Vinyl Coasters

Let's continue on with our Dress it Up With Vinyl series!  I am having so much fun adding a simple touch of vinyl to items in my home so I can add my own personal touch!  Someday hopefully soon, we'll have our own home to decorate, paint, etc.  But the renting life is a little different!  
While we were on our honeymoon in Mexico, Mr. Daisy and I bought quite a few items for our home.  We bought this set of coasters from Puerto Vallarta, but they were just a bit plain.  I have a bit of an addiction to coasters, and I enjoy making new coasters frequently!  I had made some fun fabric coasters to match my living room pillows, but I started to get tired of them.  So why not switch them out for some new coasters?!
So I upcycled these "old" coasters to make them new!
Adding some stylish numbers adds just a bit of flair to these plain Jane coasters! I love up-cycling items, and what an easy way to do it--with vinyl!

Vinyl Canisters

Welcome to Part 2 of my adventures with vinyl--Dress It Up With Vinyl!!  I had completely decided to dress up my canisters with chic numbers until my husband begged me to actually add vinyl titles to the canisters.  (He still gets mixed up with the sugar and salt!  It's kind of cute!)  I love how this turned out!  A bit of vinyl adds a lot of character to my tiny apartment kitchen!  In my rugged apartment life where I can't paint or poke a lot of holes in the walls, it's nice to be able to personalize my kitchen with vinyl!
The only tricky part about this project for me was selecting the "perfect" font.  My friend Alisa at The Tidy Nest does a lot of fun vinyl projects, and she recommended the font I was looking for.  It's called "Pharmacy" and you can find it here.   Thanks, Alisa!
Here are a few more shots of the finished products... P.S. I did realize during the photoshoot that I needed more sugar and promptly refilled my canister!!  
It's almost Friday!  Thanks for stopping by today!

Dress It Up WIth Vinyl! {Part 1}

My love for vinyl has been growing over the past few months.  It's amazing how a little bit of vinyl can change everything!  Lately, I have been fascinated with the effect of adding vinyl to everyday items!  A bit of vinyl turns the shabby into chic.  Drab to dazzling.  Plain to priceless.  (I could go on...)  Enter my new series:  Dress It Up With Vinyl!  For the next couple of Thursdays, join me for some adventures in vinylizing (yes, I made up that word!) your home!
As I anticipated our first real family reunion last month, I really wanted to create keepsakes for our family.  I wanted each family member to have some kind of souvenir to capture the fun family memories.  My parents had declared Helaman 5:12 {"the rock of our Redeemer"} the theme of our reunion.  Our first day, we took a family bike ride.  At one point, we stopped, and I asked everyone to pick out a good-sized rock.  Later that day, we scrubbed them until they shined!  Then my Mom, sisters, and I applied vinyl decals to each rock.
This is my brother's "bachelor pad" rock.  I love those dark colors!  Each family was able to take home their own souvenir rock, and we have all proudly displayed them in our homes.  My Dad even has one in his office!
Who would have thought that a ROCK could become a keepsake with a bit of vinyl?!  Sweet, simple, and meaningful.  Now that's my kind of craft!

Happy Little Watermelon

Yikes!!  Just after posting my Halloween advent calendar, I realized I still had a couple of last summer projects to post!  Do you ever have a pokey little project that seems so simple but somehow takes forever to wrap up??  Admittedly, most of my projects turn out that way!  So let's rewind just a bit... we still have 3 more weeks of summer.  That's plenty of time to enjoy the season!

Let me introduce you to my newest creation:  This sweet little wooden watermelon.  August is National Watermelon Month, so I feel quite festive to finally have this hung on my porch!  I had so much fun creating this!
I started out by spray painting the bare wood that I bought at the Wood Connection.  If I haven't yet declared my love for this store, let me do it now!!  I love that this store supplies all of the bare wood to let me go craft-crazy!!!  (And watch out, because I think I bought out all of their fall wooden projects!)
Next, I cut out some watermelon seeds from the scrapbook paper.  I mod-podged them onto the red piece.  After those dried, I gave the entire top a good coat of mod-podge to protect it.
Next, I gorilla glued the two wood pieces together.  It needed overnight to dry completely.   My hubby drilled some holes in the top, and I added some wire to hang the melon and curled up the ends around a pencil.  I thought the bow would be my finishing touch... but it just needed a little somethin' something.  

So the cricut saved the day again with a bit of vinyl!  Ah... that's better!
I thought about hanging this on my orange front door, but this little melon is brightening up my porch now instead!!  I absolutely *LOVE* this bright touch to my summer projects!!  
Have a super week!

Chalkboard Menu

Hello, my friends!!  We are still enjoying every minute of our family reunion nestled in the lovely mountains of Colorado.  In case you missed my guest post at The Scrap Shoppe on Thursday, here is the tutorial for the chalkboard menu I created.

For a while now, I have been watching chalkboard menus pop up across blogging land.  I have also been dying out to try out that chalkboard spray paint I bought months and months ago. So here was my chance!!  This is my take on the idea--simple and sweet!
I started off with this gold and slightly gaudy frame that I picked up at Good Will for just a couple of dollars.  Score!  But it definitely needed a new color.  A splash of turquoise spray paint was just perfect!  I love how the shininess of the gold still peeked through just a bit.

I was actually amazed that applying chalkboard paint was so easy!  I simply spray painted the glass that came inside the frame.  I quickly learned that, because it was glass, it would need 2-3 coats of chalkboard paint. Easy peasy!  How have I not used chalkboard paint before?!

Next, I cut my vinyl.  I had debated about making this a weekly menu board showing every day of the week.  However, it was a touch small for my gigantic handwriting!  Instead, I settled for making it a daily menu board that I could change each night.  Isn't this a fun, fancy font?! (This is one I purchased from DJ Inkers.)

But my little chalkboard menu was looking a bit bare.  I knew exactly what it needed--a fabric flower!  How about a fun tattered flower?! I just tore a strip of fabric and sewed a basting stitch down one of the sides.

Then I gathered the flower by pulling one of my long threads to create a ruffle.  I just twisted it into a circle to create the flower shape.  I quickly hand-sewed through the layers to help keep its shape.  

To create the center of the flower, I took a circle glass magnet I already had, covered it with fabric, and hot-glued it right into the center.  I hot glued that happy flower snugly into the corner of the frame.

Isn't that a nice touch?!  Black, white, and turquoise together.... yummmm!

I set this chalkboard on an easel in the corner of the kitchen.  Now my husband doesn't have to come home from work and ask, "What's for dinner?"  Talk to the chalkboard, sweetheart! 

The chalkboard says it all... have a super day!!  

FHE Chart {Finally!}

Do you have a project that just sits at the back of your mind FOREVER just waiting to take a clear shape?  I have way too many to count!  Sometimes I have an idea, but I just can't "see" it in my head.  I had been dreaming and scheming up a FHE Chart for months.  I am proud to say that this Family Home Evening Chart is finally complete.  Once I had the vision, it just took a few hours to put together with a bit of help from the hubby.
It all started with this innocent piece of bare wood that I bought at The Wood Connection.  (You will be hearing a lot about The Wood Connection considering I came home with more than $100 of wood from The Wood Connection the last time we visited Utah!)
I really wanted a chart with both words and pictures.  I wanted Little Man to understand the chart even before he could read!  The hardest part of this project was finding the images to design my vinyl.  I love how simple the pictures are... perfect for kids to understand!
I adore the metal bracket (Can someone tell me the true name for this.... I don't think it's really a bracket!)  It just adds a bit of elegance, don't you think?  Mr. Oopsey Daisy got involved with this project, and helped drill in the beautiful bracket.  Thanks, babe!
Instead of just swapping little tags with our names, I loved the idea from You Craft Me Up of using our pictures instead!  I love the classy black and white pictures.  I found blank keychains on sale at JoAnn's, developed some pictures, and cut them down to size. I added a bit of ribbon as a finishing touch!

I love red!  It's so bold and beautiful and matches our room perfectly.  Isn't it silly that this little chart makes me so much more excited for Family Night?  
Have a great week, my friends!

Wedding Block {Great Anniversary Gift!}

Last week was CCCCCC-RAZY!  Within 3 days, I had my sister's birthday, my parents' anniversary, my best friend's wedding, and a trip to prepare for and just about everything went wrong.  Little Man and I both got sick, had no sleep, and my computer and printer both crashed. Somehow, I even survived blogging from my husband's PC (and I am completely a MAC person!). 
I haven't been the best about planning ahead this summer, so I sprang into action with little time to spare.  I needed a wedding and anniversary gift--and FAST.  So I decided to create a customized wedding block for BOTH events.  Here is what I did:
I started out with a wooden block from Hobby Lobby, and drilled holes in the top.  (I have finally learned my lesson about drilling holes BEFORE I paint or mod-podge!) 
Next, I gave the blocks a couple of good coats of black spray paint.
I sanded up all those edges for a nice, rustic feel.  (Sorry about the blurry picture!)
While the paint was drying, I used my Cricut to cut out the temple silhouettes out of cardstock.  I painted each temple with silver paint, and I added just the slightest touch of glitter glue.  Very subtle, I promise!
**Updated to add:  Several people have asked where I got my temple templates.  Because I use the Sure Cuts A Lot software, I can easily download any image from the web, and have my Cricut cut it out.  I did a simple search for "LDS temple silhouettes" and came across quite a few temple silhouettes, and downloaded them to my computer.  Also, you can create your own template by creating a silhouette out of your own photograph.  You can read more about creating your own silhouettes by clicking here. **
After mod-podging the temple silhouettes onto the wood, I cut out my vinyl.  This was my first time ever using contact paper to apply my vinyl.  Let me just tell you--contact paper is genius!!!  Using this method, my vinyl is much more straight, clean, and crisp.  
I did the 2 blocks just slightly different.  Because of the shape of the Salt Lake Temple, I felt that I needed to add the last name across the middle.  There was just much more space to fill.  
My parents' block, with the Provo Temple, is much more simple and sweet.
Last but not least, I threaded ribbon through the holes and tied a nice big bow.  I must confess, I think the bow is my favorite part!!  I love red with black and white!  My best friend's wedding colors were black and pink, so pink was the best touch for hers.
Now I just need to make one for ME!!  Perhaps for our third anniversary..... What do you think?
Enjoy your week!

Little Man’s Growth Board

Do you remember Lyndsey's Craft Spot guest post about making a growth board during Baby Week?  Ever since then, I knew I wanted to make one.  I have such happy memories of stretching up on my tippy toes while my Dad measured me on the wall in our Laundry Room.  The marks are still there--the story of our growing up!  
I followed Lyndsey's tutorial perfectly, so I won't re-has it for you... I'll just show off the finished product!  First and foremost, I am slightly heartbroken because I can't show it off in all its glory! The real growth board does not say "Little Man"; it obviously says his first name.  But in the interest of preserving Little Man's privacy, I did a little Photoshop trick to write over his name.  His name is written in brown vinyl, and it looks stinkin' cute!  Use your imagination!
This was such a fun project! Little Man has an airplane nursery... his Daddy is a pilot  So Mr. Oopsey Daisy really got into this project, helping me to design all of the details.  I bought the wooden airplane at Hobby Lobby, always wondering what I would do with it.  I gorilla-glued that bad boy right onto the board!  It's a splendid finishing touch!
This was the fun part!  We measured this big kid against his growth board for the first time.  Little Man is very tall and skinny for his age... he is 90% for height, but only 10% for weight.  He is already 2 feet/8 inches!
Sticking with our airplane theme, we decided to mark his progress with vinyl airplanes.  I marked the date and his current height on the airplane.  I can't wait to track his progress as he grows with a twisty turvy airplane trail!
I marked each inch using a paint pen and ruler.  (I actually bought paint pens to write in the quiet book... I don't love how they work on fabric, but they worked just fabulous on wood!) I demonstrated each foot marker with polk-a-dot scrapbook paper, distressed each, and added the brown vinyl words over the top.  I did the same for his name.  To finish up, I drilled holes and added the wire to hang it.  The bow was the cherry on top!
What a fun addition to Little Man's room--perfect for that skinny wall in his room!

Distressed Wooden Sign

I am super excited with how this project turned out.  It was one of those delightful moments where something turned out even better than I had envisioned.  I just couldn't stop looking at my rustic Western sign.

The goal:  My sister threw an amazing cowboy hoe-down party for my nephew's 3rd birthday on Saturday.  I will be sharing some details of the party later on because it was rip-roarin' fun!  She asked me to make a rustic sign that said, "Anderson Ranch" to hang up on a tree in the back yard.  Here are bits and pieces of my journey:

I was able to walk out of Home Depot with this piece of wood for FREE!  Great start!

The only problem was that my piece of wood was silky smooth, and I needed it to look rustic.  Can you believe that I have never ever distressed something before?!  I had so much fun with my mallet, screw, and screwdriver that I am having visions of distressing every piece of furniture in my home!  This was excellent anger management!!!  I went to town on my wood until I realized that the opposite side of the wood was actually much more naturally distressed.  It had a fabulous knot in it and was already a bit more rough.  I didn't even mind the extra distressing... I seriously LOVED it!  (What does that say about me?)
I started out by giving the distressed wood a good coat of brown spray paint.  See that fabulous knot?  

Next, I applied my vinyl on top of the brown coat.  I used a fun Western font called "Playbill."  I was so tickled with how Western it looked!

Now I gave my sign a good coat of Heirloom White.  I sprayed right over the top of my vinyl.  I loved how all of my distressing really showed up after this coat.  Check it out...

At first, I was a little disappointed because I found that my vinyl peeled up around some of the edges, so some letters were a bit blurred.  I contemplated fixing them up... and then I realized it simply added to the rustic look!  Oopsey turned into a daisy!  I even took it to the next step by sanding the edges of the letters so the brown would blend into the white.  Of course I sanded the sign's edges too.

I realized I didn't have any wire strong enough to hang this bad boy... but I came up with a frugal solution!!  I untwisted a wire hanger and used my big muscles and rusty wire cutters to fashion the wire into a sign hanger!  It was nice to find an easy solution around the house!

And here is the lovely finished product, hanging on the tree:

Deliciously rustic, don't you think??  

PS My friend Kelsey from Tattered & Inked was my paint distressing consultant on this project!!  I seriously e-mailed her to ask her advice.  She knows her paint!!  If you haven't checked out her blog, swing by and say hello!

London Canvas

My youngest sister is enjoying a semester abroad in London right now. Words can't describe how jealous I am!! But I just know she will be crushed to return home to America. So I thought I would make her a little something to remind her of London.
Can you believe this was my first-ever canvas project?! I felt like such an artist!!
I mixed up a cool turquoise color by mixing up all of my blue's and green's together. I found that the foam brush worked the best--so that my strokes really blended in. I gave it 3 good coats of paint. My sis loves turquoise!
Then I cut out my vinyl. I used the silhouette tutorial from yesterday to create the London Bridge picture and just added the "London" title. (Like any real artist I used vinyl instead of paint! hee hee) I felt like it was missing just a little something, so I added some ribbon around the canvas edges. Don't you just love the polk-a-dots?!
I was really mad at myself for getting Mod Podge on the front of the canvas (I have a real problem leaving fingerprints!), so I decided to give it a good coat of Mod Podge all over the front to cover my tracks. I actually loved the effect! Yay for oopsey's when they turn into daisies!
So, sis, your London momento will be waiting for you (this is her bed at home!).
Just one more shot. (Have to show off my purple tulips from Mother's Day!)
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