Vinyl is Back!

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It's been a while since I've done a vinyl project, so I decided to make this scripture tile for my Dad's birthday tomorrow.  (Hope you're not reading this, Dad!)  My Dad is a stake president, and this is his favorite scripture.  I thought it might be a nice addition to his office.

However... I had a couple of problems:
1.  I do not have any cricut tools, and I'm beginning to wish I did.  Peeling off the tiny little pieces of vinyl is a pain!  Those dots on the i... oh man!  I need one of those scraping tools, and bad.  I kept tearing and having to re-cut pieces.  Do any of you with the scraping tool thingy find this to be essential?
2.  I cut my vinyl on too low of a pressure setting, or maybe the needle is just getting dull.  Either way, it was NOT peeling easily.  All in all, this innocent-looking tile took me about 3 hours to finish!!  Thank goodness my son took a long nap.  What a sweetheart.  He probably realized his Mom needed extra craft time!!
Not too shabby, right?  I tried to keep it simple and clean cut for my Dad.  Nothing too fancy.  And now for convincing the hubs that I need some cricut tools!!
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  1. He's going to love this! It turned out so good.

  2. Anonymous says

    here's a tip I've found that helps. remove all the extra vinyl from the paper – leaving the words. Take a piece of clear contact paper to transfer from the paper to your project. You can even draw a staight line on your contact paper with black sharpie to keep it all lined up.

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