Ten Blogging Tips

No doubt about it, I am completely BLESSED to do what I love.

I actually get to wake up each morning and make stuff... and then share it with YOU!  I have the opportunity to connect with other creative minds.  I am so blessed, and I tell myself this every day.

But I am still no expert.  I am learning new things each day. But occasionally I receive e-mails with questions from newbie bloggers.  Today, I am sharing what has worked for me.  So this is me on my soapbox with ten of my best blogging tips!

1.  No one will magically find your blog.  You simply have to put yourself (and your links!) out there.  This takes a bit of work on your end.  I attribute most of my blog's early growth to my participation in link parties.  I regularly linked up to every link party that I could find, and this introduced other bloggers to Oopsey Daisy.  Don't forget to be social at the parties!  Thank your party host, make some friends, and go visit other blogs.  You can visit my link parties page to see what link parties I support.

2. True confessions:  When I began blogging, I was afraid to feature others.  I viewed other bloggers as competition.  I was oh so wrong!  My friend Shelley said it best:  "There is enough internet for all of us!"  Bloggers are networkers, and connecting with other bloggers will only help your own blog to grow.  When I started my Wednesday's Wowzers weekly feature, I was pleasantly surprised that I often gained support by featuring others' work.  Readers love seeing new ideas, and they will appreciate your good taste.  I promise you that blogging karma is real.  What goes around comes around!  When you feature another's work, they are more likely to remember you and pay it forward.

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