Toy Story Birthday Party

Outdoor Decorations
I created this Etch-a-Sketch image in Photoshop and mod-podged it onto wood. (I photoshopped Little Man's name off of everything. It really does have his name on it!)
This sign was hanging on our front door as guests arrived.  It was meant to look like the sign that hangs from Andy's bedroom in the movie.  (Can you tell that I have watched Toy Story about a million times?!)
Indoor Decorations

Cardboard birthday banner.  (You can see the tutorial here.)
Toy Story character pennant banner using felt and fabric transfers.  (You can see the tutorial here.)
The army men were parachuting and repelling from upstairs to downstairs.
Toy Story themed birthday subway art.  (You can see more about this here.)
I downloaded these Toy Story replica drawings from Pixar Planet forum here.  They look just like the originals!
Dinner Table
We started out the party with dinner for family.  I didn't want to use the commercialized Toy Story paper products, and I wanted to keep things simple.  Instead, I made this bandana tablecloth and used blue paper products.
Each guest had a personalized "Happy Birthday" candy bar by their place setting.
Instead of having name cards, each guest (who was dressed up as a Toy Story character) had to find their own famous character quote.  This was Little Man's place setting because he was  Buzz Lightyear for the evening.
For dinner, we served:
 Buzz Lightyear's UFO Burgers, Slinky's Wiener dogs, Bo Peep's berries, Bullseye's baked beans, Mr. Potato Head's french fries, alien juice (lemon lime juice), and Barbie & Ken's crisper (veggies & dip).
Our guests were asked to dress up as a Toy Story character.  Of course Little Man dressed up as his favorite character--Buzz Lightyear.
Our family was kind enough to dress up as other Toy Story characters.  I made Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head costumes for my husband and me.
Army man estimation.
As guests arrived, we asked them to estimate how many army men were in the jar.  Each guest wrote down their guess.
Toss the snake in the boot.
I cut out the cowboy boot from a cardboard box.  Each guest had 5 chances to throw the plastic snake in the boot.
Toy Story Bingo.
Instead of marking a free space, each guest marked the spot for their own character.

Pin the star on Woody.
Just like "Pin the tail on the Donkey", we blindfolded everyone and they tried to pin their metal star badge (from Hobby Lobby) onto Woody.  I made this poster in Photoshop and just had it printed at Costco.
Pass the space rock.
Played just the same as "Hot Potato", we passed a tinfoil ball while listening to the Toy Story soundtrack.
Buzz's Laser Gun Show.
My hubby got the best Nerf gun he could find, and we took turns shooting darts at the Toy Story villains--Sid, Lotso, Al, Zurg, and Prospector.
 Mr. Potato Head relay.
We divided the guests into 2 teams: Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head.  Each member had to run to their potato head, create the potato head according to the picture with all of the correct accessories, have it checked off, and then take it apart for the next team member.  The first team done, won!
Party hats
I made each party guest an alien hat.  The aliens have the Pizza Planet logo on them.
Instead of making a cake, we made s'mores cupcakes.  If you remember, in Toy Story 3, Lotso rides around in a dump truck.  I found dump trucks in the dollar section at Target, and we used these to serve cupcakes.  Of course they were well guarded by army men.
Enjoying our cupcakes and ice cream!
Opening up LOTS of Toy Story toys!
The winner of each game won a prize--a Toy Story character Pez machine!
I washed the dump trucks after we ate the cupcakes, and they made perfect favors!
* I used this digital kit from Sweet Shoppe Designs for most of my designing.  It was perfect!
* I found TONS of amazing Toy Story birthday ideas (including the cupcakes in dump trucks) from Rook No. 17.  Jenn shares tons of printables and ideas here.  Thanks, Jenn!
Wow, I'm glad birthdays only come once a year.
That was a lot of fun!
The End.
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A Little Man Party for Little Man!

The countdown is on for Little Man's birthday!  He will be turning 2 in February, which makes my head spin.  As soon as Christmas is over, I start searching for the perfect party theme.  I'm a planner.  I have to be because I'm not like you amazing ladies who can think up an idea and bust it out in a week!  I never do things the easy way, so I need time to screw things up and eventually get it right!!
This weekend, I turned to my Facebook fans for some help, and I received some excellent recommendations! One of my readers, Staci, suggested a Little Man party.  I had never heard of a real genuine "Little Man" party before, so I googled it.  Apparently I've been living under a rock because Little Man parties are the rage!  And I can see why.  They are so stinkin' cute!  I've been bookmarking some amazing parties and thought I would share some of my favorite ideas.
Party Starters threw a whole darling "Mustache Bash" as an eleventh birthday party.
Check out these chocolate mustache lollies!!  Oh man, I would love to devour one of those right now!
These toppers are unbelievable!!

This funny little man party at Bliss Bloom Blog makes me smile because it was a second birthday party, and I can definitely see this working for my own Little Man!

I love the ties for the party favor bags.
More cute ties for a birthday banner.


Oozing with cuteness!

Create My Event featured this Little Man party that has a bit of vintage flair.

What a FUN photo op to take pictures of everyone with mustache holders!!


Alright.  I am officially amazed at these cupcakes.


I love her frugality!  She drew funny faces on good old paper plates and made delicious chocolate cake mustaches for them!  I love it!  And you don't even have to do this for a birthday; you can use it as a play date!

Finally, I found Maggie Muggins Designs' (I love this blog, by the way!) Little Man Tea Party.

There must be a mustache cookie cutter out there somewhere!  I love these mustache sandwiches.


And what could be better than a giant mustache chocolate cake?!  YUM!
Are these parties incredibly CUTE or what?!  The only problem is.... I can't convince Mr. Daisy of how cute a Little Man party could be.  He thinks it's all just a big joke.  I have a Plan B.  You'll just have to wait and see what it is!  But please, someone out there--throw a little man birthday party and tell me all about it!
Enjoy your week!

Halloween Bash

Halloween is the best time of year to throw a crazy party.  Are you planning a bash of your own??  Or do you just want to add a bit of spice to Halloween night??   Well, I have a few ideas for you!
Over the weekend, my entire family was in town.  What better time to PAR-TAY in a spooktacular way?!  We all dressed in costume and went all out with yummy food and fun games!! I can't take the credit with the evening's creativity, however.  My Mother is the holiday mastermind of the family.  She knows how to host one mean party!
We love food in our family.  Here are some snapshots of our menu:
Vegetable skeleton
Mummy dogs
Potato ghosts
Spider web cupcakes 
(Yes, we did have 2 desserts!  We used these for the cake walk.)
We had so many fun games planned that we didn't even get to all of them!  But they were a hit, especially with the kids!  We have more Halloween games that we can play all week long!
Pumpkin Bowling
We just used food coloring to dye the water orange and hot glued the lids shut.  
We used a little orange ball to knock down the pins!
Cake Walk
We walked in a circle on Halloween pictures while "Monster Mash" played.   
We kept playing until everyone won a spider web cupcake!

Don't Eat Jack!  
(I found this idea here at the Crafting Chicks.)

Relay races
Eyeball Relay - We balanced an "eyeball" (a pingpong ball) on a spoon walking across the room.  
Ghost Waiter Relay - We balanced a white balloon (ghost) on a paper plate without letting it drop.  Both of these relays were hysterical!

Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern
We just used black paper triangles as noses.  This became surprisingly competitive among the adults!  
So what can top THIS?!  Well, this weekend, we are going to DisneyLand to get spooky with Mickey, and I can't wait for that!

Cowboy Birthday Party

I feel as though I have been teasing you with bits and pieces of my nephew's 3rd birthday party--a rootin' tootin' cowboy party.  We all came dressed in our cowboy gear, and my sister threw an absolutely amazing cowboy party for this handsome little guy:

 When we arrived at the party, we realized we were all "Wanted"!  Each guest was featured on a Wanted sign, hanging on a clothesline.

My little contribution, the rustic sign, hanging on the tree:
BB gun shooting...


Lassoing (of cardboard horses and birthday boys!)...

Musical chairs....
We loaded up these burgers, straight from the grill!

The AMAZING cowboy cake!  Check out that fringe!  And I love the bandana design.

We spread out a blanket for the birthday boy to open his gifts...
Opening up gifts, boots and all!

Playing around
When a cowboy doesn't have a cowboy to ride....

And when Grandpa helps him find a horse...

Everyone HAD to bring a cowboy hat to wear!  We were also given sheriff badges to wear.

Happy Birthday, Cowboy dude!

Seuss Extravaganza!

I am so late in posting this, but I still wanted to share our Dr. Seuss birthday party on Tuesday night.  I love having family close by... so my parents and sister's family joined in on the fun!!  We read TONS of Dr. Seuss books, and with each book we read, we did some fun hands-on activities.
Here are some snippets of what we did to celebrate:

PS Thanks again to Rebecca at Root & Wings Co. for the cute ideas about the personalized foot book and headbands!

PPS  Don't forget to download the Dr. Seuss matching game for Free Download Friday!!  Enjoy!

Winter Olympics ~ Birthday Style

You've seen the gold medals... you've seen the torch... Now here are the details of the whole Olympic birthday party--the whole shebang!!

The birthday dinner began with an international cuisine.  We feasted on American hot dogs (my son's favorite of the moment!), French fries, Italian pesto pasta salad, Chinese green salad, Mexican queso dip, and German {Root} Beer.  (My husband thought he was so clever for thinking up that last one!)

Before the events began, each athlete had to check in.  Everyone was assigned a country to represent.  They each wore a sticker with the flag of their country.  (I chose the top-medaling nations of the Winter Olympics).  Of course my little guy represented the U.S.A. with the help of his Daddy.
Here is a run-down of all of the events in our Olympics:

We kept track of each nation's gold, silver, and bronze medals.  I was the referee of the night (that's why I am wearing black and white.)  With his Daddy's help, the U.S.A ended up with the most medals at the end of the night!

Although we honored the top winners of the night at our Medals Ceremony, the birthday boy presented a gold medal to everyone at the party as he unwrapped his presents.

We ate yummy Olympic birthday cupcakes.  I used M&M's to create the Olympic rings.  I just had to use a brown M&M for the black ring.  Not too shabby. My sister had the fabulous idea to strip down the birthday boy to his diaper and let him feast on his own cake in a small swimming pool.  My little sweetheart was a mess, but it was so worth it!

The whole party was so much fun!!  Watching my family participate in the suitcase relay was the highlight of my entire weekend.  The best part of course was watching the birthday boy!

By the way... I am so excited that the U.S.A. just took the lead in Olympic medals again with our latest gold medalists last night!  GO U.S.A.!

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