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Writing down your goals is supposed to make them more tangible and more solidified.  Right?  So here I am writing down my goal.  I want to make a quiet book.

Although my son had a particularly good day at church on Sunday thanks to some new guidelines my sister passed on to me, we have had a series of very embarrassing Sacrament Meeting experiences with our little guy.  All he wants to do is move and keep moving, and it doesn't matter where we are.  I have finally decided that I need to find some special Sunday activities... activities that will ensure quietness and help him learn about reverence.  So I have started researching.  I don't want something too tricky.  Perhaps I could do 1 or 2 pages a month.  Baby steps, right?!  

So I have been doing my research.  Here are some sites I have found for adorable quiet books!  I will probably dabble around with many different ideas before I figure out what I really want to do!  Oh yeah, and I will probably copy a lot of the pages from my Mom's quiet book.  I loved that book growing up!

Quiet Book The pages to her book are above.  So cute!! 
Modest Maven
Homemade by Jill She even shares quite a few templates.
Naptime Journal
more from Naptime Journal
Crafty Chic
Crafting Chicks, more from Crafting Chicks, and even more from Crafting Chicks
The Thorncoks
Joe and Anna
Making the World Cuter
Mormon Chic
My Little Gems Sharla made her quiet book out of place mats! Wow!

Do any of you have great quiet book ideas??  Or other ways to keep your kiddos reverent during church?

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  1. The Woodin's domain says

    I have made quite a few file folder games, but instead of the file folders I put the pieces on a manilla envelope s that way you have the other pieces all togethr and don't have to worry about a baggie getting rippe or torn off. Thank you for posting this I too wantto make a quiet book for my boys and I thin I will use some of the ideas from your links.

  2. That is a really good idea!

  3. Diana and Fam says

    I put together a bag that we only get out at church. Also makes it easy to just grab and go every Sunday too. So everything in it is new to them each week. I have a magnet board, coloring book, special crayons, a photo book with all of thier aunts and uncles in it to learn names, a couple of quiet toys and mini marshmellows. They love those! The books look so cute! Think i will join in the fun too!

  4. sharla@mylittlegems says

    So I wantedto make one too but they are lots of work 🙂 I made one out of place mats from the Dollar store! It cuts down a ton of the work. I only have 3 pages posted so far, but I have lots more 😉 Here is the link: http://mygratitudeattitudes.blogspot.com/2010/02/quiet-activity-book-from-place-mats.html

  5. I am loving all these ideas…. thanks everyone!

  6. I had found a pattern for a version of a crayon roll that also included paper, pens/pencils, and an activity book. I made them for ALL my nieces and nephews, friends' kids, and my own three, for Christmas. Everyone loved them so much. We take these to church with us! I ended up redesigning the pattern and now make and sell them in my etsy shop. I also keep several felt marble mazes in the church tote bag along with my boys' activity wraps, and those have gotten a LOT of use as well! There's a tutorial on my blog here…

    I love the handmade quiet books, but I think by the time I would get one made, my youngest would be too old for it *sniff*

  7. The Colbys says
  8. I know this is an older post, but I would love to learn about the guidlines your sister passed on to you. We too have had a few embarrassing sacrament meeting scenes with our wiggly one year old.

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