Craft Room Inspiration

I should be working on organizing my craft room, but instead, I need a little inspiration!  Here are some of my favorite craft rooms from around the web, in a few different categories!  (Let's be honest, some of these rooms are do-able, while other rooms I can only dream about!)
If you're in the mood to build something...
(I wish I could say that I had the skills to do this... unfortunately, I will be buying my furniture!)
How about Shanty @ Chic's amazing craft table?  Can you believe she even made this herself?!
I still can't believe that Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps built her own entire craft room!
Not a room, more like a craft "space"...
Let's be honest, we don't all have an extra room in our houses!  Am I right?!

Can you believe that this craft room is actually a closet?!  You have to see it at Bug Juiced to believe it.
Making This Home created a lovely tiny craft room out a closet, too!  So impressive!
Even if you don't have a room--but more like an unfinished basement (if we have more kids in the near future, this will be me!), you can still make your creative space fun! Check out the amazing Thrifty Decor Chick's craft room.
A little more do-able...
I know I spotlighted this craft room from I Am Momma... Hear Me Roar, but it's worth looking at again!  I am totally having a relaxing chair in my corner too, for my own little space!
I have this SAME organization set for my craft room... but I do not have the lovely option of painting my walls a nice, contrasting color.  Don't you LOVE Shelley's (House of Smiths) style?!
I LOVE all of the organizational tips from This Blessed Nest.  I especially love her peg board--because I just bought and painted mine!  This gives me ideas for how to set it up!
I love red, black, and white!  So this craft room really appeals to me!  You can see tons of amazing details at Candice Stringham Photography.
Get out!  I love everything about this craft room--the colors, the organization!  I'm happy just looking at the pictures!  Thanks, Crafty Intentions!
HGTV has a whole series of craft room pictures and tips.  I am definitely studying these!
Dream on!
(Let's be honest--I don't have the time, talent, or resources for these craft rooms! But they are sure fun to look at!)
I WISH I had a room of this size--and the ability to paint in fun colors like Jenny from All Sorts!  This craft room is utterly amazing, and the colors scream creativity!
Heather Bailey anyone?  Well, we can all dream, right?!
My room...
In the mean time... this is what my craft room looked like a few weeks ago!  I've been chipping away at it, little by little, but it needs a little TLC!
Do you have a favorite craft room?  Leave me a link!
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