Wednesday’s Wowzers

Hey friends!

It's time for our Wednesday check-in!  I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!  We were surrounded by lots of love, family, and fabulous food!  We celebrated with my in-laws, and each of the siblings and their significant others prepared a dish.  (Our motto was Divide and Conquer!)  Mr. Oopsey Daisy and I prepared the pies--they were delicious!  All week long, Little Man played with cousins and his new best friend:  Papa and Nana's boxer dog, Snickers.

I am still getting my bearings this week.  The last week has been a complete rollercoaster.  We went to Disneyland in California on Tuesday.  Three days and 3 airports later, I was at my Grandmother's funeral in Utah.  I am a bit behind when it comes to Christmas decorating, but we'll get there.

Here are a few great ideas I found to get my inspiration going...!  Everything about this marshmallow wonderland vignette is incredible.  I love those trees.  I love the colors.  I even love the stars.  But that subway art sign is incredible!!!  You can see all of the details at Today's Fabulous Finds.

This adorable Christmas frame wreath has Lil' Luna written all over it, don't you think?  I love those accordion-folded Christmas trees!  Darling!

I'm kind of an advent junkie.  I just can't get enough great ideas!  If you're like me, you definitely need to check out this Christmas present advent at Creation Corner.  I love that adorable baker's twine!

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Crepe Paper Rose Wreath

Alright Oopsey Daisies, I am BEYOND excited to share this project with you!  This project started out as a quest for a simple wreath for my front door. Not many things look good on an orange door... but I thought that I couldn't go wrong with white roses!  However, I had no idea how long this wreath would take to make!  I spent an entire week rolling crepe paper roses!  I love how it turned out and it was worth every minute!  But in the end, I decided that this wreath would become a part of our decor. 
I used 2 1/2 rolls of white crepe paper.  I got to know the crepe paper quite well....

I used the amazing tutorial by House of Smith's to create HUNDREDS of crepe paper roses.  There were times I wanted to pull my hair out, but it was definitely worth it!
I used my glue gun to secure the roses as I went and then filled in my styrofoam wreath!  Slow and steady wins the race....  
I really like a nice, full wreath so I glued in as many roses as possible!
I seriously threw a party when I had finished that last rose!  However, it took me a couple of weeks to decide how I would display this in my home.  I battled a couple of options.  I definitely have crafting ADD at times... I went back and forth and back and forth again.
Ta-dah!  I bought this bare wood frame from the Wood Connection.  About 4 coats of paint later (a little red, a little white, a little brown, and then a deeper red!) and with plenty of sanding, I created this pretty little rustic frame! I adore the red against the white roses! 
I did a craft swap with a friend about 6 months ago, and I scored this cute little shelf!  The wreath hangs perfectly above it.  (This week, I plan on painting my shelf a bit, so it will no more be a white shelf on white wall!)  It is a stunning center piece.  Eye candy for me!  
I have to show off the flowers my hubby brought home for me yesterday!
I can't stop looking at it!  This was truly a labor of love, but this is one of my proudest crafting moments!  
Have a super week, my friends!
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