A is for Apples Wrap Up

We finished up our A is for Apples Mommy School unit just in time for Halloween.  Even though we did this same unit last year, we added so much more this year.  I am such a Mom... I am so amazed at all the new things Little Man can do.  I love how Little Man loves to learn.  Every day when he wakes up from his nap, he will march down the stairs and announce, "Let's do Mommy School!" And that, my friends, makes all the work worthwhile!


Here are just a few of our favorite crafts and projects:

We also bobbed for apples

Did a bit of fingerpainting - for the very first time!

Another first!  Little Man ate his first caramel apple.

We created our own sidewalk chalkboard apple tree

We learned a lot about Johnny Appleseed

And did a little more eating!  This time, we munched on apple Oreo pops!

We cut out our own apples out of apple pie-scented playdough!

Painted our own paper plate apple pie using red paint, cinnamon, and nutmeg!

Made apple "muffins"

(I made the real deal while Little Man made his own version!)

Cooked up our own crockpot applesauce

You can download your own A is for Apples Mommy School packet here.

Now hopefully a new unit will magically create itself very soon! 🙂

Have a happy weekend!

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