I {heart} HGTV’s Design Star!

Let it be known that I am a huge HGTV fan!¬† On a cold or rainy Saturday, I love nothing more than to craft to the lovely background of an HGTV marathon... Heck, give me a little HGTV no matter what the weather! ūüôā

Last summer, I stumbled upon one of my *new* favorite shows:  HGTV's Design Star.  And guess what?!  Today has been highlighted on my calendar for months because the season premiere of Season 6 begins tonight 9pm/8c on HGTV!   I LOVE this show because you get a taste of the latest and greatest decor trends... some I love and some I hate!  But I love to see bold decor ideas.  It gives me great ideas for my own humble abode!

Here is the cast for this season...

I can't wait to get a feel for them tonight and decide who I'm rooting for.

And the judges... oh how I love Genevieve, Vern, and Candice!  Talk about pure raw talent!

They create amazing spaces like these ones...

Secretly I dream that I can be on one of their shows so they can help beautify my spaces!!

Did I mention that my husband loves this show too??  There aren't many shows that I will put my laptop down and just watch.  But Design Star is kind of our "date night" together.   I will be tuning in tonight to catch the first episode!

Tune in later today... I finally have a new Mommy School packet ready for you to snatch up!

Have a happy Monday!

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign by Crafterminds and HGTV Design Star. My opinions are my own.

HUGE Shabby Apple sale


Hey friends, there is a BIG sale going on right now at my all-time favorite one-stop dress shop, Shabby Apple!   All throughout the month of July, you can score 20% off everything besides the Amalfi Coast Swim Wear.  This is kind of a big deal because it's Shabby Apple's BIGGEST sale ever!

You just use coupon code "SUMMER20" at checkout to save on everything site-wide.

UPDATE:  This code will now also include free shipping during the last week of July!

Remember when I sported these Shabby Apple dresses in posts past??

This Flying Ace dress was the perfect outfit for my brother-in-law's wedding 2 weeks ago.


Remember my pink suede bow cuff that I showed you while vacationing in Maui?  Well, I was also showing off the SunDance Kid dress that I absolutely ADORE!!!  It's already on sale right now, too!

I may own a few (ahem) other Shabby Apple items that I also {heart}!

If you ever wanted to make Shabby Apple part of your future, now's the time!

Happy shopping!

A New Way to Read the News!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ringier Media. All opinions are 100% mine.

How amazing is this hand-painted "News" sign from Three Potato Four?!

I admit that I'm a bit of a News junkie.  I love staying up to date on what's going on in this crazy world we live in!  I'm a huge politics dork, and the year before elections is quite exciting for me.  I'm already glued to the  coverage for next year's presidential elections.  Pretty dorky huh?

How do you keep up with the News??

If I'm at my parents' house, there is almost always a newspaper on the kitchen counter.  Something about a newspaper just seems warm and homey to me.  I can remember many lazy Saturday mornings, mindlessly pouring over a newspaper while eating my cold cereal.  I'm not so great at reading a real newspaper now, although I do collect newspapers for fun projects like this...

Gorgeous newspaper wreath found via Pinterest

Now, I DVR my favorite News shows and follow my favorites News channels via Twitter.  On my iPad, I even get instant pop-up alerts of the latest breaking News.  I am somewhat proud of the fact that even while flying on an airplane from Denver to Maui, I found out about Osama bin Laden's demise even before the public news broke. (Thanks, Twitter!)

Do you remember the iPad case I shared last week?? A while back, many of you kindly shared your favorite iPad apps with me.  I'm quickly becoming an app-aholic!  Now I can use my iPad to keep up with globally relevant topics.  There's a brand new iPad app called the collection.

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I Owe It All to Mom {Heart Of Haiti}

My dear, sweet Mother.
I really owe all of Oopsey Daisy to my Mom.
She taught me what it means to be a mother.¬† A wife.¬† A teacher.¬† A creator.¬† A homemaker.¬† A friend. 

Growing up, creativity was not my strong suit.

My Mother's old Bernina sewing machine has always been her truest ally.  Believe it or not, I had to be forced to sit down and sew when I was a kid.  I had no patience for it!  Imagine my Mama's surprise when I asked her to help me make a quilt for my husband's Christmas gift just a few years ago?!
That sewing project was the beginning of all my creative endeavors, and truly the beginning of this lil' blog.¬† Many of the crafts I share can somehow be traced back to memories of crafty endeavors from my childhood. 

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Creative Estates 2011

I did it!!  I attended my very first blogging conference!
My time at Creative Estates was incredibly fun and inspiring!  I honestly never thought I would get the guts to attend a conference such as this.  I was terrified at the very idea.  I am a shy person in the beginning, but I love getting to know new people.  So it took a lot of pep talks for me to walk into a room full of people whom I had never even met.  But I treasured the opportunity to get to know some really talented women--people I could relate to as bloggers, as moms, and as friends.

My husband really made Creative Estates possible.  He encouraged me to attend from the get-go.  He even helped me design my blogging business cards!  Because he works in Arizona frequently, we decided to divide up parental responsibilities, and make a family vacation out of the entire week!

We booked a room at a gorgeous resort, and we were having a fabulous time...

But then Little Man got sick.  Very sick.  I was so worried about my Little Man!  I had never seen him quite this ill.  We finally took him to Urgent Care, and discovered he had Strep.  It broke my heart to have to leave my little guy just when he needed me the most!  Luckily Mr. Oopsey Daisy played Mr. Mom, and they spent lots of R&R time together...

Surprise Cupcakes Tutorial {She Wears Flowers}

I have another talented guest in store for you today.¬† Tammy from She Wears Flowers is incredibly talented AND sweet!¬† Just wait and see what she has in store for you today... 

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! I LOVE Oopsey Daisy and I think Alison is one of the sweetest (and oh-so-talented!) people around this blogging world!

I am so thrilled to be sharing a project here today!
I am Tammy from the blog she wears flowers. I have three little girls so flowers and pink and ruffles are my way of life! I like to say I blog to avoid housework (true), but it didn‚Äôt start that way. I was reading a bunch of blogs and realized I did many of the same types of projects. I decided to start my own blog to share my ideas in the same way others shared (and still share!) with me. The best part of blogging is the people you meet‚ÄĒlove that the most!
Pupcakes 30
Today I am sharing a tutorial for making these fun little surprise cupcakes. (My husband said they should be called ‚Äúpupcakes‚ÄĚ!) They have lots of little instructions, but are as easy as 1, 2, 3!
Pupcakes 35
It all started as an Easter basket idea. I want to have fun things and fun treats for our baskets, but I am getting tired of the accumulation of junk (toys and sugar!). I saw a toy in a store that sparked this idea and I thought it would be perfect for an Easter basket. You can give a cute gift, it looks sweet, it takes up lots of space so you don’t need a bunch more junk in the basket and once your child takes it apart, it is still usable!
Let‚Äôs make it! 

Paper Bag Dress Tutorial {Delia Creates}

I will be attending Creative Estates this week, plus enjoying the Arizona sun with my family all week along!  In my absence, I thought this might be the perfect opportunity to welcome some amazing guests to Oopsey Daisy!  Today, you are going to fall in love with the incredible Delia from Delia Creates.  Her blog is oozing with inspiration!

Hello! I am so happy to be posting over here on Alison's blog. She is so nice, so talented, and a beauty to boot. She is also a wonderful mother. The thing that clinched my follower-ship to her blog were her amazing mommy school packets. So...I am thrilled that she asked me to guest post.


Today I am going to share a very, very, very, very easy sewing project? Did I say very? Yes...very easy.

It's a tunic style dress that without that belt looks very much like a paper bag. Hence why I named it so. ūüôā

You only have to sew two straight lines and then you are finished. Easy.

Let me show you what I mean.

Craft Room Inspiration

I should be working on organizing my craft room, but instead, I need a little inspiration!  Here are some of my favorite craft rooms from around the web, in a few different categories!  (Let's be honest, some of these rooms are do-able, while other rooms I can only dream about!)
If you're in the mood to build something...
(I wish I could say that I had the skills to do this... unfortunately, I will be buying my furniture!)
How about Shanty @ Chic's amazing craft table?  Can you believe she even made this herself?!
I still can't believe that Sandra from Sawdust and Paper Scraps built her own entire craft room!
Not a room, more like a craft "space"...
Let's be honest, we don't all have an extra room in our houses!  Am I right?!

Can you believe that this craft room is actually a closet?!  You have to see it at Bug Juiced to believe it.
Making This Home created a lovely tiny craft room out a closet, too!  So impressive!
Even if you don't have a room--but more like an unfinished basement (if we have more kids in the near future, this will be me!), you can still make your creative space fun! Check out the amazing Thrifty Decor Chick's craft room.
A little more do-able...
I know I spotlighted this craft room from I Am Momma... Hear Me Roar, but it's worth looking at again!  I am totally having a relaxing chair in my corner too, for my own little space!
I have this SAME organization set for my craft room... but I do not have the lovely option of painting my walls a nice, contrasting color.  Don't you LOVE Shelley's (House of Smiths) style?!
I LOVE all of the organizational tips from This Blessed Nest.  I especially love her peg board--because I just bought and painted mine!  This gives me ideas for how to set it up!
I love red, black, and white!  So this craft room really appeals to me!  You can see tons of amazing details at Candice Stringham Photography.
Get out!  I love everything about this craft room--the colors, the organization!  I'm happy just looking at the pictures!  Thanks, Crafty Intentions!
HGTV has a whole series of craft room pictures and tips.  I am definitely studying these!
Dream on!
(Let's be honest--I don't have the time, talent, or resources for these craft rooms! But they are sure fun to look at!)
I WISH I had a room of this size--and the ability to paint in fun colors like Jenny from All Sorts!  This craft room is utterly amazing, and the colors scream creativity!
Heather Bailey anyone?  Well, we can all dream, right?!
My room...
In the mean time... this is what my craft room looked like a few weeks ago!  I've been chipping away at it, little by little, but it needs a little TLC!
Do you have a favorite craft room?  Leave me a link!

Christmas Highlights

I don't know about you, but I am still in Holiday Celebration mode!  I don't feel like doing anything but trying to clean up the house a bit and play with Little Man and all his new toys!!  Mr. Oopsey Daisy is already traveling again, but luckily I still have plenty of family in town to keep us company!  So my little blogging hiatus will continue, with just a few pop-in's here and there!
Our Christmas could not have been any more fantastic!!
Lots of family time
Our annual family Christmas Eve pageant (My nephew was the real-life Baby Jesus!)
Plenty of snuggling our pajama's!
And yes, a few elephant rides!
We actually spread out our Christmas gift-opening for TWO DAYS.  Partly because both Little Man and I were sick; partly because I just wanted to soak up the Christmas magic as long as I could!  We didn't finish opening gifts until Sunday evening. I think I might do it again next year!
Would you like to see my Christmas pride and joy?!
Yes... the hubs surprised me with this lovely Canon Rebel.  I can hardly wait to use it!!  I have Photoshop Elements already and know a few tricks, but I'm dying to learn know everything!!  All of you photography wizards out there...
* Have you taken any photography classes online that you've absolutely loved?
* Are there any fab photography blogs I should know about?
The more i can learn, the better!! So please, please, share!
 Once again, happiest holiday wishes!!  Let's make it last as long as possible!!

Merry Christmas!

I have made so many fabulous friends in the blogging community, and I treasure the support of you loyal commenters!  Thank you for making this a very special year here at Oopsey Daisy!  I know we may not know each other's last names, but I still consider you my friends.  I am sending you all of my wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Soak up each and every magical minute with your families--that's what I will be doing.  I will probably take the next week or so to enjoy having a husband who's home and a son who's finally feeling better.
Happy holidays, my friends!
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