Amazing Opportunity with Peter Walsh

 Moms today are busier than ever! 

Am I right?!


 We're balancing soccer practice, swimming lessons, family activities, church responsibilities, and so much more!  With so much on our plates, it can become incredibly difficult to stay organized!  In our house, even Little Man knows the dreaded words, "This place is a MESS!" Everyone knows Mom is happier when things are organized.  If it were up to me, everything would be color-coded and alphabetized.  (Remember my story book organization?) But it's a constant battle!

To help Moms like us stay organized, U.S. Cellular has teamed up with the amazingly talented Peter Walsh, famed organization expert, best-selling author and host of Oprah Winfrey Network's Enough Already! to offer 5 lucky moms across the country a dream makeover in the U.S. Cellular Multitasking Mom Makeover Contest.  Each mom won an organization consultation with Peter, a one-on-one, and a new wireless device from a U.S. Cellular wireless technology expert and a beauty makeover with local beauty experts.

Now the incredible Peter Walsh would like to extend his wealth of organization tips and strategies to you! 

At one of the mom makeovers, Peter will film a video answer to one Oopsey Daisy reader's burning organization question. 


Yes, it's true.  THE Peter Walsh will be filming an answer to one Oopsey Daisy reader's organization question!  What a fabulous opportunity!  This isn't a giveaway--Peter Walsh will be reviewing your comments and selecting ONE relevant organization question to discuss via video on the U.S. Cellular Facebook page.  Cool, huh??

Here's what to do:

Leave a detailed organization question in a comment below.  Also include your name and hometown along with your organization question.

This fabulous opportunity will only be available for 24 hours. So act fast!

You must leave a comment before Tuesday 8/9 at 2 PM MST.

Good luck!!

You can check out Peter Walsh's website here.

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