Roll A Jack-O-Lantern {Creative Carousel}

I hope you've been enjoying The Creative Carousel this week!

Fall has really inspired me!  As the temperatures have dropped just a few degrees, I have hit a huge surge of creativity.  I am knee-deep in several fall projects!  Today I decided to share the project that best defines me.

No matter how hard I try to make something just for me--I am always so much more motivated to make a project that the whole family (specifically Little Man!) can enjoy!  So once again, the Mom AND the Teacher in me have joined forces on this little project.

Let me introduce you to our brand spankin' new Roll A Jack-O-Lantern game!

And guess what--I only spent $1 on this project. {Insert husband's congratulations here!}

PLUS there are some downloads at the end of this post to help you create your own game at home.

This game is versatile.  You can adapt it however you would like for your own family!

The idea of the game is to build a jack-o-lantern, with the help of the dice!

I started out with a $1 burner cover from the Dollar Tree.  Yes, there was a rooster on it.  But most importantly, it was magnetic!

I quickly covered that rooster with some orange scrapbook paper.  I added a layer of protective mod podge over the top (because it will be getting plenty of use!), and distressed the edges a bit, too.

Next, I got to work creating the jack-o-lantern pieces.  You will need....

At least 2 eyes (I made 6!)

At least 1 nose

At least 1 mouth

At least 2 teeth

[Read more...]

Have a ball…

PS I did NOT dress up as a Dodgers player like the boys... I am sporting an authentic Braves jersey.  I grew up in Atlanta.  Go Braves!

Sweetest Jack-o-Lantern Ever!

I think I am so funny sometimes!!  As part of our Mommy School this week, I had Little Man become a jack-o-lantern.  I had spray painted an embroidery hoop orange and tied on a green bow for leaves.  Then we framed our faces making different jack-o-lantern faces.  We are learning about what different emotions look like--angry, sad, happy, etc.
We also sang this song:
Once I Had a Pumpkin
(Tune:  Did You Ever See a Lassie?)
Oh, once I had a pumpkin
A pumpkin, a pumpkin
Oh, once I had a pumpkin
With no face at all.

With no eyes and no nose
And no mouth and no teeth.
Oh, once I had a pumpkin
With no face at all.

So I made a jack-o-lantern
Jack-o-lantern, jack-o-lantern.
So I made a jack-o-lantern
With a big funny face.

With big eyes and big nose
And big mouth and big teeth.
So I made a jack-o-lantern
With a big funny face.
I photoshopped this picture so you couldn't see the rest of Little Man--just his sweet little face!  I must say I am pretty partial to this lil' face!  
Enjoy your own little jack-o-lanterns today!
Happy Halloween!
PS Just FYI--I will probably be taking a break from Mommy School while we are moving the next 2 weeks.  We will probably do some review when we can squeeze it in. I am hoping to have a "T is for Thanksgiving/Turkey" packet prepared in 2 weeks, though!  

Spooky Mickey Mouse Shirt

Later today, we are flying to California to celebrate Halloween with my in-laws.  I am looking forward to a bit of a vacation from packing up our apartment.  Tomorrow, we are celebrating Halloween, Mickey style!  I can't wait for Little Man to experience DisneyLand!

Of course Little Man needed a shirt for the occasion!  So I created this image in Photoshop and cut out a freezer paper stencil.  Luckily he already had an orange t-shirt in his closet, so I just added a little fabric paint to make this shirt:

I never ever thought I would create a skull and crossbones, but somehow the cute Mickey ears balance out the scariness!  I love how this turned out and can't wait for Little Man to show it off to his cousins!  
Thanks for making Oopsey Daisy part of your day!

Halloween Bash

Halloween is the best time of year to throw a crazy party.  Are you planning a bash of your own??  Or do you just want to add a bit of spice to Halloween night??   Well, I have a few ideas for you!
Over the weekend, my entire family was in town.  What better time to PAR-TAY in a spooktacular way?!  We all dressed in costume and went all out with yummy food and fun games!! I can't take the credit with the evening's creativity, however.  My Mother is the holiday mastermind of the family.  She knows how to host one mean party!
We love food in our family.  Here are some snapshots of our menu:
Vegetable skeleton
Mummy dogs
Potato ghosts
Spider web cupcakes 
(Yes, we did have 2 desserts!  We used these for the cake walk.)
We had so many fun games planned that we didn't even get to all of them!  But they were a hit, especially with the kids!  We have more Halloween games that we can play all week long!
Pumpkin Bowling
We just used food coloring to dye the water orange and hot glued the lids shut.  
We used a little orange ball to knock down the pins!
Cake Walk
We walked in a circle on Halloween pictures while "Monster Mash" played.   
We kept playing until everyone won a spider web cupcake!

Don't Eat Jack!  
(I found this idea here at the Crafting Chicks.)

Relay races
Eyeball Relay - We balanced an "eyeball" (a pingpong ball) on a spoon walking across the room.  
Ghost Waiter Relay - We balanced a white balloon (ghost) on a paper plate without letting it drop.  Both of these relays were hysterical!

Pin the Nose on the Jack-o-Lantern
We just used black paper triangles as noses.  This became surprisingly competitive among the adults!  
So what can top THIS?!  Well, this weekend, we are going to DisneyLand to get spooky with Mickey, and I can't wait for that!

Ghosts In the Graveyard

Are you planning a spooky Halloween dinner?!  Well, this dessert is always a crowd-pleaser in our family!  Every Halloween Night, we feast on the chocolate deliciousness of Ghosts in the Graveyard.  This year, we celebrated early with a great big family Halloween party on Saturday night.  I'll share some details of the food and games later this week, but let's start with dessert, shall we?  I always like to eat desserts first--especially this one!  I look forward to it all year long.
Ghosts in the Graveyard
3 1/2 c. cold milk
2 packages (4-serving size) Jello Chocolate Instant Pudding/Pie Filling
1 tub Cool Whip Whipped Topping, thawed
1 package (16 oz.) crushed chocolate sandwich cookies (We love Oreos!)
Milano cookies and candy for decorating
1.  Make pudding as directed on package, using 3 1/2 cups milk.  Let stand 5 minutes.
2.  Stir in 3 cups of the whipped topping and half of the crushed cookies.
3.  Spoon into 9x13 dish.  Sprinkle with remaining crushed cookies.  Refrigerate 1 hour.
4.  Decorate with candy corn, Milano's (tombstones), and spoonfuls of whipped topping (ghosts).
Decorating is the fun part of this dessert!  My mom is the expert here.  She turns the Milano's into tombstones and makes the perfect ghosts!  It's positively sinful!  Enjoy!

H is for Halloween Packet

**Updated:  All links are working now!**
If you're new to Oopsey Daisy, I recently decided to combine my 2 favorite roles--teacher and Mommy.  Every week, I teach "Mommy School" to my 20-month-old Little Man.  It's an adventure teaching a toddler, but every week, we focus on a theme, letter, number, color, and song. I absolutely LOVE Mommy School!
This week, we finished up our "L is for Leaves" unit in Mommy School.  We did a whole lot, but I was not a very good photographer this week.
I am super duper excited about this upcoming week in Mommy School.  Halloween was always my favorite time to teach, and Little Man is just starting to really enjoy the holiday.  So the next couple of weeks are going to be FUN!  I have compiled a gigantic 60-page packet this week!!  And yes, it's a printable packet that you can enjoy with your little ones at home!  I have gotten very little sleep this week as I compiled this packet, trying to have it done so we could enjoy it as much as possible before Halloween rolls around!  So I am crossing my fingers that you'll enjoy it too!!
In this packet, you will find:
* Halloween learning games and activities
* Tons of Halloween art ideas.
* Halloween Science, Math, and literature connections
* Food Ideas
* FOUR flannel board stories with corresponding visual aids
* Book ideas
* Songs and fingerplays
* Halloween party ideas for toddlers
* Ideas for the color, number, and letter of the week.
* TONS of visual aids and learning activities ready to go.
Honestly, there is no way I could do all of these activities in even 2 weeks.  However, I wanted to compile everything in one packet so I could have all the ideas in one place for years to come.  So choose some of your favorites to do with your own little one this week!
Some of my favorite ideas in this packet are these Halloween movement cards:

You can use these cards with your kiddos to get out the wiggles in a "spooky" way!

Just a note:  This packet took an incredible amount of time to create! I want to share this with you because I believe in teaching our little ones at home.  Please review the credits on the back page of the packet so you can see where I searched for ideas!  Also, I would love to hear about your learning fun if you use this packet!  Then I can tell my husband that the late nights were worth it!  🙂 

You can download your own H is for Halloween packet here or here on Scribd.

Just a note...
* I am forever grateful to DJ Inker's for allowing me to create fun learning tools using their products!!
* Clip art designs &/or fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.

Have a "spooktacular" week with your kiddos!

Spider Applique Shirt

I must have a disease.  Last year, every time a special occasion rolled around, I made Little Man some kind of festive holiday shirt or onesie.  This year, I told myself, "He's too old for that."  But still, I got sucked in to making Little Man a Halloween shirt.  He is just so fascinated with spiders.  I don't necessarily want to encourage the fascination with bugs, but I do love his excitement for Halloween.  So I grabbed some scraps, and came up with this spider applique shirt!
I love appliques.  I do.  But lately, I have had tons of problems with the sewing machine needle getting stuck in 100% cotton shirts, ripping a tiny hole in the process.  I would chalk it up as my own inexperience, but even my Mother has the same problem.  Anyway, after making quiet books and rediscovering my love for felt, I decided to use felt instead!  It worked beautifully!
I know, I know... my spider has 6 legs instead of 8!  But with 8 legs, he looked entirely too crowded, so I stuck with just 6.
Besides the black-and-white center of the spider, I used felt for everything else!  The spider is hanging by black ricrac.  He's a cute lil' spider, don't you think?!  Little Man begged to wear it as soon as he saw it.  Dang it.  I'll probably get sucked into making a Thanksgiving shirt.  Christmas, too!  Love that Little Man smile!
If you would like to whip up your own in time for Halloween, you can print your own template here.
Happy sewing!

Spider Topiary

The apartment is FULL to the brim.... completely oozing with Halloween goodness!  But yet I keep going.  I tell myself I will have more fun decor when we move into a house!  
This project was definitely inspired by Little Man.  Shocker.  He inspires a lot of projects! Ever since I made the eensy weensy spider, Little Man has recognized and loved spiders.  Normally, I probably wouldn't encourage this, but it's Halloween!!  So I created this little spider topiary.  This is a quick and easy project, and it's a kid-pleaser for sure!
Isn't he cute?!  Come along with me, and I'll show you how to make one!
I started out with black sparkly yarn, a styrofoam ball, and spray adhesive to make the spider's body. You could use your hot glue gun instead of spray adhesive, too. I think the black sparkly yarn really gives the spider some "sparkling" personality!
Just start wrapping the yarn around and around the ball.  I used spray adhesive, but I did start by hot gluing my center to give it a sturdy anchor before wrapping.  The key to wrapping is tightness!  Be sure not to leave any gaps between layers of yarn!
Once you're all done covering the styrofoam ball with yarn, it's time to give that spider some legs! I used 8 sparkling black chenille pipe cleaners.  They stick easily into the styrofoam ball.  I decided to make their legs curly, so I just wrapped them around a wooden dowel to give them some shape.
I found this fun bucket in the dollar section at Target.  I secured a half wooden dowel into just a tiny square of styrofoam inside the bucket.  I covered up the styrofoam with candy corn... what a fun fall treat!  I can't get enough!
I wrapped the half dowel with bright Halloween ribbon, using mod podge to secure the whole thing.  I just stabbed the dowel right into the spider's body. 
I couldn't decide between button eyes and google eyes, so I used both!  I used a bit of hot glue to secure them to the spider.
Normally, I'm not a spider fan, but this little guy just makes me smile!  His curly legs are out.of.control, and I like it!!  Little Man keeps pointing at it and giggling, too, so I think it's a success!  He also keeps digging out the candy corn in the bucket and bringing them to me... hopefully we'll still have some left inside!!!
Make it a great week!

Burlap Candy Corn

In case you missed my post at Naptime Crafters, here is my tutorial for burlap candy corn!
I LOVE burlap and LOVE candy corn, so I knew the combination had to be great!  Come along, and I'll show you how I made these two beauties!
I started out by cutting a rough candy corn shape out of burlap.  You will need a front and back for each candy corn.  I decided to make a large candy corn and a smaller candy corn.  
Next, I painted each piece of burlap--fronts and backs--with acrylic paint.  I just eyeballed where I wanted to paint, and it turned out fine! I decided to leave the top part plain instead of painting it white.  I let these dry overnight. 
Next, I pinned the candy corn together, wrong sides together.  
I left more than an inch in seam allowance.  I sewed almost all the way around the candy corn, but I left a large opening in the bottom.
I stuffed the candy corn, using a pencil to help punch out the corners completely.  Then I sewed up the opening!
I decided to use pinking shears to cut around the seams.  I love the effect!
I looked at these for a solid week, knowing that they needed something to jazz them up!  I decided on some ricrac!  I just hot-glued the ricrac around the candy corn right in between paint layers.
Don't they make a nice back drop for my spider topiary? (Even before the ricrac!)  You can check out my spider topiary tutorial today at Moo Moo's & Tutus, where I am guest posting for the talented Daphne's blogiversary bash! 
 I love Halloween crafts!  I am having way too much fun with fall decor.  I think I now have more decorations than my tiny apartment can handle!
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