Book Organization

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Once upon a time, I was a first grade teacher. 

Naturally, I collected A LOT of books... Can you believe that thousands of books were just sitting in plastic tubs in our garage?!  They were in desperate need of a little organization!  I was thrilled when I had a sweet friend inspire me with her book organization.  Thanks, Tiff, for this great idea!

This has been a long time coming, but I finally collected ALL of my books, cataloged them, and color coded them so that even Little Man can put them away.

The first step was cataloging! I decided to organize the books by author's last name. But I also tagged the books by topics, book series, holidays, etc. so I could easily find books that I want to pull out for a special occasion.

Now I can easily check to see if I have a book before purchasing a duplicate copy!  (I have a bad habit of collecting several copies of the same books!)

Doesn't this rainbow of dot stickers make you happy?! Well, I ordered all different shades of dots to help me color code the books.  (You can see where I ordered these here on Amazon.)

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