caterpillar out of the letter C using pipe cleaner, google eyes, and pompoms.  (#6 above)

We also had our first Muffin Tin meal.  Little Man LOVED his C-themed meal in his little muffin tin!!  We will definitely be doing this again!
I am so excited with how our first week of Mommy School went!  Little Man woke up every morning, eager and thrilled to discover the "C" word wall and couldn't wait to learn more!  It required a bit of hard work, but a definite success!
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  1. I love the idea of having "mommy school" for the not-quite-preschool age toddlers! I hope you keep posting your different lesson plans, this is very helpful and more creative than I could do!

  2. This is SO cute! I teach Kindergarten…I so wish all of my students' parents would do this before they get to my classroom! 🙂

  3. Wowza, you are an awesome mom! Your little man will be so ready for school when he starts — way to go! Seriously, I am in awe of Mommy School!

  4. Wow! I am seriously impressed! Thanks for the inspiration to get moving on my own version of mommy school! 🙂

  5. You make me sick. 🙂

  6. Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker says

    I love your Muffin Tin Meal!

  7. please keep sharing your week plan- i get discouraged and give up too often! thanks!

  8. You totally win the Super Mom award this week! I am loving your plans. Curious how old Little man is? Mine is not quite 2 1/2 and I am wondering if I should try something like this with him or wait another year?

  9. I love this! My little man is ready to go to preschool but refuses to potty train, so no preschool yet. He's 2 1/2. Thanks for some ideas!

  10. Awesome, can I send mine to your school?! Ha ha, thanks for the great ideas!

  11. Michele {The Scrap Shoppe} says

    Too cute!! Oh my, Alison, you are such a good mommy and teacher! You make me want to try even harder for my little guy. 🙂

  12. Cory, Jaime, and Cayden says

    I love this idea and actually try to do activities like this with my son (2). Thanks for the ideas I am totally going to borrow them!

  13. WOW! What cool and creative "C" lesson plans! 🙂


  14. I love this!! Oh yeah, the muffin tin meal….Brilliant!!!

  15. naptimeinspiration says

    I am so inspired! Great job mom!

  16. The Stimpsons says

    Please keep posting! I am going to do it along with ya. Thanks for the ideas!

  17. I absolutely love this! I have been working on and off with my little girl… and I love these ideas!!! More More More Please!

  18. Wow, that's all I can say, Wow!! Please keep sharing!!

  19. I am so amazed by all your skills. I'm also a teacher but teach upper grades and have struggled to find activities for my little boy. I just love all your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  20. I am so impressed with your blog and your amazing ideas!!! Your family is so lucky to have you!!! Thank you for sharing your incredibly, creative ideas 🙂 🙂 🙂

  21. I am SO glad I have found your blog, and it has come at exactly the right time. I finished up work just this last Friday so I can be a full-time SAHM to my 19 month old daughter. I’ve been looking for ideas to spend our days creatively, and your mommy school packets are BEYOND perfect! Please keep them up – Bec in Sydney Australia

  22. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff for toddlers and the ABC’s! I am trying to print off some of the packets and it won’t let me print of O, D and Cars and Trucks. Any helpful hints here to get the packets?? Thank you so much for the work that you have put into this! I am addicted to your website!!!

    • Alison@Oopsey Daisy says

      Hi Lara!

      Check under the Mommy School page tab. I shared my ideas for letters O/C/D. However, those were my first units, and I didn’t start sharing printable packets until later. Feel free to check out the posts for ideas! Thanks!

  23. Amanda Kerr says

    How old is your little one? How long did your prep take. I am not very organized by nature but I would LOVE to do some of this with my little girl who is 18 months. Great job!


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