Decor Balls {Oopsey Daisy style}

Decor balls are hot hot hot right now!!

I have seen so many cool versions. Honestly, I knew I wanted a basket of decor balls on our coffee table because my hubby always complains that my centerpieces block his view of the TV when he is laying down on the couch. Lame, I know!! But I also thought this would be baby friendly--even though Little Man hasn't even thought to touch them yet! I wanted some hemp balls, and I searched high and low for different colors of hemp, but couldn't find any in my area. So I decided to dye my own hemp! I wanted some red hemp balls and some natural hemp balls, with a few grapevine balls mixed in.

This is a quick summary of what I did:
I am still admiring how this turned out!! It was a bit tedious winding the hemp around each ball--hot gluing it all the way--but totally worth it!! I was worried about mess when using my hot glue gun because let's just be honest, I make a lot of messes!! But I heard a quick tip about blow drying your craft after hot gluing to get rid of glue strings, and it really did work!

My only problem was that everything seemed too brown on my coffee table. I definitely needed a runner or some kind of cloth underneath these beauties.

So I whipped up a runner to match my pillows I made last summer. I searched every JoAnn's near me, but my pillow fabric was gone!! I wanted the same fabric from the pillows to match my runner. I had very, very few scraps left over from the project, but I used what I could to make this silky runner. Much better!

So what do you think?

Have a happy day! Hey--Memorial weekend is just 1 day away!!
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