Valentine Cards With Sewn Hearts {Easy Peasy Valentines}

Happy Friday!!

Are you ready for another quick-and-easy valentine today?

Here are some simple cards with sweet nothings for someone special in your life.  And they are printable!

I must tell you that I am a huge fan of Pride and Prejudice.  I love me some P&P.  So this card just happens to be my favorite, though I did make a variety.

I created these 6 images using Photoshop.  It was a great chance for me to use as many fonts as possible. 🙂  Which one is your favorite?

I printed the images on a plain, "brown paper bag" type paper.  There were 6 different cards, so I printed 2 on a page. You can download your own images here if you would like to make your own.

Just cut in half and fold.

I love how the words printed out--they look stamped.  Absolutely lovely!

They were just a little plain, so I sewed a heart to the front of each card.  I raided my pile of scraps to cut out some hearts.  Don't you love using up scraps?!  I do!  These would be much cuter if they were hand stitched.  But, well, I avoid hand stitching whenever possible.

All done!

I'm thinking of giving one to my hubby every day during the week of Valentine's Day.

Have a super weekend!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Valentine {Easy Peasy Valentines}

I don't know about you, but I'm having a difficult time getting my creative juices flowing again since the holidays.  I have been organizing every square inch of my house--except for my craft room!  I need to get my craft on again!  This year, my mantra is "SIMPLIFY!"  My brain seems to handle simple things well.

But I also need something fun to look forward to!

So welcome to my Valentine's Day series, "Easy Peasy Valentines."

Each and every Friday, I will be sharing a quick-and-easy homemade valentine idea.  All ideas will be cheap. And all ideas will be easy.  Today's valentine is print-and-go!

Little Man will be handing these out to his friends in his Boys Club.

Today's valentine costs less than a $1, and what child doesn't love peanut butter and jelly?!  We eat it for dinner almost every night when Mr. oopsey daisy is out of town.  It's a classic.


What?!  You don't think of peanut butter and jelly as romantic?!

Maybe this can get you in the mood...

So here is how you can create your own easy peasy peanut-butter-and-jelly valentine:

I purchased this box of frozen peanut butter and jelly uncrustable sandwiches at Wal-Mart.

It was a box of 4 for $2.93.  So each sandwich was less than a $1.  Not bad!

(Because they are meant to be kept frozen, we will give these out last minute!)

I created this image in Photoshop.  You can download this here if you wish to create your own.

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Happy Valentine's Day!

I love, love, love my readers!  Over the weekend, I was thrilled to pieces to surpass 2,000 readers. You don't know what that means to me!  Thanks for being here and supporting my world of crazy craftiness!
{Please don't laugh at my cheeziness! I hate taking pictures of myself!}
Whether it be chocolates, flowers, a pedicure (or in my case, all three!), I hope you're enjoying a day of pampering and sweetness!
 Thanks for being here!

Toy Story Valentines

You are going to be seeing A LOT of Toy Story in the next week or so.  Prepare yourselves.  Here in our house, it has been Eat.Sleep.Drink. Buzz Lightyear.  At the brink of Little Man's Toy Story birthday party, it has been a flurry of preparations.  What better theme for Little Man's valentines too?!
Little Man is a typical toddler. He loves suckers!  So using the "You've Got a Friend in Me" kit by MandaBean from Sweet Shoppe Designs I created this template in Photoshop.  

I printed out several sucker covers and folded them.  Easy enough.

We bought these fun heart-shaped suckers and just stapled the cover over the top.  The only problem was Little Man wanted to eat all of the suckers instead of make valentines!

I finally had to hide the valentines from Little Man because he kept trying to steal the suckers and eat them!!

He is going to have so much fun giving these away!

What kind of valentines are your kids giving out?

Hearts With Hidden Messages

Here in Colorado, it has been snow, snow, and more snow!  

With a high of a mere 8 degrees, we decided to call it a snow day today and stay indoors!  But the question is:  How do you keep a toddler entertained inside all day long?!  Especially when we get stir-crazy easily.  I opted to bring out the big guns and attempt an art project.  Not just any art project--a paint project!  I had just mopped our kitchen floor, so I felt like this was particularly risky.  I decided to try out this "hidden messages" art project that I did with my first grade students each year. 
These hidden message valentines are tons of fun to make!  Kids love to paint the hearts to find the secret messages!
I printed out some simple heart templates onto cardstock.  (Although I think that regular old paper works even better, as I learned later on.)  Using a white crayon, I wrote some messages in the hearts.  You definitely need to press as hard as you can.  This is why using regular paper works better; the cardstock I used was probably too thick.  
I used to write my students' names in the hearts, but you could turn them into conversation hearts.  Or you could even just write letters and practice letter recognition.  But I like to do the writing part in secret so finding the message is a big surprise!
Next, using water colors (thicker paints won't work) simply paint over the hearts.  Little Man needed a bit of help, but the fact that his paint hit the paper was a triumph!
As you paint over the hearts, the hidden messages will slowly appear.  Kids really get excited as they see these messages appear!
We decided that this would be a fun valentine to make for Dad!  We painted the entire heart, and then cut it out and mounted it on cardstock.

Daddy will have a fun surprise when he comes home!
 This project was simple, sweet, and cheap.  Perfect for a kids' project!  
Have a happy day!

3-Dimensional Heart Wreath

I am kind of excited about this project!  I have been scheming and planning this heart wreath ever since I saw Jen's amazing modern fall wreath.  Jen used circles to create her fun and festive wreath, but I immediately realized I could use other wooden shapes to create a similar effect.  And what could be more fun than hearts for Valentine's Day?!  So welcome to my 3-dimensional heart wreath!
To create this wreath, I started out with a styrofoam wreath.  Using a 40% coupon at Hobby Lobby, you can't beat the price!  
I used my favorite spray adhesive and wrapped the entire wreath with red ribbon.  Doesn't it scream Valentine's Day already?!
I searched all of my usual craft stores for hearts of all sizes.  I also stocked up with some festive coordinating Valentine's Day paper.  I wanted lots of variety!
Next, I painted all of the hearts red.  I painted both sides and let them dry on wax paper.  I also used Jen's technique of using wooden beads to mount the hearts to make them 3-dimensional.  So I also painted the beads red.  I didn't want any speck of unfinished wood showing through!
I traced each heart onto different scrapbook paper, and used mod podge to glue them all on.  I also gave each heart a coat of mod podge over the top.  
This wreath was a little-by-little project.  (Perfect for playing with Little Man in between all the steps!) After the paint dried, I used gorilla glue to mount each heart on a bead.  I wanted the hearts to have all kinds of dimension, so I divided the hearts into 3 groups:  
1 - Flat (no bead).  
2 - Mounted on a small bead. 
3 - Mounted on a larger bead.

The last step was the most fun!  I arranged all of the hearts all over the wreath and glued them on.  I'll be honest--I wasn't sure which glue would work the best here.  So I used both hot glue and E-6000!  I figured that between the 2 types of glue, I couldn't go wrong!
I glued hearts on top, underneath, and every which way!

I found this cute little driftwood frame at Michael's for 50% off and decided it would define this wreath just perfectly!  I had a bare wall in my living room, and this sweet wreath is brightening it up just beautifully! I thought about painting it, but I didn't want to take away from the colors of the hearts on the wreath.

I am loving this bright and cheery wreath--so much fun!  

Thanks, Jen, for inspiring as always!
What are you doing to brighten up your homes for Valentine's Day?

Felt Rose Topiary

Is anyone else ready for the weekend?

Talk about a crazy week at my house.  Just as we woke up to record-breaking COLD temperatures (like many of you!), our furnace broke.  Without heat for 2 days, Little Man and I stayed at my parents' house off and on. Just as we got the heat working, Little Man heated up a bit too much--try 102 degrees!  He hasn't slept at all lately, and Mr. Oopsey Daisy has been gone since Monday night.  After a delayed flight, he just walked in the door and took Little Man to urgent care.  So I have just a few minutes to myself to finally write up a post!  Whew!
Nothing says Valentine's Day like roses.  Especially red roses.  I can't wear the color red, but I love  to decorate with it.  It's so vibrant! I made 2 topiaries and am having fun deciding exactly what to do with them.  But I do love how they look next to Janet's wonderful printable!

I have seen tons of felt topiaries out there in blogland, but most of them use the folding/pinning technique.  I decided to make actual flat felt roses.  I realize that this is not a new technique, but just in case you haven't made one, here is a quick how-to:

1.  Cut a rough circle.  This doesn't have to be perfect.
2.  From the outer edge, just start cutting around the circle.
3.  Keep cutting around and around until you have a spiral shape.
4.  Start wrapping the spiral around again, overlapping just barely and hot gluing as you go.
5.  Keep wrapping and gluing.
6.  Wrap the very end of the spiral underneath the rose and secure.

Aren't they purty?!  Then I just hot-glued the roses all over the 2 styrofoam balls until they were covered, making sure to overlap them as much as possible.
I wrapped a wooden dowel with festive ribbon, secured it inside the styrofoam ball, and then secured the opposite end in some styrofoam in the pail. Although you can't see it in this picture, I poured conversation hearts all over the top to keep it sturdy.
Ta-dah!  All done and looking sweet on my awkward ledge that I'm still learning to decorate!
I did also experiment with these as ball instead of topiaries.  Not bad. 

 See, I told you I was an indecisive decorator.
 Go here for the love blocks tutorial and here for the 3-dimensional heart garland tutorial.

All you need is {love}

Slowly but surely, we're getting a little Valentine's Day decor up around this house!  Santa brought my hubby a new saw for Christmas--I don't know who was more excited:  Me or him!  I thought he might need to try it out, so being the thoughtful wife that I am, I asked him to help me out!
The very sweet Mr. Daisy cut me 3 blocks--two 7" blocks, one 6" block, and one 8" block.  I gave them a couple coats of red spray paint and sanded up those edges.
Next, I traced the blocks on scrapbook paper and mod-podged them on.
I cut the l-o-v-e out of cardstock using my Cricut and mod-podged them onto the blocks.  A last coat of mod podge on top was the final step.
I decided to hot glue some ribbon around 3 sides and tie a bow up top.  (I learned the hard way that if I glued the ribbon on the bottom that the blocks wouldn't stand up!)
I'm quite excited with how they turned out...
I am still deciding where to put all of my Valentine decor!  I am such an indecisive decorator, especially in a new house!!
Have a happy day! Seriously--thanks for reading!

Heart-Shaped Cake Pops

In case you missed my guest post on Tip Junkie...
I love a good celebration, and all good celebrations include treats, right?  I made these fun heart-shaped cake pops to give out to friends and family for Valentine's Day.  Come along to see how to make your own!
I followed Bakerella's fabulous instructions to mix up the cake balls using a red velvet cake and cream cheese frosting.  You simply crumble the baked cake and store-bought cream cheese frosting together!  Instead of rolling them into balls, I decided to mold heart shapes.  My heart-shaped ice cube trays created perfect little hearts.  (If you don't have trays, don't stress!  You can easily mold heart shapes by hand!)  I let my hearts chill in the refrigerator for a full 24 hours.
The next day, it was time to dip those hearts in chocolate!  I wanted both white and milk chocolate hearts, so I followed the package instructions to melt white (vanilla) candy coating and chocolate candy coating.  I dipped the end of my lollipop stick in the chocolate and inserted it into the heart first.  I let the chocolate on the stick get firm, and then I dipped the hearts into chocolate.  I found the method that worked the best for me was using a spoon to coat the hearts.
I laid out all the hearts on wax paper to dry.  Don't worry about the messy sticks--you can clean them up later!
After the chocolate hardened up, I dipped my fork in the opposite color of chocolate, and just drizzled the hearts.
I dressed them up with a little bow, but then I had an even better idea!  Why not add festive Valentine messages to each heart cake pop??
I used the paper from Pink Igloo Designs' Hugs & Kisses kit to create these tags.  Good news--you can print and download your own tags at the end of this post! (Thanks, Pink Igloo Designs!)  After wrapping the hearts in clear cellophane wrap, I punched holes in the top and bottom of each tag, and just slid them on the stick!
Even if you don't give them away, they make awfully cute centerpieces to add to your Valentine's Day decor!
If you would like to make your own cake pops, you can choose from these 3 tags for your very own pops!

Conversation Heart Magnets {Again}

If you've been one of my original Oopsey Daisy followers (I mean one of the absolute first!) you will remember this post.  These Valentine's Day conversation heart magnets first put my wee blog on the map!  Well, I just unpacked them and they look lovely on our stainless steel refrigerator.  If you're interested in creating your own fun messages on the fridge, you can download them below!

The fun fonts I used for this project come from DJ Inkers.
Fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.

You can download your own set of conversation heart magnets here.  Enjoy!

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