Roll a Turkey! {With Printable}

Thanksgiving is sneaking up on me this year!  My big plans for turkey day projects are quickly giving way to big plans for traveling, cooking, baking, and perhaps even a Disneyland trip!  Time is flying by way too fast.

Little Man and I had so much fun with our Roll a Jack-O-Lantern game at Halloween, I decided to make this "Roll a Turkey" game the very same way!

If you are interested in creating your own game, definitely check out this post where I described how to make the Roll A Jack-O-Lantern game.

Here's the quick rundown:

I covered a magnetic burner cover from the dollar store with cardstock and a protective coat of mod podge for the turkey body.  Then I raided my scrapbook paper stash, cut out and laminated the different body pieces, and applied magnets to each piece.  For this game, you will need:

At least 2 googly eyes

 At least 2 feet

At least 1 head

 At least 1 beak

 At least 1 gobbler

At least 5 feathers

The fun part about this game is that because you are likely to roll a number more than once, your turkey may end up with 3 eyes, 8 feathers, and 2 beaks!  So having extra parts comes in handy!

By the way, I store all of the parts in a ziplock baggie on the underside of the burner cover.  Because of the magnets on the backs of each piece, they stick nicely all on their own!


Want to play?

You can download your own "Roll a Turkey" game sheet here.

I printed mine on yellow cardstock and laminated it.

We are using the same dice I created for the jack-o-lantern game, although you can definitely use a regular game dice!

Gobble, gobble!

The 13 Nights of Halloween

You've heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

When I taught first grade, we celebrated the Thirteen Nights of Halloween.  I am looking forward to introducing this fun activity to Little Man for the very first time this Halloween! I just know he's going to love it!

For the last 13 days of October (we'll begin on October 19 and finish on October 31!), the Phantom Ghost of Halloween will leave Little Man a mysterious letter along with a clue about a Halloween picture to find around the house.  So each morning when he wakes up, he will know that he will be hunting around the house for something spooky.


Our letter in the morning (on Day 10, for example) might say something like:

Dear Little Man,

On the 10th day of Haunted Halloween, I give you 10 skeletons rattling, 9 bats a-flying, 8 werewolves howling, 7 lizards creeping, 6 spinning spiders, 5 pounds of worms, 4 cackling witches, 3 jack-o-lanterns, two hairy toads, and a spooky owl in a gnarled tree.

Have a spooky day!

The Phantom Ghost of Halloween

And then we will go hunt down the picture of the 10 skeletons to add to the collection of other pictures found from the previous days!

Here are all the spooky things that Little Man will be hunting down:

         Day 1 - A spooky owl in a gnarled tree

         Day 2 - Two hairy toads

         Day 3 - Three jack-o-lanterns

         Day 4 - Four cackling witches

         Day 5 - Five pounds of worms

         Day 6 - Six spiders spinning

         Day 7 -Seven lizards creeping

         Day 8 - Eight werewolves howling

         Day 9 - Nine bats a-flying

         Day 10 - Ten skeletons rattling

         Day 11 - Eleven black cats hissing

         Day 12 - Twelve vampires nibbling

         Day 13 - Thirteen ghosts a-booing

And guess what??  I scanned all of my files (I colored them myself!), so if you're interested, you can download your very own--and you won't even have to color your own!  Just print on cardstock and laminate for durability!

The bats and skeletons clip art are DJ Inkers.

Clip art designs &/or fonts copyright Dianne J Hook. Used with permission from DJ Inkers.  LOVE DJ Inkers!


You can download your own 13 Nights of Halloween here.

A little head's up:  When you click the link, Google Docs will take you to a page that says "Preview Unavailable."  Don't panic!  Click Download and you will be taken to the PDF document including all the pictures and the master list.

I hope you enjoy these!

It's just one more way to "spookify" your 2011 Halloween!

Halloween Subway Art & Glittered Witches’ Hats

This was my guest post for Miss Lovie's Spooky Scary Halloween series.  You will find tons of fun Halloween ideas there!

Happy Monday, my friends!

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

I can't believe that this year I have been such a slacker.  I had the best intentions of decorating for Halloween over the weekend.  However, I woke up early Saturday with a nasty bug.  I was in bed all day long... so the Halloween decorations will just have to wait a few more days!

But I do have one little area nicely decorated and ready for Halloween...

Do you remember eighteen25's Christmas subway art and glitter trees from last year?  Well, they inspired me to make my own glitter witch's hats and Halloween subway art!

This sparkling display is brightening up my living room right now!

First, I created this Halloween subway art in Photoshop.

To make your own:

You can download your own 16x20 print here.

I printed it mine at Costco for the cheapest rate I could find.  I threw it in a frame, and I was done!

Piece of cake.

To create the witches' hats, I bought 3 styrofoam cones and 3 wooden circles at Hobby Lobby.

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Roll A Jack-O-Lantern {Creative Carousel}

I hope you've been enjoying The Creative Carousel this week!

Fall has really inspired me!  As the temperatures have dropped just a few degrees, I have hit a huge surge of creativity.  I am knee-deep in several fall projects!  Today I decided to share the project that best defines me.

No matter how hard I try to make something just for me--I am always so much more motivated to make a project that the whole family (specifically Little Man!) can enjoy!  So once again, the Mom AND the Teacher in me have joined forces on this little project.

Let me introduce you to our brand spankin' new Roll A Jack-O-Lantern game!

And guess what--I only spent $1 on this project. {Insert husband's congratulations here!}

PLUS there are some downloads at the end of this post to help you create your own game at home.

This game is versatile.  You can adapt it however you would like for your own family!

The idea of the game is to build a jack-o-lantern, with the help of the dice!

I started out with a $1 burner cover from the Dollar Tree.  Yes, there was a rooster on it.  But most importantly, it was magnetic!

I quickly covered that rooster with some orange scrapbook paper.  I added a layer of protective mod podge over the top (because it will be getting plenty of use!), and distressed the edges a bit, too.

Next, I got to work creating the jack-o-lantern pieces.  You will need....

At least 2 eyes (I made 6!)

At least 1 nose

At least 1 mouth

At least 2 teeth

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Twinkie Party Family Tradition

A few weeks ago, I shared one of my favorite family memories/traditions at A Little Tipsy. Can you believe that we have a family tradition all about Twinkies?!  Well, it's true!  In our family, traditions are more like inside jokes. So here's a little peek into just one of my favorite family traditions.

{Beware of some serious cheese in this post!}
Here's my little family growing up.  See me with my bangs and big red sash??
Something you should know about us...
I have the coolest family.  We had tons of family traditions.  And most of them are incredibly cheesy!!  We did crazy fun things that I rolled my eyes at as a teenager--but now I beg my parents to bring on the fun once again!
Recently we introduced my husband and son to a tradition we had growing up as kids...
The Twinkie Party!
In our family, a Twinkie party is a "fancy" celebration of our accomplishments.
This tradition is more like an inside joke, and it begs an explanation.
So here's the story:
Once upon a time my Dad and Mom met at a little school called BYU.  He liked her.  Then she liked him.  After a little off-and-on romance, my Dad decided that he definitely wanted to pursue their courtship seriously.  So he planned a surprise!
He kidnapped my Mom from her apartment.  Blindfolded her.  Even placed a box over her head so she couldn't see a thing.  He drove her to a  park and set up a chair.  So there sat my unsuspecting Mother, blindfolded, as my Dad set the scene for a romantic date.  He set up a small table and chairs.  He even covered the table with a lace tablecloth and lit candles too.  He set the table with fine china, and poured some soda pop in crystal goblets.  
When he finally took off the blindfold, my Mother was in awe of the romantic scene, but finally laughed out loud a their entree.  My Dad had cut a Twinkie in half horizontally and placed it on each of their plates.  It was the first-ever Twinkie party.
 Growing up, we were cheap.  Really cheap.  So whenever we wanted to throw a little celebration, we had a family Twinkie party--just like my Mom and Dad!
It had been years since our last Twinkie Party.  I couldn't wait to share this tradition with my husband and son!!  To spruce things up a little bit, I made this Twinkie stand.  Don't these Twinkies clean up nice?!
How about some Twinkie toppers??  (You can download these at the end of this post.)
And why not a fun frame??  This is a spin-off of Mique's Rule the World printables.  I was seriously laughing out loud the entire time I made this.
So we laid out our own lace tablecloth, and set out the fine china.  We lit candles because my Dad always says, "This is called ambiance.... you pay twice as much for this in a restaurant!"
We filled our goblets with scrumptious Ginger Ale.   Soda pop is always a delicacy--at least it was for us growing up as kids!
Before eating, each of us named some recent accomplishment.  Then we all did a "Hip hip hooray!" cheer for that person. We cheered for big things like my parents celebrating their 33rd anniversary.  We also cheered for little things like my husband having the chance to go wakeboarding recently!
It was Little Man's first time cheering, but he loved yelling "Hip hip hooray!" He thought this was the best part of the whole evening!
After cheering for everyone, we sliced our Twinkies (my Dad says this is because it makes it feel like it's twice as much!) and feasted on these little beauties!  We ended the night by cleansing our hands on warm wash cloths--just like you would do in a fancy restaurant!
Do you want to know something funny?  I don't even like Twinkies!  But this was one of the most hysterically fun nights I've had in a long time!
Do you want to throw your own Twinkie party??

Just click here to download your own Twinkie toppers, print them on cardstock, cut them out, and hot glue the front to the back with a toothpick sandwiched in between!

Download your own "Given enough Twinkies..." sign here.  Print on scrapbook paper and slide into a 5x7 frame.

Please tell me that I'm not the only one with "cheesy" family traditions!

Family Bingo Game {Key Lime Digital Designs}

It's time to hear from another talented guest!  Kendra from Key Lime Digital Designs is here.  Welcome, Kendra!

I am so excited to be guesting posting here at Oopsey Daisy! My name is Kendra and I blog at Key Lime Digital Designs. I am a wife and mother [to an fun loving, social, snacking 18 month old]. My family currently lives in Hawaii. I enjoy blogging, reading, shopping, and hanging out at the beach!

Today I would like to share a special printable with you guys! It is a fun family printable bingo game!

Download HERE

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Road Trip Bingo {Printable!}

This is a post that I originally published on 30 Days as part of Mique's fun series, Funner in the Summer.

Just a few weeks ago, my family attempted our very first road trip.  In the past, we have always flown with Little Man.  I was a bit nervous about taking a lengthy trip in the car!

Thankfully, with a few tricks up my sleeve, we all survived the long 10 hours together in the car!  I have many happy memories of summer road trips with my own family growing up.  Every summer, my family would make a looooooooooong trek across the country to Utah for family reunions.  That meant packing up in a small station wagon with these monkeys:

Living in the car for 2 days might have been painful. Luckily the homemade root beer, family baseball games,  and toasty camp fires made it all worthwhile once we got there.

Surprisingly, road trips are now one of my favorite memories.

My Mom was a genius!  She kept us entertained in the car with prizes to unwrap, vacation journals to write in, and (my personal favorite!) games to play.  Our favorite game to play was Road Trip Bingo!  My siblings and I searched for windmills, license plates, birds on phone wires, etc.  It was sibling rivalry at its best!

Now that I am a Mom myself, I am already anticipating that ominous question, “Are we there yet?”

So I created a few printables to help entertain our kiddos for those long summer road trips!

Each Road Trip Bingo game has 5 unique gameboards.
Just print on cardstock, laminate if desired, and bring the gameboards along on your next road trip!
This version of Road Trip Bingo is ideal for older kids.  They can search for different road signs as you're driving.  You can download this game here.

Clip art for this Bingo comes from Scrappin Doodles.

This game is ideal for younger kids with shorter attention spans.  Search for diggers, trucks, cars, trains, fire trucks, airplanes, jeeps, and police cars.  You can download this game here.

Clip art for this Bingo comes from DJ Inkers.  Used with permission.

In this version of the game, kids can search for different colored cars.  You can download the Road Trip Bingo for colored cars here.

I hope this helps make your summer road trips a little bit funner!


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Warm Fuzzy Jar {With Printables}

Although I am sharing an incentive program that I use at church, this is an incentive program that you could easily adapt to your own family, play group, or classroom.


In my church, I serve in the Primary working with children ages 1-11.  We have over 100 children in Primary, so naturally working on reverence at church is an ongoing battle!  Last Sunday, we instigated a new reverence program that we *hope* really works! We introduced some new guidelines and routines, along with sharing some reverence stories and games.    Last week was the best week ever in our Primary, so cross your fingers that these improvements really last!

My part in all of this was the "fun" part!  I introduced the "Warm Fuzzy" Jar!  (In case you were wondering, the "R" is for reverence!)

Technically, the warm fuzzies are pompoms.  (Yes, I do organize my pompoms by color!)  But they represent so much more than a fuzzy pompom...

The Warm Fuzzy Incentive Program

The idea is that we begin with an EMPTY jar.  Each Sunday, all of the leaders (and anyone else who wishes to participate!) look for a child who is demonstrating reverences.  During the week, we send them a "Warm Fuzzy" postcard congratulating them on their good behavior.  (We keep a list, making sure everyone gets a turn with this special reward.)  The following Sunday during Announcements, we ask for any children who received postcards to add "Warm Fuzzies" to the jar.  They each add 1 pompom to the jar.  When the jar is full of Warm Fuzzies, we are planning to host a popsicile party!

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Pop for “Pop” – Printable Coke Can sleeve

Father's Day is just around the corner.

Am I the only one who struggles to come up with gifts for men??

My husband buys exactly what he needs for himself, and he can't think of a gift idea to save his life.  And another tie? Booooooring.

One thing I do know:  My husband loves Coke.  As in Coca-Cola.

So I decided to dress up a Coke can just a bit.  I made a Coke can "sleeve" to dress up his favorite beverage for Father's Day!

I did a little measuring of a regular old Coke can.  I studied the can, and tried to make a sleeve that would be very similar.  I started by downloading a Coca-Cola font, available here.

In Photoshop, I created this image to fit the can.  My favorite part is the nutrition facts... just a few of the traits I love about my husband! And with my husband recently counting his calories, I thought he might appreciate the "calorie-free" image.

I inserted this image into a Word document and printed it out, careful not to mess with the sizes at all.  (You may have to change your page orientation and  margins to fit a 9-inch long image.)

After cutting out the sleeve, I used good ol' tape to tape it around the can.

Just a little something extra special for our "pop" to drink on Father's Day.

Would you like to print your own Coke can sleeve for the Pop in your life??

Just click here to download the correctly-sized image.

UPDATE:  If you are having issues downloading through Google Docs, then try this download link through Scribd.

PS If you're reading this post, YAY!  You've made it to the new feed for and using WordPress instead of Blogger.  Phew!

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{Printable!} General Conference Notes Packets

Twice a year, our church has the opportunity to hear from our church leaders called General Conference.
Honestly, I LOVE and look forward to Conference weekends.  There is usually a lot of family and good food involved!
I was recently called to serve in our ward's Primary presidency (working with 130 children under age 12!), so my life has become a little even more chaotic! I created these General Conference Packets for each child in our Primary to help them get a little more out of Conference!  Let's be honest:  Sitting and listening for a couple hours just doesn't come naturally for kids!
They can color this picture of the Conference Center on the cover.
Each Apostle has their own page in the packet!  When that particular Apostle is speaking, the kids can focus on that page.
For each apostle, there is...
* A profile picture.
*A picture of a tie that can be designed and colored according to what they are wearing.
*An interesting fact about their lives.
* Space to take notes or draw a picture about their talks.
If you would like to use these in your own family, you can download your own set of General Conference notes here.
By the way... because my Little Man is not quite ready for taking notes yet, we will still be using some of the "General Conference for Tots" ideas that I shared last fall.


Happy Friday!!  Enjoy the weekend!  (I know I will!)
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