Monogrammed Notebook {Pocket Full of Pink}

I have a delightful guest post for you today!  Karen from Pocket Full of Pink has a blog jampacked with adorable ideas!  I especially admire her paper crafts.  I definitely need a notebook just like this!  Stop by her blog today where you'll find me sharing some M&M bowties with printables!


Hello Oopsey Daisy readers!

I am very excited to be here on Alison's blog.  She is so talented and has so many fun ideas!  I have been a reader of her blog for some time now.  I am Karen, and my little OL' blog is Pocket Full of Pink.  At my blog you will find tutorials, paper crafts, wood crafts and so much more!  I would love you to stop by anytime.

Now on to the craft!
Today I am going to show you how to make a cute notebook with monogram and matching pen.  I love making personalized gifts for people and this is one of my favorites!  I decided to make one for Alison.  This is her own little notebook with a matching pen for when she gets those awesome crafty ideas that she wants to remember!
Here's what you need:
Blank note book (I got a pack of 2 or 3 at Dollar Tree)
Pen that has a top that screws off on the top (Dollar Tree)
scrapbook paper
glue stick
foam stamp
flowers, stickers, buttons (whatever you want to embellish with!)
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