Olympic Torch

The Olympic flame

We had an Olympic Opening Ceremonies to start off my son's Olympic birthday party.  We used it to play "Pass the Torch"... which was basically Hot Potato played to the tune of the Olympics theme song.

I took a waterbottle and cut the bottom off.  Be careful if you try this... I stabbed myself with scissors.  Mr.  Oopsey Daisy's tools worked much better.  🙂   Then I wrapped the whole thing in tin foil.  For the flame, I cut out orange, red, and yellow paper (although tissue paper would probably work even better.)  I just glued it inside the water bottle with good old Elmer's glue.

Doesn't my sister make a great model?!

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  1. Kellie Spiker says

    I could tell that was your sister before I even read what you wrote! You two look so much alike! Your both such lookers! ; )

  2. Thanks for the idea Allison. I made my own torches to use in our first grade olympic relays. The kids loved it!


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