Set of Appliqued Onesies

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I had so much fun making a set of applique onesies for my adorable nephew! I just bought a package of 5 onesies, sat on the floor in the middle of my scrap fabric, and got as creative as I could get! Here is what I came up with...

I made this "Lil Bro" applique! This one just might be my favorite. I love all of the colors and its scrappy-ness! I still need to make a "Big Bro" shirt for my other nephew!

What little boy doesn't love cars?! I couldn't resist making a car shirt! It's simple, but sweet.

I now declare baseball our family's official sport. We adore baseball!! I made this bat with corduroy to add a bit more texture. The green is supposed to look like a baseball diamond... go with it. 🙂

This hammer applique means a lot to the family because my sister's husband owns his own construction business. This one is made out of denim and corduroy, so it really is a "heavy-duty" applique!

Last but not least, every little boy needs a tie onesie! Little Man had a shirt exactly like this, same fabric and all!! The tie is just too classic. Perfect for church!
Now I just can't wait for my little nephew to grow just a smidge so he can fit into these onesies!!
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