Sunday’s Snippets: Family Portraits

Hello, my friends!  Happy weekend!

I can't wait any longer.  I have been so excited to show off our latest family pictures!  While we were in Utah, a very talented friend of ours agreed to take our family portraits--the very first "official" portraits in 2 years!  I can finally take down our portraits of our wee family with a tiny babe and replace it with this handsome grown-up toddler.

It was a special opportunity for us to take these pictures in Orem, Utah.  This is where my handsome hubby and I met and dated!  We even took our engagement photos just a few hundred feet away, near Utah Lake ~ a spot near and dear to both of us! Now look at us 4 years later!  Our little family has grown!

Of course I'm always a bit critical of myself in pics.  I would definitely re-do the outfit and hair if I could.  But despite all that, I think our photographer made us look GOOD!

All photo credit belongs to Glenn Pearson of LDS

My sweet family

I don't know who loves the train track shot more--me or Little Man.  He got to see a real choo-choo race right by as we prepared for the shot!


Mr. and Mrs. Daisy

 Look out ladies, this young stallion is MINE!

Little Man is growing up!

I think these shots capture Little Man's personality just perfectly.  A little sweet.  A little NUTS!


Crazy Little Man

Like I said:  Just a little crazy!

A little family fun

Could this moment get any sweeter?


Love these boys!

Thanks for letting me share my family with you.  These boys are my life!

I highly recommend Glenn with LDS if you are in seeking fabulous photography in Utah!

Guess what's coming up tomorrow?
A new Mommy School packet... and this one is stinkin' cute if I do say so myself!

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