iPhone Case Giveaway {KarasKustoms} – CLOSED

This giveaway is now closed.

It's giveaway day!

I am thrilled to introduce you to KarasKustoms.

KarasKustoms manufactures high quality, handcrafted products right here in the U.S.A.  They manufacture apple cases, hot rod parts, shakers, and aluminum speedsters.

Little Man has always loved playing on my iPad.  (I call it "my" iPad, but he knows how to use it better than I do!)  He plays all sorts of learning games on the iPad, and this has become our favorite traveling accessory!  When he watches movies on the iPad, he becomes an angelic traveler.  And don't get me started on potty training... the iPad was a lovely distraction while playing the waiting game in the bathroom!

BUT with all that usage, I'm constantly concerned that the iPad will get dropped or damaged!  Little Man is a very careful and responsible toddler, but accidents do happen.  So when KarasKustoms asked me to review an iPad case, I jumped at the opportunity!


This black aluminum iPad case is even better than I had imagined!

It's smooth and sleek.  I pictured it being big and bulky.  But once we screwed the iPad into place, it  didn't add much bulk at all.  Now I feel much better about Little Man handling the iPad.  I know that this case will provide some serious durability.  So that's one less thing to stress about!

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