Crepe Paper Rose Wreath

Alright Oopsey Daisies, I am BEYOND excited to share this project with you!  This project started out as a quest for a simple wreath for my front door. Not many things look good on an orange door... but I thought that I couldn't go wrong with white roses!  However, I had no idea how long this wreath would take to make!  I spent an entire week rolling crepe paper roses!  I love how it turned out and it was worth every minute!  But in the end, I decided that this wreath would become a part of our decor. 
I used 2 1/2 rolls of white crepe paper.  I got to know the crepe paper quite well....

I used the amazing tutorial by House of Smith's to create HUNDREDS of crepe paper roses.  There were times I wanted to pull my hair out, but it was definitely worth it!
I used my glue gun to secure the roses as I went and then filled in my styrofoam wreath!  Slow and steady wins the race....  
I really like a nice, full wreath so I glued in as many roses as possible!
I seriously threw a party when I had finished that last rose!  However, it took me a couple of weeks to decide how I would display this in my home.  I battled a couple of options.  I definitely have crafting ADD at times... I went back and forth and back and forth again.
Ta-dah!  I bought this bare wood frame from the Wood Connection.  About 4 coats of paint later (a little red, a little white, a little brown, and then a deeper red!) and with plenty of sanding, I created this pretty little rustic frame! I adore the red against the white roses! 
I did a craft swap with a friend about 6 months ago, and I scored this cute little shelf!  The wreath hangs perfectly above it.  (This week, I plan on painting my shelf a bit, so it will no more be a white shelf on white wall!)  It is a stunning center piece.  Eye candy for me!  
I have to show off the flowers my hubby brought home for me yesterday!
I can't stop looking at it!  This was truly a labor of love, but this is one of my proudest crafting moments!  
Have a super week, my friends!
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