I {heart} HGTV’s Design Star!

Let it be known that I am a huge HGTV fan!  On a cold or rainy Saturday, I love nothing more than to craft to the lovely background of an HGTV marathon... Heck, give me a little HGTV no matter what the weather! 🙂

Last summer, I stumbled upon one of my *new* favorite shows:  HGTV's Design Star.  And guess what?!  Today has been highlighted on my calendar for months because the season premiere of Season 6 begins tonight 9pm/8c on HGTV!   I LOVE this show because you get a taste of the latest and greatest decor trends... some I love and some I hate!  But I love to see bold decor ideas.  It gives me great ideas for my own humble abode!

Here is the cast for this season...

I can't wait to get a feel for them tonight and decide who I'm rooting for.

And the judges... oh how I love Genevieve, Vern, and Candice!  Talk about pure raw talent!

They create amazing spaces like these ones...

Secretly I dream that I can be on one of their shows so they can help beautify my spaces!!

Did I mention that my husband loves this show too??  There aren't many shows that I will put my laptop down and just watch.  But Design Star is kind of our "date night" together.   I will be tuning in tonight to catch the first episode!

Tune in later today... I finally have a new Mommy School packet ready for you to snatch up!

Have a happy Monday!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.

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